When will web design depart from the notion that a page needs 45mb of scripts and flash elements to display some broken...

When will web design depart from the notion that a page needs 45mb of scripts and flash elements to display some broken slideshow in the middle of the page, complete with drop shadows, edgy remote fonts and a fuckload of cookies and tracking scripts while the content you actually wanted is less than 10kb in plain text? I mean fuck, webpage size these days is abysmal these days, especially for how little useful content most pages actually contain. And the amount of bullshit plugins your browser needs... who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

Is this the equivalent of the 90s fad of "let's put midi background music and a shitload of moving GIFs and make the page barely accessible" ?

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>Is this the equivalent of the 90s fad of "let's put midi background music and a shitload of moving GIFs and make the page barely accessible" ?
really makes you think

it's called RESTful design and it's been around since before the internet

When I design websites, unless the content is specifically JS shit - like a game or something, I do everything with HTML/CSS. Because fuck modern websites.

You sound like a big guy

If it makes you feel better, flash is going to die sometime in 2017 and if not, 2018. So you'll get 45mb of scripts and no flash, java, or silverlight, just HTML5. One little step at a time till this era of bloating sites with scripts is gone.

not baiting or anything but what are good examples of sites that are really small data wise but really good/nice sites

Too bad html5 video players are about a billion times worse than even the most cancerous flash player.

For you.

just use umatrix faggot


Too complicated to use.

Same. My own (commercial) website can be used without Javascript.
Even the ads are static images (because I dont want adsense).

I do use Javascript but there is always a css fallback.

They'll improve over time as HTML5 gets used. The early flash players were pretty shit also.

Fucking kek m8

Retarded obsolete websites aside, your only valid criticism are all the retarded tracking scripts that exists because muh metrics

>45mb of react bullshit
>not a valid criticism

Drudge Report?

Webdevs are usually morons without CS degrees



Please tell me how you would design a site like Cred Forums without javascript. Are you saying we should go back to the old days where we had to manually press F5 every time we wanted to see if there were new posts in a thread?

Websites are more like webapps these days. Fagbook, jewtube, twatter, jewmail and so on rely on that retarded dynamic shit.

I personally hate infinite scroll, scrolling menus, also shit like disqus or facebook whatever social networking shit comments integration. Mostly because they're buggy as fuck.

Fucking google and facebook are practically eating up the web.

Thank god wikis are still a thing.

You can browse 4chins without javascript nigger

There's no need to take extremes. Cred Forums has a very reasonable, perhaps even minimal amount of js; more sites should follow its example.

Futaba Channel just werks, 2ch just werks, 4-ch just werks and Cred Forums just werks without enabling javascript.

Javascript is utterly unneeded for the *chan experience

I don't think chans where meant to be this fast of discussion. I would think it's faster than irc, kind of like forum posting speed.
F5 is perfectly ok.

Infiniscroll is way better than pagination you cuck.

Not a big fan of html 5 or flash. So many websites pause while loading shit I don't want to look at or watch a video. Adblock helps for the most part. Other addons can be a real hassle, like noscript, flashblock, etc.

When CEOs stop being so impressed with pretty colors and shinies and web developers stop trying to be special snowflakes.

Until you infinicuck so many pages your browser starts consuming 90 gigabytes of memory because old image thumbnails that are 90 nautical miles above your current position on the page are still kept in memory

pagination > infinite scrolling, give the user an option to at least choose between the two and let him pick the number of elements per page


I agree with "usually" but I have done websites for business owners. That's usually the problem. Some fucker wants it a certain way and since they're paying, it pisses me off to have to do shitty things I wouldn't do. Mostly related to media.

Oh man, those were the times!

"""material design""" on websites

You need javascript enabled for captcha. No, I'm not buying a good goy pass.

Fuck off with that meme. It was made by someone who has no idea how to use CSS and did not get the message the initial website was making.

REST has nothing to do with visual design.

Personally I love the sites with minimum modern features, I mean, I love sites with plain text... for example... Fourmilab or Bjarne Stroustrup's site...

What can you do on any of those sites other than view static content?

>When CEOs stop being so impressed with pretty colors and shinies

So much this.

And fucking wordpress rats are right on the spot to enable them.

>doesn't know how to use CSS

Clearly he does, as opposed to the creator of the original website.

>did not get the message

- Shit's lightweight and loads fast
- Fits on all your shitty screens
- Looks the same in all your shitty browsers
- The motherfucker's accessible to every asshole that visits your site
- Shit's legible and gets your fucking point across

Actually the 2nd website matches all of these criteria. Ironically the original website doesn't.

just checked out both of these sites and loved them. they load instantly and have an actual clean rather than superficially clean feel.

>Clearly he does
He's using pixel as size measurement.
Imagine reading a text with a font-size of 18 px on a 4k phone screen. It'll be fucking tiny.
Of course, because browser makers know how retarded web designers are, they will scale it, but it is still fundamentally flawed.

Also, why limit yourself to a set amount of declarations and tell what else you would have done? Either do it completely, or don't.

I guess I could have added, use relative size measurements if possible, not absolute.
Text-size is usually given in pt (points) and em. And since there is no reason to make the width absolute (unlike some image-based designs as was usual 10 years ago), make it relative, too.

You realize that px is relative size too?

As I said, because it was clear that web devs are retarded, it is relative now.