Is there a better media payer?

is there a better media payer?

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MPC-HC is a dead project.

There are much better media players, like mpv which you can download here:

Need something that has SVP and madvr support etc.

does it have the same picture quality as mpc-hc out of the box? why is it command-based?

You don't need those things at all, mpv has everything you need (+more) and does it better whilst also performing much better.

what makes it better and why doesnt it have a volume slider or even a menu or anything

Using: profile=opengl-hq
Gives MUCH better picture quality than MPC.

Dude stufo its a media player not a control panel. The keyboard shortcuts and config are simple and easy.

Yeah one that decode DSD faggot. Its 2016.


>Using: profile=opengl-hq
what do you mean? am I too stupid to use that thing?

Just download the 7z from and run the scripts.

>Media Player Classic - BE (MPC-BE) is based on the original "Media Player Classic" project (Gabest) and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project (Casimir666), contains additional features and bug fixes.

>mpv users making mpc-hc look deprecated
literally autism

Can't load external filters = trash

What filters you would like to use?



Atm no.
latest release 1 month ago.
MPC is in every way better than MPV.

>All those freetards shilling their inferior utterly complex shit of a ""player"" this hard.

Mpc-hc dead? Last commit 7jul


MPC-BE is better.

Nope, you're wrong.

Russian shit player

>Gives MICH better picture quality than MPC.


I use Haruhi-chan, is that okay?

Except it isnt shit.



Mpc-hc the best. Watch anime - mpc hc.

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Explain why MPC-BE is so popular among nips.

What? Mpc-hc most popular player.

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Mpc-hc most popular anime player


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Proof please

You're behind the times.

Why is Cred Forums obsessed with using inconvenient things?

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Do I replace kawaii codec pack with this or do I install this on top of it?

Well feel free to suggest a better one then.

Kcp dead

I know but that doesn't really answer my question.

Just use k-lite codec pack mega. You waste of tax money and oxygen.


>codec pack
Fucking why


Why not? Got something better that doesn't require just two click of installation?

Kek this.

But normies use that :S

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Light Alloy. It just werks

What about Phosphorized Germanium?

Mpc-hc or be?

HC unless you be putin' Russian marmalade in your poo hole.