What email app do you you use use on on android?

What email app do you you use use on on android?

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k9mail from fdroid

Interesting question.

I used the Gmail app for my Gmail and Outlook for my work email (Outlook Online). Is there any reason why I should change to K-Mail or otherwise?

The default AOSP Email app.

BlueMail mostly because you can mark as read /delete from the notification.

Blackberry Hub



K9mail, because Foss

the one it comes with

Since CloudMagic went to shit I've switched to Aquamail.


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Inbox for my Gmail

Same. Why the fuck would I download something for an email client?

Well, it doesn't work with Gmail unless you enable "unsafe apps access" or whatever it's called.

Pretty sure it does, man.

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Emails are sent and recieved on a computer, texts and calls are on the phone with the exception of ims and voip, they belong on a computer.

It didn't when I tried it with CM 13 a few months ago.

Can confirm. Tried out K-9 Mail but UI was horrendous, currently just using the AOSP client with Gmail (it's using IMAP iirc).

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I use Alto Mail from AOL. A very comfy proprietary solution to replace CloudMagic or the default Gmail app.

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Doesn't have seamless GPG integration

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