Alright Cred Forums,

I need your help. I've never owned a mac before but now my GF bought one for whatever reason to replace her old PC.

I was like "meh" but finally it's her business with her money earned through her work so I don't have much to say about it.

The thing is, I've always been her personnal tech support, and I've always done it happily cause pussy.

But now I'm facing a problem:

How the fuck do I install "pirated" stuff on her MacBook. She needs Word & Powerpoint for her uni and I have ZERO idea how these kinds of things work on Mac.

On a PC I just get a good torrent, KMS Pico and boom shit is installed and authenticated in 10 minutes. Is there a way I could do the same thing on a mac ? I've quickly snooped around on the web but most of "mac related" content is basic tier "HOW TO BOOT UP YOUR MACBOOK PRO AND PLUG IN THE CHARGER HURRDURRR".

Any ideas ? Shall I ask on another board ?

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Soz for the copypaste from Cred Forums.

Of course I meant Cred Forums !

Isn't there mac versions of the software you want?
So just fucking torrent them
Simple as fuck
And doesn't apple has its own tools for opening shit made by MS Office like pages and keynote?

You do not need microshaft software on that nice and innovative Mac! It just works!

On a more serious note: All office software has an OS X version. Get that.

Rumor has is that the last person who pirated on a mac was haunted by Steve Jobs for the rest of his life...

seriously, what the fuck are you on? Torrent and install, simple as that.

>tfw no qt trap gf depends on you for her proprietary pirated macOS Sierra software

Okay, then I'm gonna do that. Guess I didn't look enough.

Depends what do you need.
For office you got the mac suite pre installed, it includes pages, keynotes and sheets(?.
Most of the software on the App Store is overpriced suits + ports of shitty iPhone apps, for casual stuff like vlc, etc. just go to the page and download.


>She needs Word & Powerpoint for her uni
most universities provide students with legit office365 for free but just use open office and save the files as docx

Not in France.

Thanks bruh.

She tried to get "pages" but apparently she can't get it for free. It's a second hand macbook Air from 2014. Guess you had it at start but since I formated this shit, no clue how to get it back for free.

"trap" ? Lel, you gay son.


I don't really trust the .cd considering the actual "primary" kick ass torrent domain is .to

Kickass was taken down a while ago.

Also, installing pirated applications is not much different. You also get installers, you might also need a firewall or something that blocks programs from accessing internet (little snitch works and funnily enough can also be pirated) or serial keys. There's nothing complicated about it. Many programs are either installed through installation wizards or just dragged and dropped directly into applications.

Your girlfriend should be able to get Office for free from her university. Most of them have education contracts with Microsoft.

open the app store and check the purchased section


macserialjunkie dot com

I think you have to register for the forums and hit a small post minimum, but it's worth the trouble.

brokenstones or if you like private
just google *program* serial

>She needs Word & Powerpoint for her uni and I have ZERO idea how these kinds of things work on Mac.
Just use the office suite that comes with it, it can make MS Office compatible files.

Yeah seriously, when I was running OS X on my macbook pro, I had a free office 365 subscription for education. You can't search for Microsoft Office for Students, you gotta look up Office 265 as its a different service. Or just fucking use google docs, you can view and save as Microsoft office files.