So now that it's clear that GNU-FSF are cishet shitlords

Where can one find LGBT friendly software?

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by faggots, for faggots

Privacy is an alt-right meme to help get away with spewing hate speech without facing consequences for their criminal abusive bile.
Use windows 10, microsoft has demonstrated their support for the LGBTQ community before :)
macOS I think is also good, but im not sure if it promotes monitoring as much, so supporting windows 10 would be better.




WTF did the faggot mean by this?

Did someone in the Linux community go on a bigoted speech? Link? Or is OP just assuming that Linux developers are homophobic sexist or whatever ?

The person who maintains the libreboot repo is having a mental breakdown and started saying that the FSF and GNU are trans-phobic and has called for GNU to be shut down.

Meanwhile another libreboot dev has responded to this claim by saying it's basically all Leah's fault and none of the devs support them

This is probably going to result in Leah either stepping down or libreboot being forked and everyone forgetting about Leah's fork

Hi (((Leah)))
Stop shitposting on our site.

Why is gnu/linux not GBLT friendly anymore?
Because someone got fired?
People get fired in all industries, get over it.

>Whites are still 60-70% of the population
>Only 46% of new hires are White
Who exactly is under represented, again?

Regressives don't seem to acknowledge racism against white people. Even if they do they might view it as correcting a wrong rather than just making another wrong.

>don't discriminate against for the actions of a few
>lets discriminate against for the actions of a few of their ancestors though

linux doesn't care about lgbt. GNU is the evil one.
You could choose a distro that uses busybox instead of gnu coreutils and you'd be fine.

looks pretty lgbt friendly to me

Daily reminder that 99% of SJWs use macs.

apple, they fuck everybody


So what's the most normal, civilized linux distro? One that isn't politically influenced by degenerates like OP?

>his fucking name is McIntosh

He shouldn't complain. He lasts less than 2 minutes.

So instead of skills being the deciding factor they hire based on looks? That is why their products have a good design yet suck on anything else.

But faggots require special treatment for the very reason that they are faggots.

Of course not. It's the inside that counts. Non-white and non-CIS people just happen to have better personalities. If you disagree you're a transphobic nazi racist.

Probably something obscure and borderline useless like exherbo or gobo linux

You just have to consider that if you put all the identity from them and pile it up, it would matter less than the shit I took this morning

That depends. How do you feel about commies?

Pretty awful

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Пoздpaвляю ты тeпepь SJW

This is adressed at evgeniy .if thats not you then ignore this.

>Жeня eтo ты? Жeня ecли eтo пpaвдa ты тo хвaтит. Mы yжe ceгoдня oб eтoм гoвopили.
>Пoздpaвляю ты тeпepь SJW
What did he mean by this?


Noone replied seriously so not really.
I wonder how effectively one could actually propagandize most femenist/SJW Leftists to believe that, though.
If they could be largely convinced to believe that government surveillance protects women and minorities, and opposition to it is just saying 'I want to do terrible evil and get away with it scott-free'.
I wonder, then, if most of said people believing such things would give them more support, or actually help privacy by making opposition to it look crazy. And, if the anarchist types whove largely thrown their support behind the same movements would actually react badly, or just try not to look at it or say anything.
This is a rambling blogpost but this thread is worth less than the contents of my garbage can so it doesnt matter what anyone posts in it.