Find me a vpn works with Cred Forums

In my dorm room wifi Cred Forums is blocked along with torrent sites. I can access it but my cheap as free vpn cant post and get detected in vpn detector.

Which vpns that i can shitpost in Cred Forums ?

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install gentoo

Ask them why are they blocking a major mainstream social networking site and tell them to please unblock it. Problem solved.

Pls give good recommendations i dont use memeOSes

Then use Arch

Its blocked in country ISP due pornographic content. In home i can access freely by changing dns to google one. In dorm room i cant change dns either

If they're blocking the DNS query then just solve the IP yourself and type it in the bar. You can even go to one of those isXSITEdown? sites and copy paste the IP from there.

buy pi and leave it at home to use as a proxy.

This actually insults me. Gentoo is a very very good operating system

I dont know how they blocking it but its very basic blocking done by.
How will finding ip will help me

Why would you be offended by another persons subjective opinion?

>living in a shithole country

Can you eloborate this? I have my laptop in home left open mostly can i do with laptop? I could buy pii too

>using meme arrows to insult people instead helping them

gee i didnt choice living here be reasonable

install gentoo then use it as a proxy to shitpost

Set up your laptop to act as proxy server pretty sure installgentoo wiki has some info on it

They block pornographic content in your country? Lol, that's some degree of cuckoldry. Still.
Maybe they're blocking via DNS so try and change it:

> Yandex.DNS

I had last week a similar issue, though with ThePirateBay while I was in Italy.

Otherwise use Tor or move to another country.

Also try Opera as secondrary browser. I has its own VPN.

buy a pass

There is no free service that is both trustworthy and good.

Either get a cheap paid VPN or set up a VPS from a connection that does not receive the blocks.

I didnt mean free service,just want good paid vpn name that can post in Cred Forums without detected by detector

no thanks hiro

Come on guys no one using bypass or something like that?

does Cred Forums pass let you post in VPN?
Think my my dorm room wifi is like hotel wifis, i dont think you can change DNS.

it also directly connects you to interface which you do sign your school ID and password to use it.

I can access with any VPN but vpn detector of muh anonymitiy cartoon board doesnt let you post

Get a cheap vps like EC2 or Digital Ocean and set up an openvpn server. This works for me

You don't change the DNS of their device but of yours' You most likely can change it. Try, it's only a few clickd. If it doesn't work, revert back.

I have no idea to set up openvpn server or those cloud services , is it easy to do it?

i was rather looking for a VPN server that buypass this nonsense but if you say this is only option then


Digital ocean has guides that'll walk you through it.

They don't want to serve porn in their connection. That is perfectly sensible and not nonsense.

Porn isnt hard thing to do , just use any fucking VPN and it works. Thing is Steam is blocked which sucks, and while i can browse chan i cant post it due detector.

And i use some free Chrome VPN extension not fully installed VPN program.

Changing dns isnt an option from what i seen google.

The VPN that comes with Opera Beta

It doesnt do shit

good goy


Out. Now.

VPN Ninja is pretty good.

It works for me in China reliably so I expect your uni won't be as serious about their blocks.

If you want a really easy solution and all the university is doing is blocking the DNS entry, just use your hosts file and populate the necessary IPs.

Use a foreign nslookup site to find the IPs for all the major servers used by Cred Forums and insert them into your hosts file. Problem solved.

I'm and this technique worked for me in China for certain things before I could be bothered getting an actual VPN.

just use
literally run it, sftp to root and grab the ovpn file. takes 2 minutes. can then harden the system if you want to keep it around or delete it when you're done if you're paying on usage.

>i dont think you can change DNS.
DNS is clientside you retard

buy a two dollar vps and install openvpn