Someone spent time, smarts, and money to make this thing

>someone spent time, smarts, and money to make this thing


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Shit taste

>using soft tubing
would look half decent if it was PETG or glass tubing.

I think it looks kinda cool, am i gay?

How does it work without RAM?

gpu isnt connected...

It's an in-progress picture.

God that's horribly laid out.

Needs a lot more hard tubing..

its kinda cool

its really pointless

would have been cooler if it had a glass/ plastic case with fans on the bottom corners and leds lining the case.

but no. its just mounted on a board ready to collect corrosion

For internet points


It's a hobby. You spend time, money and effort on your hobbies.

Why would it corrode more easily outside?

That's a cute idea, actually

Is that riser not connected to the motherboard or am I blind?

It is in this pic


what riser?

PCI-E riser

>3 out of 4 hard drives are inconsistent
This shit is upsetting

Shame there's no ram

Because it's there

Because they aren't a poor lonely bitter virgin like you

This is fucking disgusting. If I could I'd put my tower in a soundproof closet and leave it on h24. I don't understand how someone could like something so big that makes so much noise and light.

Fuck off, Rem is superior

It's pretty cool tho.