IMac G5

Getting one of these bad boys for free. Runs PowerPC. What’s some fun software/things I can do with it?

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install gentoo

Disassemble it put new thermal paste on CPU and GPU , remove dust and hope for the rest of the time that the GPU don't kick it.

Nice meme.

In all seriousness, is it better to run Linux or outdated OS X on it? The latest it can run is Leopard (OS X 10.5).

Install Lubuntu PPC.

>Nice meme
Not this time. Gentoo used to be the best linux distro for ppc macs as you usually had to compile everything anyway and gentoo also had pretty active ppc community to ask help when needed. I'm not really sure what the situation today is, gentoo certainly is still an option, netbsd another, possibly debian as well.

If you are going to install Linux, I would second this for PPC anyways. Binary distribution support is poor and even poorer for the G5. The G5 is an awkward target because it didn't live very long and few things were powered by it.

Pray for the capacitors not to explode on your face. iMac G5s have serious capacitor issues. Yours is probably one of the last ones that survived the plague. For now, that is.

Can these run OS9?

Eh, it's easy enough to replace popped caps. Just have to hope they don't destroy the board entirely when they go.

Use it for its intended purpose.

You can fuck around with the best minicomputer emulator ever:

Pretty much mostly what I use my G5 for, along with some usual proprietary stuff like Office, Photoshop, and Mathematica. With TenFourFox you can surf imageboards and probably most other websites aside from JS-heavy web client shit.

Tigerbrew will modernize your terminal environment, Macintosh Garden has plenty of other abandonware and games, some of which will run on OS X.

You can also dual-boot it with something like Gentoo or Ubuntu PPC, OpenBSD is also supposedly pretty good on PPC systems, but 10.4 is obviously the most compatible.


i would do this and install some form of linux because its not going to run well because its old and it will have compatibility issues


>compatibility issues
Linux is going to be even worse in that regard since you lose compatibility with OS X's commercial software base

I'd really only pick it if I was a developer or interested in using it as an outward-facing server.

>muh cummercial software!!!!
>decade+ old computer

This is why no one takes mactards seriously.


An outdated MS Office and Photoshop is still leagues better than free crap.



In my opinion it's much more fun to use it as a fast OS 9 machine than as a slow OS X machine. has a bunch of old OS 9 downloads like Flash 5 and Starcraft. Also try Max/MSP - the OS 9 version is a free download these days.

those monitors get pretty fucked up. lots of lines forms after time.

It cant natively boot OS9 but it can run some shit in classic mode.

Watch for burst capacitors. IIRC the G5 imac was famous for them.

Or just sell it for $150 to some mouthbreather on ebay like everyone else does.

OP fucked up then, should've picked one with actual OS 9 support for maximum comfy.

Starcraft will run natively in OS X though, and you can even play LAN games with Windows machines. But OS X has some weird cursor acceleration that sort of fucks you up if you're not used to it.

What is it with post-Jobs Apple hardware and generally shitty reliability? I have a Macintosh IIsi, a Power Macintosh 7600/120 and a "Kanga" Powerbook G3 (which is basically identical to the 3400c), and none of them have ever had a single issue. Nor are they really known for having problems. I'd say the Powerbook in particular is better than any Thinkpad I've ever owned.

After Jobs showed up, we started getting shit like faulty hinges on Titanium Powerbooks, faulty capacitors and graphics cards in G5 iMacs, massive pieces of shit like the A1226 and the A1260 Macbook Pros, logic board failures in the 2011 Macbook Pros... what the actual fuck?

apple went from here are the innards, now make a case to here is the case, shove a computer in it.

If you're taking up issues with compatibility, why would you go for something that runs LESS software? Sticking with Tiger gives you the best of both worlds for a home-use desktop.

>>decade+ old computer
An even better reason to stick with the original OS for most uses, why would you want a system that looks, acts and does the same things as your existing system but slower?

>What is it with post-Jobs Apple hardware and generally shitty reliability?
Try finding a Mac IIcx/ci that lasts longer than a day if it even still boots at all, or a 100 series PowerBook with good hinges. It wasn't endemic only to the Jobs era, they've had an all-around iffy QC record when it comes to hardware longevity, but probably not unlike a lot of other companies.

I've personally got a ton of problem shit, PB 1400s showing early signs of hinge failure, a dead Centris, a couple dead compacts, shit happens.

They cannot boot to MacOS 9. You can run Classic in OSX 10.4 and earlier.

Confirming Starcraft does run in OSX 10.5 on a G5. However, I've been getting this error message for the past few months, even after a reinstall. :(

>But OS X has some weird cursor acceleration
Take a look in the System Preferences. You can turn it off there.


Debian support ppc.

I should get one of these and the shitty mouse/kb to complete my era correct G4 tower setup.

For some autistic reason i cant connect my dell display with the same resolution and run it at full res. I doubt it is my chink dvi to vga thats doing it too.

>captcha is 1610

PowerMac G4s can run OS9, right?

All except the firewire 800 can boot it without workarounds. The FW800 can with some hacks though.

There's shitloads of perfectly usable abandonware out there, especially for PPC macs. Mac OS had a surprisingly strong and vibrant indie dev community up until iOS came out and stole away all the Obj-C developer attention. If you go back as far as Classic Mac OS (pre OS X), there's even software that never made the leap to other platforms and have no modern equivalent.

this desu senpai


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i mean, at least you have good taste in monitors

Can I have it?

Keep it in the dunce corner.

what model year?
Selling it on ebay?
I have an unusual lust for an AiO shitposting machine

>shitposting machine
might as well follow the thread topic and just get an old PPC one instead

but it's faster, so it could also host a server or something

are you that guy with the dual 450? the VGA/DVI rage cards on those things only output like 1024x768x60hz max from the DVI port

Yeah, thats me. It is apparently something with the dvi to vga adapter. Just plugging in a DVI-D cable works just fine. What is weird si that it can display 1080p when i have the adapter plugged in, but not 1680x1050.

Also, its the ADC/DVI 128 pro card.I guess I'll get a new card if i want to run dual monitors.