MacOS is for work

>MacOS is for work
>Windows is for games
>Linux is for servers

Prove me wrong Cred Forums

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Windows is used throughout most workplaces though.

Sounds like more of a financial problem than a choice

But you're right user

Windows in office
Linux in basement
MacOS in kitchen

I would say so. In my poor ass country not many people use macs or macbooks at work.

mac os is for nigger
windows is for niggers
linux is for niggers

In 1998. Now I have Steam with 209 games on Linux :^}

So I suppose you use nova you spic?

>Windows for business
>Mac for creative
>Linux for science, technology and servers

Linux is for work, games, and servers.
Windows is also for work, games, and servers.
OSX is for parting morons from their daddy's money.

>steam on os x has more
This is exactly my layout except that i don't play games except tf2 so i just have OS X and Linux on my server

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more like
OS X is for work, games and some servers
Windows is for work, games and other servers
Linux is for autists

Enjoy your shitty performance.
Windows is for gaming. It's the only thing it's good for.

>>steam on os x has more
I don't care, I can't find Macs in the trash near my old school because USA throw nukes on wrong country (not Germany).

An OS is first and foremost for FUCKING software

Windows is king

Linux fags GTFO
Homosexuals GTFO

>he didn't install hackintosh

Who user?

Name something exclusive to WIndows that isn't an antivirus or a game.


Playstation is for games



>that's work too

Mac is for facebook
Windows is for work and gaems
Linux is for basement dwelling

Linux is best as a live system so it can't be fucked up. Just boot it up when you need it. It's not suitable for daily desktop use.

If you know how to use it Linux can be for productivity

>It's not suitable for daily desktop use.
But amigo, linux doesn't slow over time like windows, making it more useful for a shitposting-box like mine

Should've mentioned in OP but those fields are primarily what I meant. I know windows has mechanical engineering applications and things like that.

Macfag here, and I approve this message

I tried to use linux as a daily driver, but my favorite DEs didn't like my GPU or its drivers.

>MacOS is wfor hipsters and rich people
>Windows is for idiots
>Linux is for any sane person that wants to use their Computer

Now a days everything is a webapp. It is an ongoing trend and it will not stop. There is absolutely no reason to use another operating system than linux.
Most software at enterprises and companies are programmed with java. Microsoft Office is already a web app. Only videogames and legacy Software is keeping people from changing os.

Why do you use windows Cred Forums?

>MacOS is useless
>Windows for workstation and gaming
>Linux for automated cow milking machines

Linux breaks easily, You can rat fuck the entire system just by entering a wrong command.

Anyway live systems are superior in everyway, They can't get viruses or rootkits because nothing is saved, Each time you boot up your system it's like booting into a fresh install.

This is why knoppix is the best.

It's a shame you're just rooting for webapps because it's the only way you can get some of them to run on your OS.

Linux is for smart people
OS X is for smart people who want Linux with a good interface.
Windows is for babbys

>Windows is for games and work
>Linux is for servers
>MacOS is for faggots

>MacOS for gay porn

You are just angry you don't own an Apple.

replace angry with glad and you're spot on

My experience with debian ended with my system being locked and a few days worth of finding a new OS

How is he not correct? Almost everything is available in web app form nowadays, to name a few categories: email clients, communications platforms, office suites, storage solutions, video streaming, music players, social tools, etc.

For a significant contingent of people who don't either game or do any serious work on their personal computers, web apps are all they need now.

Remix OS Player. A VM for an Android based desktop OS.

>windows for games
>linux for work
>mac for luxury

>Your ISP suffers an Internet outage separating you from your webapps
>It's winter and you lose power during your project. You have a laptop with decent battery life but without power, you are without battery life
>Your girlfriend/brother/best friend is at the hospital for several days and you stay for the moral support and you don't trust the hospital's wi-fi but you still have that novel or spreadsheet to work on while you're there

There are a number of situations where webapps are not good, even for casual computer users.

There is a lot of DAW equipment that has better drivers and better support on OSX

>*but without power, you are without Internet

Fixed that.

The YouTube video editor is not as good as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut. isn't as good as Finale Pro. Pixlr is inferior to Photoshop. Web apps won't be replacing professional software for some time yet.

I can agree with this. iTunes is still a great content platform and macOS is the best looking OS on the market

I'm not a fan of web apps, for these reasons and many others so you're kind of preaching to the choir.

But the fact of the matter is a large and growing number of people don't give a shit about these concerns and just go ahead and use them anyway. And for those people, OS really doesn't matter very much.

>or do any serious work on their personal computers
I'm fully aware of this and I addressed it in my original post.

>Why do you use windows Cred Forums?

Because I actually use my PC for more things than ricing it. Or did I miss when Adobe Creative Suite and every single DAW in existence got a webapp?

"Here's to the rebels"

Are you so computer illiterate that you can't install a VM on Virtualbox?

Webapps are for normalfags to do their basic shit.

Shit will be spectacularly popular.

Pro software is always in the minority

The guy literally asked why Cred Forums uses Windows

Only correct non-trolling answer ITT

I bought an Acer Chromebook 11 to use as a thin client for my media server and while it does that reasonably well everything else is just lacking.
>The built in file manager is trash and it's automatically named 'downloads' whether they are downloads or not
>Simple functions like filename extension changes are not allowed
>.zip files were just recently supported, you can unzip them now
>You can't look at further information on a file like a mp3's track name, album, etc
>Software support is somehow shittier than linux despite running linux
>Doesn't have GNU corelibs so you can't run Bash if you wanted to
>Installing a different distro is a pain in the ass for no reason and depending on the model you'll have to manually chainload like in a beta version of grub
I wouldn't even call this power user shit, it's just what I might normally do on a computer that I don't solely use for web browsing

You asked for an example and I gave you one. It's not anti-virus and it's not a game.

Temple OS for communicating with god.

because it's cheaper



>what is OS X Server

And where is Linux Server???

Actually OSX Server was pretty good before they axed the Xserve line. I remember the load balancing stuff they had built in was pretty good
If you want a macOS server today you have to be moot and buy a fuckton of Mac Minis

>For games

Hey I can run 4 year old games just fine.

More games than Linux!

That makes all the more true then

>good interface

Look at all the linux themes and distros that try mimicking OSX. Makes you wonder which is better looking.

Agreed. Anybody who has ever used OS X or Linux for a longer time will realize that Windows is a ridiculous, opaque system. The only reason why people don't usually see that is because it's literally the only system they have ever used.

True though, OS X definitely needs a considerable amount of tweaking to be actually usable, but it's small stuff that isn't really difficult to do.

>Linux is for work
>Linux is for games
>Linux is for servers

Prove me wrong Cred Forums

openttd doesn't count as game.

Why would any business pay more to do that same thing?


xD SiCK BUrNN Cred Forums-BRO!!!1!!

I've only ever seen amateurs and interns use Apple shit.
Once i go up the ladder into professional engineers, technicians, and programmers, it's either some company specific UNIX/Linux iteration or Windows or a combo of both. Rarely do i see Apple shit.

Perhaps by work you mean visual and audio artists?

I have a feeling artists who use macs are just tech illiterates who've been memed by apples marketing.

>visual and audio artists

But it's available on the Mac

Windows is for everything.
OSX is a placebo OS.
Linux is for hobbyists and for very specific tasks.

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

>MacOS for the thrash bin
>Windows for the botnet
>Linux for using a computer
prove me wrong Cred Forums

BSD is for niggers.



At my workplace, there are Macs and Windows machines. It's incredible how much work you can get done on a windows machine while the apple toys are trying to get their finder started

I agree. Apple hardware is shit and overpriced though which is why I use a hackintosh. OS X mavericks is for professional software and work related shit, wangblows 7 for gayming, and Debian stretch with KDE for everything else. OS X is shit but it's better for work than Windows will ever be.

>Linux is for work, some games and servers
>Windows is for work, games and some servers
>OSX is for work and some games
>OSX exclusivity makes it actually for retarded macfags
Prove me wrong, OP

This is accurate. Apple markets hard in art schools, even though all those students just mainly Adobe programs which are available on Windows too.

T. ex architecture student

I professionally use Touchdesigner which is Windows only sooooo gonna have to disagree with you
But generally speaking sure, why not

Dude wtf

Prove me wrong.

PROTIP: You can't.

Look up "Amon Tobin ISAM", it's the software they used for it
Then get fucked

OS X practically doesn't exist outside of America. And corporate servers are often Windows. VERY often.

Mac is for art students

This bait is wrong.

As a sys admin for the eCommerce arm of a wireless carrier, this is basically my setup. Admins, Devs, DBAs, Tools/apps folks all use Mac devices (we're allowed to run whatever OS we want, so I'm running Debian) to support our production. Previously we had Sun Workstations (Ultra 27s were the last we had until we switched to Mac Pro's). Marketing, accounting, HR, etc use Windows corporate image for their day to day.
Our servers are 85% Linux, 10% Solaris, 5% Windows.

Why is windows switched with OS X?

>anything but mac 24/7
y bother

OS X has better hardware support in some aspects than Linux

>unironically created by someone who has no problem with systemd

If by work you mean putting dildos up your asshole then this is correct

The Toyota should be Linux and the shitbox american car should be Windows.

Mac is for surffing Facebook and Instagram.


I would say Linux is a Truck, used to hard labours, but a truck is easy to operate. So I don't know.

>Mac is for status fags
>Windows is for the people that want things be easier
>both were intended to be for people who don't get anything about computers
>Linux is for people that know what they do

>MacOS is for work
Considering it's tied to Apple hardware, very few businesses are going to waste money on implementing OSX. This leaves it basically to the home user realm.
>Windows is for games
True, but it's also the primary work/office OS. Most productivity applications run on windows, and it's the most widely deployed OS, both in business and at home.
>Linux is for servers
That is the role it usually plays, or in embedded systems.

I believe that many businesses would be served well to switch over to full linux environments, but this raises issues with software compatibility, and the increased load on IT staff to support it.

I also believe that for these reasons, OSX would dominate if released openly. It's objectively better than windows, but since it's tied to Apple hardware, it's essentially useless. The problem is that Apple wouldn't make money selling overpriced hardware, since you then would be able to enter the Apple ecosystem with only an OS switch.

I see Windows and Linux/Unix everywhere I go I've not seen MacOS in a business environment in literally years(unless you count iPhones). I work in healthcare. Other than iPad and iPhone via mobile browser support our thin clients only support Windows and Linux. Tomorrow I will look and see if we have any MacOS using their web browsers.

If it's all web app then you use the least expensive hardware that does the most out of browser for your other things. That's why you don't even see Apple anymore if folks are working with $ vs work. I've also seen a lot of users change over from iPads to Android Tablets
As aside I found interesting High End computer compare the other day.

The highest CPU/Graphics demand I see in my work environment is Medical Imaging systems and they are Windows or Linux PCs not a single Apple product to be found. My own responsibility is riding herd on a LIS system with a motley collection of instruments and about 1800 full time users and about 400 part time users.

man, that OS is sick!


Because it's easier to ask for Active Directory certs than to use a real endpoint management solution.

Trailer trash will always be trailer trash.

eh I agree with you OP. But you can also throw Linux into the work column, albeit OS X is more common in that field.

iFags will always be trailer trash.

Linux > OS X >>>>>>> windows

only a moron would enjoy the most flavorless and overall shitty crap OS. windows doesnt even have a fucking native whois command in their command prompt what the fuck is this? security nightmare too. only fucking dumb babies with only video games and hentai to hide could ever love windows. pic related its a winfag drinking shit water


> imblying macfags work for a living
> inb5: macfag stock photo posing as office drone

You realize that Bill is basically a fucking genius.

It might not be technical genius, but he managed to make Windows and Office the de-facto software, and in the process got some serious cash.

>sucking dicks for money isn't working

Check your privilege cis scum.

Why would I do this? There is no benefit to OS X over GNU/Linux or Windows.

It's clearly a little girl, and if it wasn't obvious, you could've checked the filename...

But srs, playstation will always be king in my heart

>>MacOS is for work
Excuse-me ?

MacOS is for "artists", faggots and hipsters.


You're right though.

Windows server is shit. Other than that, you're right.

>mac users

>Linux & BSD for servers and the lords of the earth realm
>Windows for games and work
>MacOS for gay sex and the subsequent AIDS that comes with gay sex

prov me wong

>MacOS is for work
Shit workflow
>Windows is for games
Bloated shit that slows down games and rapes your privacy
>GNU is for everything

The only time linux is ever used for servers in a real business, is when its something thats not important enough to buy a license for windows. Maybe if they can't afford the licenses, but that unlikely. Sometimes you meet someone who just likes linux and uses it as often as they can, but windows is superior. Only time mac is used, is if someone retarded ceo, or cfo decides that they want it, against the will of the cto, or IT director.

windows is for work and play
mac for web and wasting time
linux for servers and dicking around

I can't.

Work in retail, its all windows. iPhone is for people's personal phones but Samsung/huwaei is catching up Fast.

>using tonymac tools

yeah having your IDE crash multiple times a day and your os freeze so hard, you have to reset and lose your recent work is so great for work. At least win and linux are somewhat stable.
(unless of course you buy every tiniest hardware update only so your beta ass OS works)

I've now used OSX for a month and I dared to use it on hardware that's a WHOLE YEAR OLD!
so it ran like shit, daily freezes, crashes, updates that take fucking 4 Hours FOR A FUCKING PROGRAM!!!! FOR FUCKING XCODE IT TOOK


Windows: Vidya Console
Mac: Video and Audio editing
Linux: Everything else

Mac is for tumblr.
Windows does abit of everything.
Linux is good for servers and tinkering.

mac is for girls and gays

use crouton

I've seen a lot more graphic designers and such moving to windows and developers moving to OSX lately


Hey i need to put in a purchase order for employee laptops, should i get the 1000 dollar fapples & port a bunch of proprietary software, or just keep using the industry standard microsoft windows.

This is coming from a linux fag.

use windows
much more productive


Linux is for work

Linux is for servers

Gaming consoles are for games and games are for children

I will admit its is quicker to install crap and is generally easier, but i use outdated autistic hardware. (Phenom ii x4).My laptop uses windows 7 though, but its a lenovo with an ssd .

delighted to.

Windows deployment services for automated imaging where you can pre-load almost any enterprise drivers, batch/powershell where you can customize or change the system remotely or locally, also driveletter$ to remotely access a machines entire UNC drive, largest industry support for software, along with secured domains.
Use the right platform for the right purpose however. Windows is good for end users because most employees are already familiar with it in the US, so less barrier to entry.

However on servers, what about ASP? I would want a windows server for that, also domain controller.
You also want to factor in the hardware & driver support before settling on an OS. Many operating systems including windows are not always as well suited or designed for certain servers/hardware over another OS which may have paid attention to detail.

At home use what you want.

OSX is for lots of types of work and some types of fun

Windows is for a decent amount of types of work and most types of fun

Linux is for a few types of work, servers and a trillion niches, which could be fun.


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Swap OSX and Windows and you're dead on.

There it is, finally


What about tuxracer?

Literally every department in my workplace uses Windows except for Communications because they're all fucking art school grads who grew up on Macs. Everyone in IT hates doing anything for Communications.

>for work
Maybe for self-absorbed children who study liberal arts.

Windows is for casual use, work use, development, servers and gaming
macOS is for casual use, work use, and development
GNU/Linux is for casual and work use (once you learn to use it correctly), development and servers

Prove me the fuck wrong

o shit whaddup terry

Out of all of these though, when you hear the term "Operating System", people think of Windows since it's the most popular, supported, and common platform. Maccucks can go slit their throats, "OH I HAVE A 2000 DOLLAR WACKBOOK THAT LOOKS AMAZING WINDOZE AND LINKEKS XANT COMPARE". Everyone doesn't wanna change to GNU/Linux.

mac is pic related imo

"Linux doesn't have games" is a meme. Out of my 550 games in library 150 of them are available for GNU/Linux.
Note that I play indie indie games. If I played mainstream indie games a number would be a lot higher.