You're given $4,000 by the Make-a-NEET Foundation

You're given $4,000 by the Make-a-NEET Foundation

What tech do you buy?

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I make it last me a year in my 3rd world, adopted country.

Free year of NEETdom.

A 3D printer (together with filaments and whatnot) so that I can print a gun and fucking kill meself.

Buy a nice gun and shoot myself.

I use it to keep being a NEET for a few more months.

Build a mid range gaming pc, buy a macbook air, and a Bad Dragon Dragon Butthole and Pussy.

Done. Use the rest for clothes.

a gf


A loli sex slave from pakistan or any middle east county


fursuit head

i mean, it's kinda technology and my current one is getting old

you're not me

I'm not NEET. But if I got $4k and didn't have the urge to pay off part of the mortgage, I'd be a disgusting gamer slob.

>Razer Blade Stealth QHD: $999

A professional drone so I can try making a bit of money with drone photography for hotels, construction companies etc

Resident Evil 4 shitposting

So, you're the big cheese?

a career

>What tech do you buy?
None. I pay off my last student loan and invest the rest in my Roth IRA.

chad out

I make 7K yer full time
so 4K is fortune
4k for car sounds reasonable

10 escorts or ten Ford escort.

same, but that would probably be enough for about 9 months

Invest in memes

good desktop + monitor