What's wrong with using the power button to turn off a pc?

What's wrong with using the power button to turn off a pc?

Why do people even turn off PC?

transport, maintenance, upgrades, repairs

Desktops aren't servers, there's no point in letting them run over night.

stop them from accumulating dust through fan suction, also heat

You can replace the hardware on a computer running GNU/Linux without powering it off. :^)

>People using desktops in 2016
I hope you are a grown up

Just shut the lid and forget about it

Also, this


People pay electricity bills you autistic manchilds.

Nothing, I have mine set to hibernate instead though for faster startups.

The only time I turn off my computer anyway is to move it or work on it or when I'm going to be away from it for 24 hours or more.

>Removing or inserting electrical components to a motherboard with the power on


What actually happens if you just hold down the power button until the computer shuts down? Data loss? It seems like an urban legend that doing this multiple times will fuck your PC up, but nobody ever explains why.

If you don't do a forced shutdown by turning power off instead of sending a shutdown signal, nothing.

Worst case scenario, you cut power to your hard drive while it is in the process of writing data and you end up with corruption.

Other than that, I don't think there's much risk. It's not like cutting the power is going to make your hard drive head crash or fry anything.

Anyone with a REAL job can afford paying electricity for a computer running 24/7.

Because if I need to remote in using TeamViewer I'm kinda fucked.

In the 80's the fans in big machines would have to spin down to a stop before you could turn it off. Sometimes that was 30 seconds or more. I'd you started it up while it was still spinning it would fuck up the fans leading to other problems.

t. Dad retired from IBM

Even if you were running a buttcoin mining 1kW rig back when that was viable you would spend very little.
The average ppkW is $0.12. $0.12*1*24*365=$1051.2. About $3/day to run a KILOWATT PC.

You fucking moron do know that the US isn't the only fucking country in the world, right? We've got countries that actually care about the environment and properly tax shit that creates or demands pollution.

Thus, in the EU you've got €0.30 per KWH. And that turns keeping your PC on 24/7 into a stupid waste.

Yuropoors lol

>implying EU has a uniform electricity price
I pay 0.13 EUR for 1kWh. I never turn off or hibernaty my desktop PC, not even when on vacation.

>living in buttfuck nowhere, burgerland
>cheapest power on this half of the earth
And all it cost was 80% of the salmon population

>I hope you are a grown up
I thought you had to be over the age of 18 to commemt here.

It incurs the wrath of gravity.

Nothing, its not 1993 anymore.
The power button just sends the os an acpi shutoff signal and it will shut down properly.
If you HOLD it then it will shut the system off abruptly, but since about the year 2000 that hasnt been an issue either.
About one out of every trillion improper shutdowns now -may- carry the -risk- of screwing something up.