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auto vector program for pics?


I cant open bios (my keyboard is USB) How do i fix that?

nah I mean that shitty one that everyone uses for anime pics to make a sloppy vector.

Is there any RSS program better than FeedDemon for basic desktop notifications from various feeds? Should have decent filtering options and similar features. Been using FeedDemon for years (actually even bought the paid version back when such existed, because I liked it so much) but it's been discontinued for a long time and hasn't received updates in years so not sure if something better has popped up since.

waifu2x? that's doesn't vectorise images

True, but that's I was looking for.

Secondary question, whats better for actually vectoring pics, Adobe Indesign or Inkscape?

i haven't used indesign

That's the issue, I've used Indesign in a HS setting but never used inkscape. Indesigns primary function isn't vectoring so I'm curious.

OMG! Thanks user. It worked. You just saved my life. I've huge assignemt to submit on Monday. Thanks again.

>Indesigns primary function isn't vectoring
neither is it for inkscape

I have 4 Hard drives in my server. 2 x 2TB (one from seagate, one HGST) and 2x4TB. (Both Toshiba X300's). In speccy and CrystalDisk the drives Toshiba Drives are showing up as "warning" although both show green in regards to all the specs of the drive. A bit of Googling has shown that this is probably due to the Sector Reallocation count. (360 on one drive, 240 on the other). Both Toshiba drives have around 200 days of up time since purchase with countless terabytes of data written to them.

Should I be worried? The count hasn't increased at all and I was told an ever increasing reallocation count is signs of a dying drive. Was also reading that large capacity drives usually have more reallocated sectors and a higher accepted threshold for them. This somewhat appears to be the case because both my 2TB drives have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20+ reallocated sectors.

Thanks in advance Cred Forums.

Is IBuyPower a good company to buy pre-built pcs from?

I want to see a desktop notification when I receive a mail. I use Firefox, Outlook, and Debian 8.5, What do?


whiskey tango foxtrot

it's a vector editor, not just for turning bitmaps into vectors

vectorizing is going from raster to vector images, retard. That's not it's primary goal. In fact, it's pretty fucking low on the list.

No Refunds Nick is an aesthetic master.

Can anyone tell me which version of Windows 7 is the best for me?

Just pick any Jesus.

are iphones a meme?
I still using a flip phone from 09 and just want something with some actual utility besides just calling people

why not build your own? it's cheaper and pretty simple

I hate Apple openly on the Internet but IRL iPhones are actually pretty cool and easy to use. You might be able to get the older model for cheap somewhere now that the new meme one without headphone jack is coming out.

because im a lazy ass, and i dont want to fuck anything up
i was thinking about this bundle
because all the shit i think i need only comes out to about $600

I was thinking of getting the 6s since a weeb case I like came out for it and I hear they are simple to use. Apple is a cancer company though, your right on that
well okay, just don't skimp on the mobo or psu
just list the actual stuff you going to have in it and we can tell you if your fucking up, link does not work

not , but don't do yourself the disservice man. Trust me. I've been building PCs for about 7 years now. Can't tell you the number of pre-built "gaming" PCs I've had come my way. Open the cheap ricer case to find a garbage tier PSU that blew up and took the shit it was plugged into with it. Or cheap no name $2 fans whose bearings long gave out and made the fan start squealing. Or the refurbished tier Hard drive they toss in there.

Not to mention the shit, loud CPU cooler, terrible motherboard, etc etc.

Just buy the stuff yourself. Watch 10 hours of YouTube videos if you truly feel that unprepared to build it yourself. Ask in /sqt/ and /pcbg/ if you have doubts. What will you do if the pre-built you get shits the bed? Take it to geek Squad? Why not build a vastly superior machine yourself that you can say you built, AND learn the ins and outs of computers as you do so. So when something does break or die, you have even an inkling of what the fuck is going on.

The only people I know who can get away with the whole "I'm lazy and don't want to fuck with PCs" is rich people who drop $5,000 on a top of the line alienware. Sure it's over priced like mad, but at least it has quality parts.

well he might be able to get something decent if he just orders the parts from a place that provide putting it together as a service, sure pc building is pretty much lego tier difficulty nowadays but some people can't even do that kek

My 2DS won't turn on. I press power and the little blue light comes on but quickly goes away after I hear a little popping sound and the device returns to its lifeless state. Wat do?

1 iBUYPOWER Phantom 410 White and Blue
1 AMD FX-6300 6-Core Processor
1 NVIDIA GeForce GT730 2GB Graphics Card + 350W Power Supply
1 16GB DDR3 Memory + 1TB Hard Drive

PowerSpec at microcenter actually has some very good deals for the people who just want a "gaymer 1337 PC" and don't want to bother with building it themselves. Pic related.

If you're paying, Home premium. If you're pirating, Ultimate

rather get a ps4


It's been like that for 15 years, at least.

>480GB SSD
who could possibly use that? I have more gigs of porn than that weak shit.

Yeah, 9/11 really created the market.

Honestly, if you took even a basic economics course, it wouldn't have been surprising at all.

that...that is hot fucking garbage m8. I mean that. One of the WORST CPUs for gaming coupled with a graphics card that gets outperformed by integrated graphics half the time. Garbage, garbage, garbage.


$100 more than you posted but leagues better. I mean you really haven't posted your budget so I don't know what I'm working with here.

That's how they get you homie. Make just enough storage to get you started but before you know it, you're walking to the back to the store's Build Your Own section and snagging a 6TB HDD, then filling out the paper work for Microcenter's tech squad to install it for you.

sorry m8, im a dipshit when it comes to this stuff, i just thought bigger numbers= better stuff
and if i had to pick a budget, i'd say around $700

daily reminder that the porn industry was invented by the Jewish banker cabal after they bought control over storage devices, and sought a way to continually fill up said devices.

I'm off to bed but I'll leave you with this.

pcpartpicker.com/list/L8JcHN. Under $700 including DVD drive and Windows 10 Disc. Windows installation is completely straight forward and hard to fuck up. I hope you find the will to build your own.

How to stop the Google Play Services botnet from draining my battery? I'm an a rooted 6.0.1 Xperia phone with TWRP.

Try VectorMagic. There are cracked versions available.

Is it safe to jailbreak an Ipad pro?

which is Cred Forums approved antivirus? what do you guys prefer. i don't want something that will fuck up my pc. looking for something simple and free. cheers


Pangu asks for mi ID. I'm not really comfortable typing it, even if they say it's safe.

i have a wireless access point that works great at my parents house, but at my shitty apartment downtown, it's slow as hell

is it interference or is it the shitty dhcp server in my router that fucks things up?

i've tried the obvious, and checked for the optimal channel

picture unrelated

I want to learn java and I have no fucking experience whatsoever coding aside of "hello world" and arrays in ruby.

What's is the best book to learn java?
I want to make simple android applications.

>Cred Forums approved
That pretty much amounts to common sense 2016 and gentoo.

Beyond that Malwarebytes free is great for doing occasional scans, but there are advantages to catching malware in real time.

Avira has solid detection rates and low system impact except when scanning. Avast is also light weight, has slightly lower detection rates but also slighly less false positives. Malwarebytes makes a good secondary AV since it's free version just does manual scans whenever you think to run it.

Bitdefender free is sort of the opposite of Malwarebytes. It has constant realtime protection, updates automatically and runs scans automatically, but not on demand. It's all about "set it and forget it". If you're cool with that it's super light weight with great detection rates. They also offer a separate free browser security extension called TrafficLight if you've got a boner for browser addons.

Pretty much all third party AVs fuck up your computer sometimes, but it's not too common, especially with Malwarebytes.

Probably interference. Apartments tend to have a lot of competing wifi signals, cordless devices and poorly shielded microwaves that fuck everything up. You can try scanning for the least used channels, but really your best bet is to try and use the 5ghz band as much as possible. On the off chance it is something in your AP you could try putting it in router mode and bridging you primary router to it.

Disconnect all hard drives, it'll have no where to go but the bios

every day i get error on my browser that it can't connect to DNS server. than i need to do pic related to make it work again normally. is there a way to fix this once and for all please bros

thanks man really great answer i think i'll go with malwarebytes

Does the Fractal Design Define Nano S have enough room to have a 240 AIO in push/pull?

I want to stream videos my laptop to a tablet. Can I do this?
Any tablet recommendations?

>Dynamic IP

Is it dumb / slow to use regex in real time applications like a server ? Ive been using it to parse unix style command strings coming from multiple clients simultaneously.

What kind of ISP do you have? Is your modem in bridging mode?

>Use these DNS servers

Does anyone have any info/answers for the updated CCNA 4 final exam?
I had a lot of shit on my head and couldn't attend in the past month, so I want a backup plan.

Willing to trade. (???)

yes i believe so
i will try that thanks

The other question -Do you have cable or dsl?

I've googled and I have no idea what to do, I've edited everything they have talked about in the about:config but, what the fuck?
Is there something I need to turn off? Suddenly I can't use multi-processing..
How do I fix it?


- Why do people always have only one home screen and disable scrolling when ricing their phone?

- Are lock screens customizable too?

I've tried getting into programming a few times using Python and Codeademy (I know, but I liked having the illusion of a progress meter). My trouble was, and is, finding practical stuff to do with it before I get really good. I'd like to eventually get to making bots that can play games (not mmo bots, but stand-alones), but in the meantime little feels rewarding. Any Advice?

Think of all the things you do with your computer. Any of them slow as shit or inefficient?
I started out writing automation programs for myself.
I actually used them so it kept me interested.
Try that out.

Thanks. On a scale of one to ten, how hard should download a file, then renaming that file be to write as a program? Just one for starting out.

I'd look to see if there's any firmware updates available for that router, and if not maybe consider a custom firmware. You could check the "use these servers" option and enter one manually and see if that helps. Or you could try going around entering DNS servers into all of the network connections in the house as as kind of a lazy stop-gap measure.

That's like 10 lines of code at most.
2/10 difficulty
Unless you write your own module to interact with the web or something.. kek

Great! Now I just have to find a good appropriate module. Still trying to wrap my head around all that, as it often makes the experience seem a little cheaper to me.

I know nothing about pc building. So I looked for this build.
Basically I order those parts and that's it, No other pieces needed except a monitor ?
And can I replace this RAM with an other ? Thanks

What do you mean " I replace this RAM with an other?" You can replace it with ram that has identical specs, yes.

Someone help me please. Is there some internal setting on pdfs that locks "Review Mode" on okular? Can I disable it somehow? I've already tried the "Save As" option to see if I could just make another copy to edit.

The legos should fit together fine
I'd recommend throwing in a 1TB HDD for storage though.

>You can replace it with ram that has identical specs, yes.
That was my question thanks. And no other pieces ?

Mouse, keyboard, speakers/headphones. Cable to your monitor. You'll probably miss having a hard drive, and I'd seriously consider shelling out for an i5. Otherwise it's a decent build.

>enter one manually
tried that doesn't work. i will look for updates than

So recently I've been having trouble with video drivers failing on my gpu. Well I took it out and I just had my computer freeze again. Any idea what I should be checking to figure this out?

If this matters at all I was just watching a livestream for about an hour or so when it happened.

is malwarebytes good

I want to sync a folder full of wallpapers between devices running linux (debian), windows and android.
Probably what i want is a samba share but if I'm not at home i can't access the files, right?

yes, i use it, it's better than an antivirus in my opinion, because you don't have to leave it running in the background. For real-time protection i use windows defender, but i don't expect much from it

How do I reference a site's search engine when writing my own startpage?

I've had no troubles doing it with google, youtube and wikipedia, but I can't figure out how to do it with watchseries/projectfreetv

I'm typing 90-130 wpm (depends on the language that i'm speaking or the keyboard) on two fingers, I feel the rush to improve, would typing with 10 fingers make much of a difference or is it worth the effort? I've tried it and it's hard to use the shift key

is it worth [spoiler]paying for[/spoiler]

How the fuck do I get glad.h to work for OpenGL when I just get "undefined reference to `gladLoadGLLoader' "

Also, how do I get Windows to do everything in admin mode? I hate having to press an extra button to do anything in the program files.

It's never worth paying for spoilers.


works similarly to dropbox, only it's peer-to-peer
it works both in LANs and over the internet, so your phone will sync, provided another machine is running and connected to the internet

Looking for a laptop.
Gonna use it for programming, media, some music production. No need for gpu, I don't play games or do deep learning stuff.

Don't have much money.
I've been looking at HP 250 G5.
It comes with i5-6200U, 8gb ram @ 2133mhz, 1080p non glossy screen, 256ssd m.2
IT costs ~550 euro.
Is this a good choice ? Any recommendations are welcome.

>Pick AV specifically for being the most well known on demand scanner.

>Pay to have it stop being an on demand scanner.


Anyone have any input? I'm monitoring CPU and memory usage right now and with chrome open my CPU is bouncing around 15% percent and ram at a constant 18% (16GB).

my computer table/desk is getting a bit old, where'd you guys buy yours?

google a site called "The pirate bay" otherwise, no, I use the free version since it does what I need
paying for it adds features to make scans automatic or select specific paths, idgaf I scan when I want to or need to.
Disable UAC, if you're on windows 10 press on the start menu and type "UAC", you'll see something that says "User account cockcontrollsomethingidk"

>slider bar security
>cannot avoid disabling having a warning for when apps try to make changes to my computer
what the fuck

I'm overclocking my 6700k.

I've set bios to have adaptive core voltage and only upped it to 4.2ghz but when I try to alter the voltage it won't go below 1.25 no matter what I do, even when I change it below this the bios and cpu z show that the voltage is 1.248 when at load.

I'm using an msi board and have xmp enabled,, what could be causing this problem?

>Pirating an AV

Wew lad.

Get like a 50% discount deal on amazon
Amazon lost/damage my package
I get a refund because it was the last unit
Some days later they have new stock but the price is twice more expensive

Did I just get fucked by amazon?

If the product was sold by Amazon you might be in luck if you give them a call, if not you're probably out of luck.


Gonna start making android apps this year. What books/resources does Cred Forums recommend?

I called them but they explained to me that they can't reeplace a refunded order and I just need to buy the item again. They gave me a 40€ gift card for the trouble. But still I purchased the product for 280€ and now the price is 560€.

its probably not a stupid question, but its more generic. Now bare with me.

>be playing DEUS EX MD
>casy implant
>detects heart rate
>remember that phones can detect heart rate with a camera on your thumb
>remember that the xbox thing could do so too

So, what kind of camera could work to detect heart rate on a long distance? Lie detectors factor in heart rate as a grand thing in their total analysis.

Would it be possible, with the current tech to detect heart rates up to 3 meters?

>typing on two fingers

are you fucking resious?

>Use Startup repair in Windows 8.1
>Prompts welcome screen
>Computer is just as if I had just done a clean install but programming files still there
Any way to have everything added to registry again?

Help me please?

what's wrong?

How old are you?
Even my grandma type with 10 fingers.



I have a CodeBlocks project which contains its include folder inside this folder.
However, I want to rename the folder.
How can I rename the folder yet still allow the project to find it?

What version of Poppler do you have?

Buy Seasonic S12G 650W PSU
>FAN @ 100% always


>Play games
>CPU on 30-35c
>Motherboard hitting 50-55c
>gpu on 75+ roaring its fans to try and keep cool

Whats the most efficient and coldest AIO cooler around? for the GTX 1060 or 1070. idk what to do about motherboard being hot, is that normal? Also fans love to start roaring when after a few hours of gaming too it shits me.

>tfw cant have a fast pc that runs cool and isn't loud

z170n wifi mobo
corsair h105
gtx 660 ti

all stock clocks.

>What makes a good wireless router?

I need the best possible connection from a desktop to an android tablet for splashtop.

Current router is a boblite, desktop to router is wired, tablet is as close to the router as comfortable.

Oh, Also using Corsair SP120 PWM performance fans if that makes a difference.

What? You can restore a registry, but you had to have made a backup.

Be a man. Build one.



>open source
>app on fdroid
>web gui
thanks user, it looks very cool.
someone should package this for debian, it seems very good


web frontend is all it needs, you probably won't be visiting it much once it's set up, unless you add/remove folders/devices a lot
the idea is, naturally, that it just werks in the background

not sure about debian, it is a relatively new project, so i'm not too surprised

ah, here we go

Hey, disabling UAC doesn't even do that.

Bump for both of these

Probably not that stupid of a question but I have an internal hard drive (HGST brand) that I got from a laptop. I inserted it into a usb3 enclosure made by verbatim because I had to transfer data on it from an older drive I wanted to replace. So I transferred all my data, and encrypted it using bitlocker. Took it out of the enclosure and set it up inside my computer. Unfortunately I think the encryption did something to it and now it only works through the enclosure. It literally works perfectly in the enclosure, but there's no way to get it to work on the PC through SATA. It gets detected in the bios but Windows won't see it no matter what.

What the fuck has happened to this drive? How is it even possible that it doesn't work anymore through SATA?

Is it bad for the computer if it stays on for too long? Even if it sleeps regularly?

no, parts are designed to run 24/7 unless explicitly stated otherwise

How do you upload images with embedded files to Cred Forums?

It doesn't download the full 545kb

Nice try pajeet

checking out

it's most likely that due to the different interface it's connected to, it may be assuming the drive has been moved to another computer, which triggers different behaviour for security reasons
check the "Can I access my BitLocker-protected drive if I insert the hard disk into a different computer?" section

Oh, I didn't know that. Thank you.

The problem is that I already unencrypted it and formatted it, still only works through USB. Through SATA Windows doesn't even recognize it in the device manager.

I just want to post sound images on Cred Forums

can you verify that sata port works with other drives?
if not, also ensure that port is enabled in the BIOS

How fast do TVs get cheaper ?

4k TVs start at 450 euros at the moment, will the price drop by January when I buy a ps4 pro ?

It does work perfectly and it's enabled. This makes no sense...

So now that it's been over a year since they shut the xfire (pbuh) servers down, has anyone found a proper replacement yet?

I took a look at Raptr but it doesn't even seem to remotely compare, in fact it doesn't even seem to be a conventional client as such but rather a third party interface for various other IM services.

So *is* there even any viable comparable alternative to xfire at this point in time?

Actually I found out something. This piece of shit when connected to SATA, after I erased the MBR multiple times using the HGST tool, shows up in device manager as "VirtualDisk USB Device".

What the fuck is going on here? Is it possible that somehow the enclosure "locked" the drive through its firmware or something?

that's interesting

there are some lower-level locking features on modern hdds that may have been manipulated by bitlocker, but typically these are not accessible via sata>usb adapters

can you attach it via usb again and double check bitlockers is entirely disassociated with the drive?

that's a new one

It is. I even tried to encrypt it again and unencrypt it. Still nothing. It works perfectly through usb .

The virtualdisk usb adapter was the enclosure with no disk that I forgot attached to the usb port...

I'm trying to create a bot that can play Pokemon Red through Visual Boy Advance using Python. I'm not even sure where I should start, except that I know vba supposedly has a memdump feature and I should be able to use that as the basis for the reaction from the python player. Does anyone have any advice to help me get started? I really don't want my hand held the entire time, but a general point in the correct direction would be great. Thanks in advance.

is 144Hz worth it or just buy 60Hz monitor for games...

get 144hz, it's not a meme. it's so much smoother

what you're describing is pretty much a TAS (tool-assisted speedrun), and there's a big community built around making them, including custom emulators designed to aid in making them


cheers, this one i am looking at buying ASUS VG248QE

thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks bro.


my friend actually has that monitor. i really liked it, played a few games on it and it's like night and day compared to my 60hz monitors. once you go 144hz you won't ever want to use 60hz again

i'm using xubuntu. the file picker is kind of annoying to post images with posts on here because i can't see the pic, just a very small thumbnail. any way to change the view to make the thumbnails larger?

I upgraded from windows 7 to 10. I decided that I don't want 10 anymore. What would be the "expiration" date on 7 (like, new stuff stops working on it)?

Also which is better - 7 or 8.1?

How do i add magnet into rTorrent?

nice, looks like i am all set for battlefield 1. i am buying a RX 480 to go with it too. i currently use a 60hz 1024x768 15 inch? Phillips monitor.

the first time you use the 144hz you may get a boner, so be warned

same as you would a torrent file

not him, also really stupid question - but it's the stupid question thread after all

If I have the funds, should I go 144hz monitor? It won't have any drawbacks, right?

Like, I've heard that once people get used to 144hz, anything lower feels awkward. Like that dota pro who played on a 144hz at a LAN, then went home to his 60hz and had to go to the store to buy a new one, because it was unplayable

Why will youtube-dl download SOME videos but not others?


I already did "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt upgrade".
What else do I need to do?

well yea, that's the problem. you will get used to the 144hz and when you use 60hz it will feel choppy and shitty. it's kind of like the difference between an ssd and an hd. if you use an ssd on your comp for your OS for a while and then use a comp that uses an hd for an OS, you will get annoyed at how slow the HD is in comparison.

Are there laptops with 144hz displays?

>This piece of shit when connected to SATA, after I erased the MBR multiple times using the HGST tool, shows up in device manager as "VirtualDisk USB Device
Maybe Windows is remembering a UUID and not updating the device name for it? Possibly because the device doesn't have a name when it's connected by SATA.

Can you go to the site and watch the video? Sometimes i get errors because im not allowed to watch things in my country.

how difficult is it to learn java

>Can you go to the site and watch the video?

>how difficult is it to learn java
Not hard at all, if its you already know a decent language, and you're just jumping through the shitty hoops of what makes java, java, but if it's your first language, I would suggest you start with Perl.

I have an original xbox memory card with softmod files but I need to copy it over to other memory cards.

Without owning the console, how can I do this? I only have PC, should have kept the original xbox, would have made my life easier for this.

whats your youtube-dl version?

>$ youtube-dl --version

i can download it fine...

The RX 480 which has Freesync support will work with a non-freesync monitor right? the 480 will just use vsync instead?

I have a router where my pc connects to via ethernet cable. Is it possible for my pc to see my laptop connected to the same router via wifi?

I'm very near an aneurysm. I've already installed the drivers, but on my desktop every 6 months or so my wifi does this. Every 5 or 6 minutes without fail, I always have to unplug then replug to make it calm down. Anyone else have this? I'm using a USB Wifi dongle btw

Fuck the photo desu but my up arrow key cannot be pressed when it has its keycap on it. When I take it off, I can, though. What is wrong, here? Thanks. I just woke my laptop up from sleep and noticed this.

The model is the W500 if it matters.

I had a similar problem, with my hard drives.
every year around the end of october, my PC would suddenly stop detecting all my hard drives. I changed the PSU, mobo, hard drives countless times, tested them on other PCs and they all work fine. a few days later, after halloween was gone, everything worked again without a problem, until next year.

sometimes, computers are just magic, man.

At my office they use Office365 to do all the email and user management while the majority of people are developers on xubuntu.

Shit don't work bro fuck Ubuntu.

$ youtube-dl --version

How do I upgrade? I'm on the latest version of Ubuntu and the obvious solutions aren't working.

If I have to compile it, does that mean I have to remove the existing version from my computer?

>it's optionally possible to store them directly in a PDF file by choosing "File -> Save As...",
>You can save a "document archive" from the open document by choosing "File -> Export As -> Document Archive".
Still greys out the "Review" options. Didn't help

yeah thats well old. im sure itll break

The easiest way is to follow the steps here: github.com/rg3/youtube-dl/blob/master/README.md#installation

do a
sudo apt-get remove youtube-dl
before you install their way, then if it happens again you can just upgrade it with
sudo youtube-dl -U

The thing is if you use ubuntu's package manager version you gotta wait for the packager to do something about it, its a relatively simple program so installing it manually isnt a pain.

how can i use a 5760x1920 wallpaper, without merging my 3 displays in Windows 7?

Redpill me on GPS and tracking services.
What things do I need to keep track of my drone?

cut it into 3 separate wallpapers

So I can just change the multiplier to 20x in the BIOS to get 4GHz and not change anything else right?

I've got two questions.

Will the ASRock EPC612D4I mITX support a standard (2) SSD RAID configuration?

And will the same motherboard support a clock speed of higher than DDR4 2133mHz?

I'd fuck all three of those rich bitches.

That worked! Now I did the same thing to remove mps-youtube, and re-install it from it's github page with pip3, and it seems to have worked, but now it tells me mpsyt isn't there.
mpsyt dlurl youtube.com/watch?v=LA25LcbWbHc
bash: /usr/bin/mpsyt: No such file or directory

you might need to bump up the voltage a bit

anything over the stock won't be gauranteed, cpus are all slightly different, even though they share a model number

try it without changing the voltage, stress test it for a while, if it crashes or reboots, bump up the voltage /one step/, and try again

-- you might want to test it from a livecd or something, so you don't risk damaging your main filesystem(s) due to "unexpected shutdowns"

Livecd? Also I never understood how your main system could get damaged.. cant it repair itself?

provided you aren't running anything else, it's pretty unlikely you'll damage anything important, but "pretty unlikely" is still worse than "impossible"
damage on improper shutdowns is possible because disk writes are cached in ram to some extent, the state of the filesystem is only correct when it's unmounted correctly, such as during shutdown

I just started to use QTTabBar, and I would like to know how to change the QTPopup settings, but I can't figure out what to do in that grey area in pic related. I want to make the popup window bigger.

I tried this, windows doesnt give me the right click dialog to assign a different wallpaper for each display, any other ideas?

not really familiar with windows

What is the best/recommended free ISO-mounting program?


Alright how the FUCK do i skip the stupid fucking google drive screen in whatsapp, i pretty much tried everything now and am getting quite pissed at this point


This dude is talking about some settings menu but he doesn't say fucking WHERE it can be found FUCK

I just want to sign in into the stupid fucking app but it started displyaing this google drive message the other day and won't let me use it anymore now without forcing me to do the other drive shit first FUCK

wew, relax

post a screenshot

anyone got that image of the large heatsink on the tiny motherboard. think it was a noctua

Just installed xubuntu alongside windows 7.

i can't have a dual screen setup but i can't seem to get the second screen to the right resolution. it doesn't give me the option to put it to the resolution that i want either.

i messed with xrandr in the terminal but no avail. i also tried changing settings in nvidia's xscreen but that just made it a lot worse.

i had a similar problem. unplug the monitor, uncheck 'automatically configure new display' in the display settings, restart the comp, go back to the display setting and check 'automatically configure new display', shut down, plug in the monitor, and turn it the comp on.

Is there an easy way to build myself a nice-looking HTML startpage?
All I need on it is a list of links, and I don't think I'm about to learn html / css properly and make one from scratch.

Select never and continue?

thanks for the reply, but it didn't work. if it helps, one monitor is 1600x900 and the other is 1280x1024.

the 1280x1024 is only letting me use it as 640x480

I have an old Gateway laptop. The thing is falling apart (cracked bevel, side has broken off to the point that I can see the internal components, connectors have come unsoldered and float around in their insets, missing keys, etc) and it doesn't have particularly spectacular specs (15" screen, 100 GB internal storage, 512 MB RAM, 1.7 GHz CPU).
Right now it sits off to the side until I need to get to a DoD website (I got tired of fighting with CAC software on my desktop so I installed SELinux on the laptop). But I'm getting tired of having the hunk of shit around at all and was wondering if there's anything neat to be done with it before I chuck it in the trash.


Alright finally managed to get into whatsapp but ALL of my previous contacts and messaged have just dissapeared. Tried refreshing them aswell but nothing. What the FUCK

gtx 560ti.

the resolutions work fine on my windows partition.

Does anyone know how to get links that have .mp4 file ending in the url from shitty anime streaming sites like KissAnime? I wanna use it to watch shit on cytube with people but I tried everything and it just doesn't work, the files on kissanime are hosted on google drive from what I understand, some guy that managed to get the links told me to look in the source but i have tried everything there.
I even tried to set up a server to stream files from my pc to.

Can I built my own smartphone? I want to be able to upgrade my hardware without buying a whole new phone. I know the software is out there (Ubuntu and Sailfish and such) but I don't know if the hardware is available/trash.

OK, thank you

Why do music players always shuffle to the same songs?

What's an easy way to set up mega, onedrive, gdrive and yandexdisk as one single storage on linux?

Try DownThemAll and Flashgot. They're Firefox addons I use to grab files off of sites all the time. Also can always max out my bandwidth by using multiple connections.

Thanks I'll try it out

this is what i came back to this morning for memtest. Not getting any errors but there is definitely something wrong with one of the sticks. Tried booting the computer with only one stick at a time and with one of them i wasn't getting a splash screen; tried it in a few slots but still no splash screen.Booting with both windows still says 8gb (only 3.9 usable). Guess i'll just have to replace it.

have you tried just putting them in different slots and switching them around? i've had to do that before with my comp to get the OS to see all my ram

i didnt try a ton of different configurations but i tried like 1/3 and 2/4 but it didnt help. The fact that it wouldn't boot with one of the sticks makes me think there really is just something wrong with it but then i'd think that it wouldn't show up at all to the os.

well i had pretty much the exact same problem, i just kept switching them around and eventually it worked and the OS saw all my ram, so just try it first before you buy anything

Are Intel i3 processors viable for budget gaming rigs?

I'm trying to price out a budget gaming rig for a friend. The cheapest i5 here in Canada costs about $265 whereas an i3 6100 is only $145.

is msi any good?

Anyone here on Lubuntu? I tried installing some stuff with the Lubuntu Software center and it shows that they are installed but I can't find them on the start menu or anywhere.

Look for a i5-6400 or i5-4460.

What could cause that my i3-4005u has one core disabled?

Its running on single core mode now.

How do I upgrade my out of contract phone amd KEEP my unlimited data with Verizon

How do I fix a hard drive that won't let me get into bios?

>and the OS saw all my ram
It is seeing it it's not using it though. If i do end up getting more does it matter if say i have an uneven number of sticks or sticks of different sizes (could i use 2 more 4gb sticks or thrown in an 8gb stick and have 12gb)?


Any program for editing PDFs, that is free?

The hard drive isn't the issue.

BIOS isn't stored on the hard drive.

Lookup throttling

Web dev thread down, newbie to HTML/CSS here

My site's layout has two 350px width s, one fixed to the left side of the page and the other to the right (up until the window is resized to a certain width, then it stops

How do I create a between those two other s that fits between them and resizes accordingly?

I realize this would probably be easier with the two side bars set to 25% width and the middle div being 50%, but the contents in the sidebar can't be resized.


I'm trying to download a new OS from a USB drive and upon boot it's just a black screen with a blinking cursor. I've went through the entire bios looking for UEFI and nothing. Is it my drive? I used rufus btw

Is the iso a bootable one?
link so i can try?
rufus is the only correct way.

best android browser?

multimon or ultramon

Does anyone know what motherboard is sitting in this case? And also what cooler that is?

Cred Forums, all 4Shared videos are unplayable right now. Every time I load one I receive this message on the video screen:
>Error loading skin:
This website uses JWPlayer. Is it broken or is it my Firefox that's failing?

im a morbidly obese guy who really needs to stop ordering food online. is there a way i can block these sites and cant unblock again ?

hosts file or dns blocking. but if you block it yourself, you will know how to unblock it as well, so it's pointless. get some fucking self control instead


closest thing you could do is if you someone who knows his shit, get him to block them in every way he knows how
assuming you don't know shit, that might do the trick

there's no perfect way to block stuff on hardware you control, though, not even getting your ISP to do it is good enough

If I buy a manufacturer refurbished product will it most likely have the latest firmware? (which I don't want)

Or should I get one that's pre-owned?

I am thinking about buying a Nintendo 2DS.

I worked for an ISP a while back, had religious people call me asking to block porn, without telling them the password.

l2selfcontrol, if not, by discomfort and pain

A refurbished 2DS? How poor are you?
Not likely anyway.

>Nintendo 2DS
i'd say it's extremely likely it will come with the latest firmware


>mfw waitfags will never ever get free games

What is better, intel IGPUs or an APU?

intel gpus are ass

check out a local games retailer
some of them sell refurbished consoles, and they have no reason to keep the firmwares on them up to date, plus, you can usually handle the console before buying to both make sure it's in good working order, and what firmware it has

Any Iris pro shits on any AMD Apu you throw at them.
Still in 80 bucks dGPU performance level, however.

Why is windows 10 lying to me? It knows damn well it doesn't need that process to keep the OS running

how do I into making win10 be as minimalist as possible? Need it to run on an A4-1200 a 1ghz AMD dual core

Windows 8 ran fine on it, but holy shit is windows 10 terrible and annoying, I had to reinstall the OS, figured I'd give it a shot since I lost my win8 activated ISO

Well they already stopped any and all updates for 7 back in 2014

>wants control over his system
>installs windows 10

>previously pirated an operating system


Literally install gentoo, or Linux Mint.

how do torrent windows?

buying anything lower than an A8 for an APU
get ubuntu mate
if you want an OS that uses even less resources, Galsoft Linux or other light alternatives
it runs on literally anything

I posted about this a few hours ago, here's a recap
>obtained a regular laptop hard drive (HGST 750gb 7200rpm)
>stuck it into an usb enclosure by Verbatim
>Locked it with bitlocker (new mode from Windows 10)
>dumped all my files into it
>took it out of the enclosure and connected with SATA cable to pc
>Bios detects it
>Windows does NOT detect it in any way, not from diskpart, not from device manager
>connected it to usb again, unencrypted it, formatted it multiple times, zeroed it using HGST's software
>Still only works through usb, not through sata

What do?

>buying anything lower than an A8 for an APU
it was a $200 netbook, the battery lasted like 8 hours in windows 8

Although now it's draining quickly according to windows 10, lost 10% in 20 minutes, is windows 10 as a battery hog normal?

I will probably switch to mint ya, was just wondering about 10

Why would I ever buy windows?

Can police legally drive drunk if they have a good reason?

Noticed the other day when I went to Walmart they had a guy by the door with a uniform that said "off-duty police" or something similar on it, was this guy a real cop or do they just say that to deter shoplifters?

Will a locked i5 bottleneck a 1080 in any way??

He was probably legitimate. It's not unusual for police to work security jobs in their off hours.

Do you even have a 4k or 1440p 144hz display?

Depends what you're playing. Fun games like Kerbal or Spengies may slow way down when crashing yuuge wessels.

pls help

doesn't work, I get a link like this:


and cytube only acceps direct links so I don't know what the fuck to do anymore

A4, A5, or A6 for notebook use?
I feel like A4 is too large, though it's the "standard" size for most. A5 seems like the perfect size for writing to me, but it's still just a bit large to carry around. And A4 is the size where I can start shoving it in my pocket, but it's rather small. What does Cred Forums prefer?

Disable MSE on control panel.

Also reinstall windows 8.1.

I was reading an article today that stated the average person working today (8 hour work day) only really completes between 45 minutes and 1 hour of real, concentrated work.

How much time does Cred Forums "really" work? Rather it be programming, debugging, etc.

I have 3 monitors. How can I put a separate background image on each one?

Best video chat software?

Is there a Russian language learning program for arch that will run smoothly on an x230?

A4, just get a thicker one for more writing room

>tfw brainuck doesn't output numberical values

or am I using the wrong interpreter? just messing around with arithemetic atm. This is supposed to be division:


I don't think it's quite right but too much headfog atm to sort it


What the hell is this thing?

I had a best buy gift card and I was looking to burn it on something. Long story short I got an 8TB external for $100. I want to torrent and seed on this.

I've been experimenting with it all day, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've heard of people using external drives to torrent from so there has to be a way right?

I tried just straight up loading the torrents from the external into Deluge/Qbittorrent but the download speeds hovered around 15k and we aint doin this.

I got the portable apps installer and installed the portable version of qbittorrent and utorrent (i'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the bitcoin miner thing was a mistake). And I'll be fine for awhile but then I'll get "could not find the path".

dildon holder

My router nor new pc cant connect to the internet. My old pc can. Why?
I have rj-45 connector cable that goes to my flat from some box in the basement of my block probably.
By saying that my old pc can connect to the internet i mean that it automatically recieves assigned IPv4 adress, subnet mask, gateway, server dhcp and two DNS servers.(one is from my isp? and other one is from google).
Now when i want to get to the internet i have to type in manually all those adresses.
If i rember correctly this happened after i fucked up by connecting lan ports on my router and another one that didn't had anything connected to it. It caused other people in the block to be assigned to my lan network and ISP had to shut me down.

Maybe a bottle / can holder for the fridge?

Is there a difference between "restarting" and "power cycling"?

are there any benefits to closing your laptop and using a keyboard/mouse and external monitors instead?

Is it possible to use Skia Graphics Engine instead of Xorg?

you put it in the back of your phone and you hold it like pic related
though that one is different you just put it your fingers there
and if you want to close it you just put it down

Just leaving this here so I can find it later :^)

Anyone use Freeans 9.10?
Does it have any issues?

I'm on an older version, but last time I tried to upgrade it had issues with installing plug-ins/starting plugins. On this version however if I restart, I have to delete and entirely resetup plex or it will fail to start. Having to remote a lot of partitions for it, redo folders in plex itself, and wait a year for it to download all its stuff again has grown old.

my god
thanks pal

upgrade to 9.10, i have sickrage/transmission/plex working fine on it. the only problem i have with 9.10 is the gui updater, i tried updating with it and it fucked up and i had to do some boot up stuff to fix it, so just don't use the updater in the gui. if i were you i'd just install everything fresh including all the plugins.

Okay good. Thank you. I know some didn't have my issue and some do, but even with battery backup its a matter of time before stuff reboots where I live.

I remember last time installing was awful. I can't remember if I had to do it by disc, usb, or actually install it in a VM then plug it in to the computer. I remember it being a pain.

It's getting close

i just burned it to a dvd. i tried installing it by burning freenas to a usb but it just wouldn't work for some reason

freenas is kind of a pain sometimes but once it's up and running it's great

You're telling the torrent client, running on your PC, to save to the external drive, which has been formatted with a filesystem, and it isn't working?

name my wiffy

Russian learning program? Like learning the russian language? There are tons of sites on the internet for that.

Tried the ram in my other computer, wouldnt even boot if they were both in (only booted when the bad one was taken out) so it seems like it just died. There were some times when i'd plug a usb device into the front and the computer would crash, i think it was due to static electricity so it must have killed a stick at some point.

Yes that appears to be case. Doesn't matter if I run the app straight from my PC Windows (7 or 10 both) or if I install a portable version on the external and launch it from there.

Common sense 2016. Have a good adblocker and a script blocker too on a good browser, basically anything not IE.

Can you explain again what you're trying to do?

Hey, i'm running a barebones Windows 7 installation and i don't want to use a real time antivirus; but i want to scan with one every now and then.

So Cred Forums, whats the best non-real time antivirus?, i'm already using malwarebytes.

im trying to use Custom Resolution Utility with an old CRT but it doesnt seem to work
what could i be doing wrong? i tried restarting

If'n c++ evolved frum c ... then whys thar still pajeets?

I got an 8TB external.

I want to use it and sort of a dedicated torrent thing.

At first I tried installing a portable version of qbittorent and utorrent, so I could keep the installation and everthing just on the drive. It will download fine for a few minutes, but then it will stop and the data will become corrupted, but sometimes it isn't eventhough it says it is.

So I figured I'd just treat it as a drive and tried regular Qbittorent and Deluge installed to my desktop machine, and just set the external as the download directory. It didn't work either.

Ah just done accidentally superglued an 8Gb microsd to the end of my genital.... is ah gonna git AIDZ?

Are Ubuntu phones garbage?

You're trying to use a hard drive as a standalone computer when that's not what it is?

What happens if you copy a large file to it?

yea that sounds like the external drive is fucked up

copy a large file to it and put your ear to it, is it making any weird clicking noises or anything?

I don't think they even make ubuntu phones anymore.

My laptop monitor turns off after a while and sometimes it bluescreens. I'm trying to use my live cd but the graphics get messed up and won't boot. How do I fix this?

Can you close Bitdefender free and only run it when you want?. I'm this poster by the way

What live cd?

Puppy which I used a lot before but its not working.

Did you make any recent hardware changes? What about software or drivers?

no wait, i'm this one

Here is new one



What are you programming, russian cryptolockers or ransomware?

Who makes the most reliable hard drives?

Both in terms of external and internal.

Bonus points if you link to failure rates/data