Should he be pardoned Cred Forums?

Should he be pardoned Cred Forums?

More importantly, should the American government be pardoned?

As soon as he steps his foot on American soil, he will have a "car accident".

There are far worse people out there, who have broken many laws, and have caused deaths. One of them is currently running for president.

2 bullets in the back, suicide.

No. He's a traitor.

If you snitch on traitors you're not a traitor.

You do what your country tells you to do. If you disobey you are a traitor.

I guess you'd quite enjoy Stallin's Russia then.

I don't suppose you've heard anything about morals and critical thinking skills, right?

If the people running the country betray the principles of the country, you have the obligation to do whatever you can to stop them.
0/10 kill yourself

wtf are all these strawpolls

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do you really think somebody who spouts that kinda bullshit knows anything about forming their own thoughts?

He should be awarded for the NSA, he saved a whole department years of calculations, studies, test labs, field tests, etc.
We all now know that nothing would happen if those ilegal practices leaks to the public, nothing!
None of those studies would ever reflect that, cause you always get some result.

Let's be honest here, Snowden is a HERO, but he is also very lucky to be an American. Russia collects 100% of all its communications within the country. China collects 100% of all of its communications within the country. North Korea collects 100% of all its communications within the country. And so on.

If he had balls to become a whistle blower in any of those countries, then he would be murdered within hours, followed by his entire bloodline.

America is "soft" in comparison.

Who the heck would say no?

Go home, statists.

If only this poll could be voted on by Americans, he gave government secrets but also shed light on practices on the government on Americans. Fuck every other country who felt waaa they're spying on me it, international law is a fucking joke along with the UN

plot twist: snowden was actually working for the nsa all along

>it's good to ignore every Americans' 4th amendment rights
>take away my privacy, torch habeus corpus and get rid of right to a trial if I'm "suspected" to be a terrorist and detained forever with no way to prove myself innocent, but dang-gone-it just don't touch my guns!

depends on if the traitor is making the rules and calling the shots

have they ever jailed anyone who isn't a terrorist though?

You a fan of BIG GOVERNMENT?

How would we know?

How would anyone know? The prisoners held indefinitely without any formal charges whatsoever have never had a chance to prove themselves innocent.

>do what your country tells you to do.
Lazy, fat jews are not (((country))).

He's a citizen so he has a right to due process and all the right the land gives but some person from another land that doesn't pay taxes has all the rights as him and I, no.

Lel, just don't look, act, talk, dress, or think like a terrorist, and you we be aaaalllright! :)

Constitutions were written to keep governments from oppressing the people. It is up to the people to make sure the government doesn't betray the constitution. The traitor here is the government.

What is "big" government, great way of not addressing the issue that a non citizen should have any legal say in law of a land that they are not citizen of?

If Russia or China took you and held you indefinitely for being a "suspected terrorist", I bet you would have wished for a right to a trial.

Weren't they taken here against their own will? Should the US have the power to just take anyone and lock them in a prison cell forever as they please without having to actually prove they were a terrorist? Just kidnap a 5 year old Norwegian girl from her bedroom and call her a suspected terrorist, it's the patriotic thing to do.

As someone who held a clearance for 8 years he should unequivocally be in jail for AT LEAST 20 years.

When you get your clearance/investigated, you understand the brevity and responsibilities you are taking. If you dont want that responsibility, don't take the job.

There is no room for a utilitarian white knight faggot view. The ends so not justify the means.

>tfw one of Obama's biggest selling points was closing Gitmo
>All he had to do was stop funding it and it would eventually close
>he couldn't even get that right

Depends, he betrayed the government for the people.

So, according to you - citizens of any country in the world shouldn't even dare to protest their governments no matter how cruel and corrupt they might be?

That would never happen. It's quite an exaggeration. What could happen is you being detained, if once of your friends was a suspected terrorist. for example, even when you had zero knowledge about it. That would be abuse of power and law.

Anyone defending warrantless government surveillance should have no right to call themselves "constitutionalists", it's not like they believe in rights anyway.

Exactly. Just move to another country, if you don't like it here. What's that? You love living in America? Thought so.

>neo-Cred Forums falls for basic trolling
dear lord, i don't think i can pardon neo-Cred Forums

No. We're a country of laws.

So we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector.

I'm not even from the US or even close.

>country is founded on principles in opposition to contemporary european society
>he defends tyranny 250 years later
Is this the ultimate stage of cuck

Pardon them all. The fact that those who expose corruption are punished and those who cause it go free to this day is egregious!

I have a big house, a stable job, and a wonderful, healthy family. My roads don't have pothole in them, my gas station never runs out of gas, my electricity is always available, I can drink water directly from my tap, my grocery store is open 24/7, and I don't have to doge bullets and bombs every day as I go for a jog.

Fuck yeah I love America!

Nice bait.

You can protest the government in a lawful way which can bring change.

Leaking information you swore not to, is illegal and could have and sometimes does cause grave harm.

Pic unrelated

And you don't think other people should not fight and strive for all of that in their respective countries?

>directly from my tap
enjoy your flouride

Sure. But no one's actually died because of what he did. His employers are calling him a traitor, but that's understandable.

So if you love your country, you would want evil and wickedness driven out. Based washington did it

Well Assange's charges were literally made up.


he's a black lives matter sjw fag so no. assange is pretty cool though

America is so successful, because it's an empire. Of course an empire would prey on other countries. I understand that. And, of course, they will lie, cheat, intimidate and outright murder various entities to get there. You don't get to be on top by being "nice".

Call me a selfish fuck, but my life in America is a dream, and it will be so for my family as well. I couldn't care less about some poor schmuck in Guatemala dying from overworking, or some abandoned kid in Africa being eaten by lions.

My family is what counts. Cross my yard, and knock on my door unannounced, and I will blow your head off with my shotgun.

>At least we're not the worst

>so-called "Conservatives" defending the erosion of the Bill of Rights
>so-called "Conservatives" defending the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about back in the 50's

This is why we cannot have nice things.

Restore the fourth.

how do you shoot yourself in the back?

So if you kidnap someone and let them out of the car a few days later it's okay then? The act if kidnapping is a crime, as is leaking classified information.

Did you have a TS/SCI or were you some boot with a Secret?

This must be pasta, right, right?

How is kidnapping a person on the same level as letting the world know how corrupt a government is?

Yeah, but I'm not there and I don't live there or have citizenship in either of those countries.
I think its stupid to think that I should have the same rights over there that I would in the country I reside in, I'd want the same rights but should I have them, no that's up to the government/people of that land.

But they were abducted from their home countries and taken to the U.S. against their will!

I was EKMS and CMCC manager.

>Select all images with tea.

>its stupid to think that I should have the same rights over there that I would in the country I reside in
United Nations says the right to a fair trial is a universal human right, but what do they know?

I always find it funny how when it comes to the NSA, the majority opinion here is that it's shit and that Snowden was in the right. However it seems like the majority here also supports Trump, a guy who has outright called Snowden a traitor and implied that we should kill him.

I don't think he should be pardoned, but I think that giving him a fair trial would not be such a crazy idea.
I don't think america has the capacity to do that right now though.
Hillary Clinton leaked classified information and they were unwilling to convict her.
I am sure that a guy like Snowden would get a less favorable deal, if they could give him a decade per paragraph he have leaked, they would.

>If kidnapping is a crime then government is corrupt.

False analogy, false logic.

They also can't do shit to avert travesties or you know be held responsible to a high power. Come if you actually followed the UN you know they work on an honor system at best, "UN Nukes North Korea continues underground testing! "

They don't care. They can't be bothered to look outside their upper-middle class suburban American bubble. As long as they can fire up their Charbroil grill in the backyard of their 3,500+ sq ft suburban McMansion house next to their luxurious swimming pools and adjacent hot tubs, why should they care about anyone else?

It's absolutely ridiculous.

He would definitely get executed if he came back to the United States. They could even promise his safety and a fair trial and they would still kill him. It would take the president acting independently to get him pardoned.

If this had happened in 2012 when Obama was running for reelection it might have happened, but now he doesn't have any need to follow the will of the American people

Absolutely yes

Hillary Clinton is too big to jail, she's immune from the law. Snowden isn't in bed with the most corrupt people in this country. Big difference.

He has a lot to lose by coming back.

Trump just says shit to appeal to his audience. Every other candidate does the same. They all lie - some more, some less. Trump will have a very limited power, if he is elected. His every decision will have to be approved by a Congress before taking affect. 98% of the cocky shit that he says will never materialize. He will also never be re-elected.

Out of the two bottom-of-the-barrel candidates, he is slightly more sane.

have you played deus ex?

About this, what other candidate this cycle would other folks from Cred Forums pick? No Cred Forums shitposting, just seriously. Who was your candidate in May 2015?

I am happy he did what he did, because it gave us some interesting information about our government watching us all the time.

I don't think this means he should be pardoned. Breaking oaths and leaking sensitive information you were paid to keep is still illegal.

I wanted Rand to win the primary.

Is this bait

I wanted Jeb Bush because he seemed somewhat moderate instead of being autistically far right in a way that didn't feel real at all, like almost everybody else running was.

That was in 2013 though, before he ran for office.

Don't get me wrong, both are shit, but I'll just be voting libertarian instead.

I fucking wish dude. I'm left-of-center but I'd vote for Rand over Hillary in a heartbeat.

Fuck manning, All he did was rat out some apache pilots for chopping down some idiot reporters that shouldn't have been in the middle of a war zone in the first place.

Also he cut his dick off and became a woman so he's obviously mentally ill.

Snowden and Assange on the other hand are patriots because they exposed illegal spying on US citizens which the government was not authorized to do.

Jeb is a weakling. He would have buckled under the slightest pressure. I admire him for trying to run, but he is not a shark.

Hillary is an excellent example of the compete lack of equality before the law in the US. If some Joe in MI or something had done what she did. He would not only have his clearance revoked and be arrested and dishonorably discharged immediately, but also have his house raided for anything with storage capacity, and be jailed for decades after a swift trial.

But not Clinton, of course. She was just "careless".

It seems like the responsibilities and consequences of the giants always fall on the little people.

>They don't care. They can't be bothered to look outside their upper-middle class suburban American bubble. As long as they can fire up their Charbroil grill in the backyard of their 3,500+ sq ft suburban McMansion house next to their luxurious swimming pools and adjacent hot tubs, why should they care about anyone else?
That projection maybe you don't have much of an argument why someone should give a fuck about other people that aren't citizens of their nations especially if their nation has been nothing but kind.
Now if they start revoking citizenship then I'll bet people will care, don't tell me you're this up in arms with Saudi Arabia is one of the worst offenders of human rights violations.

Nice try NSA data miners.

BTW if he came back to the US the government would detain him find a doppelganger and make him publicly speak about how surveillance is good.

Why would he want to come back anyway?

No, I know of it and am ashamed I haven't because it's supposed to be the best ever.

His family is still here.

he never actually quit, as far as we know he's still working for NSA, they even waiting for him to collect those old montly checks ;^)

Real men don't need a family.

>im gonna release top secret gov information and put our national security at risk just to stick it to da man. that will show em
wow so morally correct and critically thought through

That implies doing something wrong. Whistleblowing isn't illegal.

This is exactly what the people are supposed to think. Good job US!

Yes, and you fell for it

He's already cucked by his GF though

Revealing how we spy on foreign countries is.

>Revealing how we spy on allied countries we have an obligation to not spy on is

and in 2000 years they will remember him as cyber jesus

riding through cyberspace on his mecha-raptor

just look at his eyes you can see the end of pi in them

>2 shots on the back
>shots came from outside
>no powder traces on victim
>no weapons or casings

Victim tossed himself at a flying bullet. Suicide confirmed.

He and the hundreds of reporters fleeing the country to report on our government's domestic and foreign policies know they'll be treated to a plane crash, arsenic poisoning, or 'mysterious suicide' the moment they step in US territory.

>>Revealing how we spy on allied countries we have an obligation to not spy on is
First of all there is no such obligation, every country spies on every other country in the world: ally or not.
Second, since when are Russia and China our allied countries? In what fantasy world do you live that these countries would enter an "obligation to not spy" and honor it?

>First of all there is no such obligation, every country spies on every other country in the world: ally or not.
What is NATO.

>Second, since when are Russia and China our allied countries? In what fantasy world do you live that these countries would enter an "obligation to not spy" and honor it?
I'm talking about Germany and UK you fucking moron.

>First of all there is no such obligation, every country spies on every other country in the world: ally or not.
ECHELON, UKUSA, Five Eyes etc. It's basically an agreement to spy on behalf of each other and not to spy on each other.

the spying is all about financial gains and less national security if you check the cases that went public just like china uses its spy agencys to get information that provide them domestic advantages on the global market

You do what the constitution tells you to do, gaylord.