Can anyone strip this .azw file of DRM, so I can read it in peace?

Can anyone strip this .azw file of DRM, so I can read it in peace?

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I download it from Amazon, if I knew they were going to Jew me with DRM I wouldn't have bothered.


Why don't you do it yourself

What's the book? Just pirate it.

I'd rather buy it, but unfortunately Amazon seems to want to fuck my butthole and make it complicated by "registering" my new Kindle, which I am not gonna do.

Book is called "The Rotten Heart of Europe" and it's an anti-EU book.

okay, I'll spoon-feed you.
> get Calibre
> get Apprentice Alf's DeDRM tools plugin (
> use the plugin to remove DRM

actually, you don't even need calibre if you don't use it, he also distributes his tool as pre-compiled binaries.

You've already bought it, go pirate a usable copy.

tried, didn't work

couldn't find the .azw or .epub format of this book, only the pdf which is unreadable on kindle

So what's the problem with using the DRM-protected azw if you plan on using your kindle to read it anyway?

Not sure, when I open the azw in calibre, it says DRM protected, cannot even convert it.

But why do you want to open it in Calibre then? Seems pointless, don't try to fix a problem when there isn't one - just use your kindle exclusively for Amazon DRM-locked files, just as Amazon intended you to. And next time don't buy books from amazon. Apart from gimmicks like word-wise and x-ray books from outside Amazon are usually better or at least cheaper

how do I transfer it to my Kindle, without using other software and registering it though?

What's the problem with registering it? Amazon will only allow to open DRM-locked ebooks if they are bought from your amazon account. In which case, I think you have to register yhour kindle for your amazon account.

You can try just sending the file to your kindle, but I haven't worked with an unregistered kindle, so I have no idea if that would work

I dunno I've always kept my Kindle in Aeroplane mode, i'm worried they're going to collect data on me or randomly fuck with all my pirated books.

They can'r really know which books are pirated since DRM is rare on ebooks, only used by Amazon and few others. If they see a DRM-free book on your kindle they simply can't assume it's pirated because plenty of ebookstores sell DRM-free books. I doubt there is any chance they will fuck with your library because that has never happened to anyone.

What data are you storing on your kindle?

And that's coming from an user with ~30 pirated ebooks in a registered kindle library on paperwhite 3

Use DeDRM plugin for calibre

Maybe some cp, u know :^)

just books senpai

>couldn't find the .azw or .epub format of this book, only the pdf which is unreadable on kindle
calibre exists for a reason

but pdf conversion is hit and miss, mostly miss

Dont buy ebooks.
Every vendor is quite literally a dirty jew and adobe DRM is just terrible.

Compared to buying physical books ebook try to push every single restriction there is onto you and it requires a lot more time and effort to start reading.

I have completely given up on buying DRMed books because it is quite literally impossible to use them for the most basic tasks like putting them on a usb stick at home and continue reading on a university computer.

>using a cuck converter

Thats not how drm works. A drmed book can only be decrypted by the buyer of the book who has access to the intended device the book is encrypted for. The decryption key is usually tied to the device's serial number

>wanting people to do something illegal for you

you must be a moron eh? no one is going to commit a crime so you can benefit from it. read more on how to be a warlord before you ask this kind of stupid request

this is the state Cred Forums is right now, people who can't into tech is in Cred Forums

oh, so I have to register my Kindle then

Tried that?

Not him, but the way I believe it works (atleast for adobe drm) is that you will never get a completely decrypted version.

For adobe drm you have to create an account and after registering that book to that acount you can read it using adobe software only.
I dont know how amazon handles it but my guess is that it is pretty similar and that there is no way to ever have a decrypted version.

How do all the pirated copies of books get released into the wild, then? There must be a method of decrypting a purchased ebook for general use.

tried, still get the same DRM error message

>How do all the pirated copies of books get released into the wild, then? There must be a method of decrypting a purchased ebook for general use.
I have asked that question myself but I have no real explanation.
My guess is that there might be no drm versions provided to libraries and universities.

At the end of the day, the ebook needs to be decrypted into plain text before it can be displayed to the end user. ofcourse a regular device won't let you get the whole file decrypted. it will only read the part of of the file it currently needs to show on the screen.
But a dedrm program can decrypt the whole file by feeding it the correct keys. either device s/n or ID or whatever. different drm use different things. but it is always tied to either an account or a device

Amazon drm works by tailoring a special encrypted version of the same book for each different device. this is done by generating a key using the device's serial number or mobile app's unique ID. When downloading a purchased ebook, you have to choose a device which you intend to read the book on.
Since you say you didn't register your kindle, then you must have selected an android app or something as the target device. if it is indeed an android device, then all you have to do is use adb to backup the kindle app and feed the backup to dedrm plugin to extract the key. on calibre, go to settings -> plugins -> file type plugins -> dedrm and click on the customize plugin button. then click android app option. it has an option to import the backup there.
Once you do this, dedrm will be able to decrypt the book for you

Or.... since you clearly have no idea about any of this. stop being a moron and just register the damn kindle and download your book from there