Want to order pizza online

>want to order pizza online
>order websites requires nonfree javascript
>tfw the botnet want me to starve

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fuck off


Why not make your own free as in freedom pizza?

>go to little caesar's
>hand over a paper 5 dollar bill
>receive a free as in freedom pizza

N-no bully pls...

>tfw have a car with 1000 microcontrollers that run proprietary firmware
>tfw can't even drive to the pizza place

>buy groceries at farmers market with freedom notes
>configure groceries into meals using open source recipes

keep ordering pizza you fat fuck

>mom I posted it again

B-but I'm n-not fat!

>still can't order pizza in freedom
>but we already talked about it once so now we can never talk about it again


>tfw have a car with 1000 microcontrollers that run proprietary firmware
I'm so glad for this.


Cant you just call them?

>have $700 freedoms-respecting laptop
>forced to use a $50 phone instead

>you'll never be as cool as Cred Forums

>He doesn't know how to compile his own pizza.

I made pizza a week ago; here was the result. Jelly beans and carrots make surprisingly good pizza toppings.


This pizza is copyright © 2016 nonfree.pizza and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

stop making this shitty fucking thread you fucking faggot

B-but I j-just want t-to order p-pizza in f-freedom...

/ck's wet dream

>pizza for dinner
Fuck off fatty...

That looks fucking disgusting.
0/10 wouldn't even pirate.

Isn't pizza usually eaten for dinner?

>feeling sick
>go to hospital for a check
>doc only has proprietary software on his medical equipment
>tfw the botnet wants me to die

>eating with your eyes

Cold pizza is the breakfast of champions

I think that it tastes bad from looking at it.

I'll feed you my dick you little fluid druid

Your entitled to you're baseless and incorrect opinion.

I've hard freedom pizza is available if you call them

D-don't call me that!

>not just making pizza bagals which are cheaper than pizza
>not using the saved money for lube to fap to this semen demon


Here's the source code, OP.

>Here's the source code
What's the license on that? I don't want any botnet in my pizza and neither should you.

>Dumb anime poser
Go spread your cancer somewhere else.

Define "cool"

It's under the "Just shut the fuck up and eat this tasty pizza bagel, you double nigger" license. Which means there is no botnet, just cheesy goodness.

anime website

Spaghetti here, pizza is almost only eaten for dinner

>anime website


B-but if the license d-doesn't give me my f-freedoms, it's botnet!


>proprietary recipe
You may as well go buy poison.

Lol, Stallman, are you gonna cook the bagals, grow the tomatos, scrape the cheese of your cock and raise a pig and make gound pork all for the name of freedom?

Yup, the word of some nerd who abandoned us is law. Aren't you technically avatarfagging by needless posting anime bitches?

>One section of boards
>Anime website


stay mad

Kek, I was memeing too hard and misspelled bagels.

Welp, we have a new term. Bagal sounds like a monster girl bagel, like a giant bagel with tits.


Exactly, it's a weeaboo website. Not just for anime

shut the fuck up you faggot

B-bullying is against the r-rules, a-user-kun...

This was never a weeaboo website, it was for anime. Weeaboos were always mocked here, even on Cred Forums. At one point, weeaboo was a filter for wapanese.

Why would someone make this?

To educate the public about the dangers of the botnet, of course.

That was great


how do i maek pizza

>Visit a ghetto
>Must be a thug

>Be a cop
>Must kill people

>Be Indian
>Must poo in street

>Be American
>Must eat burgers

Anime is god.

fuck you, fuck the rules, and fuck the fact that thread keeps periodically popping up

>bullying someone who just wants to be able to eat in freedom

I'm not sure you thought this through.



>imgur filename
Fitting. Now get out.

seems about right

>I must use my most expensive tool as much as I can even when it's inconvenient

Why not?

Heard of fun?

>not using a bike

>having to stop using the machine you're currently using just to order pizza




I missed this meme.

Those PBXes handling your calls aren't running GNU+Linux.

use voip, retard