If iPhone 7 had Android, it would be the best smartphone ever, right? Just because it has iOS and an Apple logo...

If iPhone 7 had Android, it would be the best smartphone ever, right? Just because it has iOS and an Apple logo, you people trash it.

still no jack
into the fucking trash it goes

Apple hardware is literally designed to "break" after two years, so no.

better than exploding after 2 weeks

I'm gonna say no. Its asthetics are now ugly as Sin.

The screen size and resolution, however, are very sensible.

It is objectively shitty in some ways, but I agree that the apple logo does make it shittier. It's meant to be a phone for everyone, yet it is designed as a niche market phone.

it would certainly be more appealing

Just give me a Note4 with Apple's A10(tm) and good CyanogenMod support.

>Apple hardware is literally designed to "break" after two years, so no.
Android phones receive no more updates after 6 months, let alone 2 years.
Meanwhile, Apple is providing the newest updates to 4+ year old models.

Now tell me again which one has planned obsolence.

Its all subjective so why give a fuck? Such a cuck life worrying about these pleb things.

>overpriced hardware
Android wouldnt change it much

Happy with my jailbroken 6 i got for free. its just the jailbreak pajeet.. Get over it.

>Android phones receive no more updates after 6 months, let alone 2 years.
that's a lie.

>always cry about muh botnet
>use smartphone

based retards.

at least it didn't explode in the trash :^)

You can shroud that statement 'as a lie' under the blanket of technicalities all you want, however; from a practical experience, he is right.

Most Android phones will get one or two Android releases pushed out to them and then no more. Yeah, you can load custom ROMs onto those devices, but there a certain degree of effort and risk that simply does not exist in that matter when using an iPhone.

Hell, let's even take it back to the original argument.

>Nexus 5, released Oct. 2013. Less than 3 years ago.
>Will not be receiving Android 7.0

On my recently updated 2 year old s5 now.

>3 years
>6 months

There is a difference. Average android support is 2 years. And for a reason, because older phones can't carry new android.

>Android support is 2 years.

You're not addressing the point. iPhones up to 4+ years old are getting updates.

What's the point? First, the apple updates make the older devices unusable. I had to rollback my ipod touch because it would lag even when just playing music.

And 2nd you're supposed to buy a new phone every 2 years anyway so there is no point in updates beyond that.

i only get ones with good community support
i'm running nightly CM13 (6.0.1) on my galaxy s4
runs perfectly

you can call it what you want, doesn't change the fact that this is up to date android, security patches and all

>you people trash it.
I love my iPhone and will soon get an iPhone 7. Android is fun to play with but it's not a business devices.

Post where everyone struggles to come up with a decent reply.

The problem with the iPhone, and with every Apple product, is not the OS: it's the retardedly jewish Apple policy to push their own proprietary technology in order to force their customers to use exclusively their own products.

Also, the awfully high price point of everything they make, usually not backed by actual quality.

If the iPhone had Android it'd be a laggy piece of shit. Next gen would then match the S7 in specs just to run that garbage.

Just give us a file manager and it'd take care of 90% of gee's problems with it

My second gen Moto G still gets updates.
And that is a cheap budget android phone

You forgot the part where 4 year old iPhones get softbricked by updates or just unusable to the point where the user has to revert to an earlier version.

i hear iphone 5 owners are surprised at how well ios 10 is running

Shut up retard

>samsung == android
want to know how I know you're american?

Thats the exciting part right? I love being able to change from one ROM to another, and love having to fix it when it doesnt go well. Btw i have a 2 year old xperia running 6.0 perfectly.

>And for a reason, because older phones can't carry new android.
Sorry, but that is not the reason. The reason is that the manufacturers don't bother updating older phones.
Flagships from 4 years ago still have better hardware than cheap phones coming out today which will get the newest Android version.

My iShit Touch 5 has been ass ever since I "upgraded" past iOS 8.


no, if it had anything to justify the ridiculous price tag then it would be the best. but its literally just paying $1,000 for a shitty facebook app machine and some multicultural emojis. only the gucci tier fad followers would waste their money like that.

android needs 6gb of ram to run without lag so no

hey moron guess what: ipod touch 5 had the same chipset as the iphone 4s. not comparable to an iphone 5 in any way

The only reason I would jump ship onto iOS is to get rid of Google Play Services

>no jack
>shit design
>unironically thin
>implying that i take my phone out when it's raining

This doesn't really happen. At worst to fix this people would just connect to itunes on their computer.

Buy a non shitty android phone and flash cyanogenmod + fdroid.

>6 year old mbp
>still works fine
>4 hours of web surfing, 2 hours of porn on the original battery

Not really. iOS just needs a file explorer and the ability to download files to have feature parity with android.

Take your normie phone with only one non-jack port and capacitive home button back to

>9 year old MacBook
>Still enough to shitpost on Cred Forums and browse YouTube

if the S7 had IOS 10, it would wreck every other smartphone

You say that as if the OSX isn't a crucial part of the experience. It's a pretty big deal.

I meant OS. Fucking autocorrect.

No, because the processor would still lose to the A10.

Too much for you, scumbag.

>this arguments

>he'd rather have a faster chip than a vastly superior display

Well, a lot of posters here have a lot of misconceptions about iOS.

>I have to use iTunes to put media on my device
This is false due to third party apps like VLC for movies and music and Chunky for comics and manga that allow you to connect to your iPhone or iPad through your web browser and drag and drop it onto your device. Arguably even easier than AirDroid when you have a custom homepage with a link to your iPad/iPhone server. iTunes is only really needed if you need to restore your device for any reason or if you prefer to back up your device to a local harddrive rather than the cloud

>But it's only a Normie Facebook OS!!
Wrong. When companies like Google and MS are putting office suites on iOS and Android and you are getting pretty nice software from various devs like Adobe for art, drafting, house blueprinting, etc. It becomes quickly apparent that iOS is far from a Facebook OS. While I wouldn't replace Windows or MacOS with iOS, an iPad or iPhone is a pretty damn powerful tool with iOS.

Besides, I see a lot of people on here and cripplechan using Arch or Debian, does that make those OSes, "Chan-tard OSes"?

>There's no file system!
There is, but it's for each app as silly as that sounds, but it's done for security.

Are you retarded? I'm on android 7 rn with a nexus 5. Performance is better than ever and I get monthly security patches. Kys

Did Google give you 7 or did you have to flash it yourself?

ewww no

iPhone help here please

I can't save images anymore after this latest update. Is this an attack on chan culture?

Good point.

Follow up. I can save images off the web just not off the chan boards, it must be a tech issue with The board based on the new update

>Can't save images
Kek. Pack up boys. We won this.

Open in new tab and save. It's the board not really the phone.

It seems to only affect images which are links, they must be images without a hyperlink attached to them.

It works if you use another browser for iOS, like chrome

Which one should I get?

Logically the 7 256, higher resale, future proof storage - 32gb is embarrassing. I have a 128gb 6S Plus.

Why do we have to lie? It starts at $649. That's quite normal for a flagship, in fact that's pretty good for what you're getting.

If you're going to hop on a bandwagon in order to fit in to a club on an anonymous Jackie Chan fan fiction discussion board you might as well give honest shortcomings instead of giving exaggerations to fit your agenda because it discredits your position and makes you look like a shill.

You're literally a retard and a cuck for not thinking for yourself.

Of course it wouldn't, the terrible screen on the 4.7 inch ALONE is enough to put it into the trash even if it was half the price.

If it wasn't for the screen, a proprietary port would cut it off for most people, as well as the small battery.

well yeah kind of. but then again, the build quality isnt any better than the high end device.

what i wish tho is if someone maid android that took all the best UI shit from APPLE and HTC and combined them, because both sides have their good shit.

at the moment tho the apple cam has so many retarded things in IOS that i just ended up switching to Android.

but that A10 cpu is hands down epic.



all hardware is retard. take a business or econ class and learn about planned obsolescence.

How does iPhone SE performance compare with the 7? And the battery life?

>battery life

Good joke.

My friend had the original first iPhone that came out. The first few updates ran fine on it, but skip ahead 4 years later and the most recent update made it lag so fucking much. Meanwhile on android you get a few updates that make it stable for years to come. You don't see updates that make android phones slow and unusable down the road.

my oldest working apple shit is probably older than you
even with post-jobs products, my 4S still works just fine, same with my 4, a couple 2008 macbooks, and a bunch of PPC macs I even shitpost from sometimes

you will do just fine with 32 gigs imo

especially if you stream a lot of your media

SE is pretty speedy, slightly faster than the 6s (which is fast) because of the smaller screen res. Gets better battery life than the 6s for the same reason

Not really. Apple's outstanding hardware wouldn't be so if not for the software designed to work in perfect unison with it.

>designed to work in perfect unison with it.

This. Look how amazingly well timed they design their bricking crippleware.

I don't want to have a long drawn about debate about whether or not Apple cripples old phones with new software. So I'll just ignore that picture and the content of your post.

But as far as software optimization goes, only Nexus phones approach the level of performance and level of unison of iPhones. And they're not even close. But granted, it's not quite as important because Android is designed to run on anything. But iOS is designed for iPhones. Which is why Android speced out powerhouses still lose to iPhone with 2gb of ram.

>2 years
Tell that to Motorola, google, Sony and lg
They also don't tend to make their phones unusable with the updates

Apple and Samsung have the same battery manufacturer