Is 2.2.1 still safe to use in 2016?

Is 2.2.1 still safe to use in 2016?

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Yes. The CVE shitposting doesn't apply to it.

Yes. I'm using it right now. Honestly it is all I need out of a torrent client. Every other one is bloated and the current versions of uTorrent are just botnet.

Why people tend to stay on 2.2.1? Why not other versions? What's so special about this one?

Last version before they added literal botnet.

I have no idea why they don't switch to transmission/deluge/qbittorrent.

IIRC the next version had advertisements.

There are no widely known holes so it is probably safe to use. I personally woudnt use it, going online with outdated software is always a security risk.

More recent versions started adding advertisements and bloat from what I hear.

Until version 3.smth you could simply disable the ads I recall. Then they made it harder.
But I read that ver 3 had some nice features. So it actually makes sense to stay on 3.smth, don't remember the right minor version. Is this even close to the truth?

If the software is solid, it's age doesn't necessarily mean some new exploit will appear for it. Because it IS so old nobody gives a fuck about attacking it anymore and even if they did they still more than likely would not find anything worth their time and trouble to bother with.

I use 2.2.1 myself, have since it was released, will continue to use it till trackers simply won't allow connections anymore because of the version but I don't suspect that's ever going to happen.

>nobody gives a fuck about attacking it anymore
I disagree. Simple users tend to not update so it actually makes more sense to exploit vulnerabilities in old versions that are used by so many careless people.

>exploit vulnerabilities in old versions

But that's not actually how the exploits happen nor is that the focus of people creating or looking for the exploits.

Why take the risk? Just use qbittorrent or deluge.

>BitTorrent and uTorrent allow remote attackers to inject command line parameters and execute arbitrary commands via a crafted URL using the (1) bittorrent or (2) magnet protocol.

>running outdated software listening for incoming connections
What could possibly go wrong?

And how is installing software with new security vulnerabilities added each version more secure than keeping a piece of software with 0 known ones?

sure it is, but why would you tough

I get better speed with qbittorrent

it was never safe to use. it's adware.

NO it's not safe but getting BTFO is improbable

i haven't upgraded from 1.8. no problems at all.

Deluge is not bloated.

Literally this

Why would even use a torrent client with ads built-in in the first place?


Just forget it and use qbittorrent or transmission

For fucks sake just use deluge

I do. For making large torrents so I can pick a piece size of 8 or 16MB.
Then I load them into uTorrent 2.2.1.

>someone could run utorrent.exe with some arbitrary parameters

omg so scary

>keeping a piece of software with 0 known ones?
Really? Old version has zero known vulnerabilities? Somehow I don't believe this.

I switched to qbit and transmission. I just wonder why people like outdated software so much.

I guess you enjoy mining bitcoins for free.

Point out a hack going through uTorrent 2.2.1.
It doesn't execute anything.

>he installs toolbars

It's not that it's only outdated, but that it contains literal malware along with ads and other vulnerabilities.


I don't care about new versions of utorrent.

Why would you even risk using a torrent client with known backdoors and remote bitcoin mining capabilities?

>he installs toolbars
>he literally can't stop installing toolbars

Why do you keep ignoring my argument?

when i discovered qtorrent, my life had a change.

Greetings from Chile

>he installs toolbars
>he literally can't stop installing toolbars

Data caps? I hear qBittorrent helps with that with its inability to seed.

>Point out a hack going through uTorrent 2.2.1.
That's what I also would like to hear from more "experienced" users. Not only for 2.2.1 but for all versions.
But again is it really possible that such old piece of software doesn't have any exploitable vulnerabilities?

Greetings from Chile.

Tixati or Transmission. (Probably not the official port, since the site was at one point compromised with malware)

Don't bother with libtorrent frontends like qBittorrent or Deluge. libtorrent is shit and full of bugs that are never going to be addressed because the developers keep giving people the run-around rather than acknowledging how much libtorrent sucks. Google "stalled torrent"

pls leave Cred Forums retards

I've been using deluge but looks like Cred Forums doesn't like it

>But again is it really possible that such old piece of software doesn't have any exploitable vulnerabilities?
It doesn't execute anything.

My "Generic PnP Monitor" driver is from 2006. So's my SATA driver. Hack me.

>It doesn't execute anything.
prove this
Oh wait, you can't.

>it does everything until proved otherwise!
Neat, my torrent client just cured cancer.

You heard it here! uTorrent 2.2.1 will keep you young, healthy, and will increase your sexual magnetism!
>no it won't!
It's closed source. You can't prove it doesn't!

Can't you disable the advertisements, though? I remember there being some really obscure way of changing the settings to disable them that isn't in the standard menus. Haven't used utorrent in a long time though, transmission is where it's @.

>prove this
>Oh wait, you can't.

Free software is cancer.
Prove otherwise.

Oh wait, you can't.

Yes, it's integrated in a way that even an idiot can easily disable ads, with the only prevention being a message telling the user "not to change any settings" lol

Deluge is also not allowed by mainstream trackers.