Is it possible to build a superior computer if you found a way to have a gpu work with an apple motherboard...

Is it possible to build a superior computer if you found a way to have a gpu work with an apple motherboard? Same question for RAM and Harddrives.

Apple is NOTORIOUS for having some based CPUs right next to Intel, and I actually wish to experiment on this some time in the future with an old macbook or apple computer.

I wanna say its possible if you modified the hardware but not possible with stock apple since the way of design is so different from your standard motherboard.

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Macs use off-the-shelf Intel CPUs. What the fuck are you talking about?

Mac's use pretty standard hardware and if you want to connect an iPad with appels own CPU to a GPU then I wish luck because it is not gonna happen.

since the intel switch mac machines are pretty much identical to other PC's besides the firmware
their cpus are no different to anything else

I was fairly certain Apple designed their own CPUs and Mobos while using standard HDMI from integrated GPUs within their system. What kinda of standard hardware do you mean?

Also, Im talking about having an apple computer modified with an Nvidia GPU, basically being the only way of modification besides a standard SSD or HDD being put in, in which case IDK, which is why Im asking.

their desktops and laptops have always used plain, standard cpus
their current gpus are all standard as well

that said, if we're talking non-standard cases and cooling, like those all-in-one imacs, that might be pretty hard to work with

if you're trying to make a really high end OSX box, make a hackintosh

Apple consumers really believe this shit, my mom is convinced all of Apple's parts are super high quality even though she has no actual reason to believe that, and that I only prefer Android because I "haven't tried it" and "don't know what I'm missing"
Just look here everything besides the Mobo like gpu, ram, cpu, etc. is regular hardware, nothing that you couldn't buy.

Also the iMacs are using regular mobile amd GPUs.

The only place apple is using there own CPU is in the iPad and iPhone and it is pretty much impossible to use a different gpu with that.

Also there is absolutely no gain from doing it.
It won't magically work better then a regular PC because that is exactly what a Mac is, in fact drivers might be problem and will possibly reduce performance.

you must be bait. Apple has never made their own processors. They contract Intel, just like they used to contract IBM and Motorola in the PowerPC/68k days.

My bad man, not trying to be bait, I was just mislead on information is all

I see, well, appreciate the answer and time dude, I was thinking of doing something cool with an old Mac of mine from 2006, but Ive decided to pawn it off at a garage sale cause of that response.

>Apple has never made their own processors.

even the iPhone/iPad processors are not apple made. They're built to apple's specs, but use other companies designs. And they aren't x86.

Mislead and ill informed are different things. You assumed while posting on a machine that literally can give you the correct information. You lazy sack of shit. Can't even google something.

>"... manufactured by Samsung."
>"... manufactured by Samsung."
>"... manufactured by Samsung."
>"... manufactured by Samsung."
What was that about Apple making them?

You want me to google something that might also turn up bullshit? I simply asked, dont start getting mad over a post that was asking about potential, not accuracy.

Ill admit I mightve said something that was assumptive, but in no way was I saying its true. People have proved me wrong already and for you to get upset over it still is a bit pathetic.

Appreciate this information, Ill keep this in mind.

You won't google it but take people's word, on here? How do you know they are bullshitting you?
Jesus, is it that hard to verify things?

Why he do that? Huh.. Strange man.

>The only place apple is using there own CPU is in the iPad and iPhone
It's not even their own CPU. They're just an ARM licensee and their iPhones GPUs come from Imagination tech. They hired people like Jim Keller who worked on AMD Zen, but I'm not even sure what the hell was left for him to do.

Stop throwing words in my mouth, never did I imply that I got my info from a fucking Cred Forums user.

I apologize for acting out aggressively but this is a dumb argument your making and Im done responding to it now.

You are assuming I was talking about your first comment about where you thought Apple made their CPUs. No I was talking about this,
>"... People have proved me wrong already..."
Are you sure they proved you wrong? Why not google and verify it? Seriously, don't assume anything. It makes and ASS of U and ME.

Don't listen to these trolls, it's well known that 4cnah hates apple. They can't afford their products. It's been done before, you're looking for a "hackintosh", a very elite machine utilizing apple cpus with hardcore gpus

Pretty sure the 280x is a "hardcore" as it gets

You can put in a new GPU in the old Mac pros. Apple uses standard Intel CPUs, you can connect anything over pcie (provided there are drivers)

Apple only licenses the instruction set from ARM, then designs its own core architectures entirely in-house. They don't use any of ARM's cores.

Samsung and TSMC just handle the manufacturing. They have no part in the chip design.

Apple is a case modding company, the same as Dell, they are just really good at convincing normies to pay double the price for the status symbol.