What the fuck happened to the 980? Is Nvidia gimping older cards real?

What the fuck happened to the 980? Is Nvidia gimping older cards real?

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>DICE game
>favors AMD hardware

Also care to show more benchmarks with dates and driver versions on them?

No, the 1070 is just better than the 980. Considering 1440p at highest settings, that's not even a bad score for the 980.

Yup, its a cuck card. In fact all of those listed are cuck cards more or less. If you can't afford a 1080 right now, you should really just stick to consoles for now. PC gaming is out of your price range.

it's an AMD sponsored game and it's a reference 980 (an AIB 980 will be ~10% faster just because it doesn't have the locked boost clock and other gimping from the reference BIOS).

man im gonna love the 1080 jokes when nvidia puts out a HBM chip that smokes it then AMD offer one not as good for a lower price.

Any actual basis for "favors AMD hardware"? With Nvidia favors game, its the proprietary Gameworks blob. What does DICE game use that's proprietary blob from AMD?

Or are you simply repeating a conjecture without any evidence?

it's a console game first and foremost so at any point if dice has a make a decision that will favor only one architecture, they're going to favor amd.

Plenty of console ports favour Nvidia hardware. GTA V for example, despite not even being a certified GoyWorks title.

No, it's a combination of a meme and cherry picking benchmarks.

wasn't exactly as well optimized as battlefront, but you do have a point. i'd expect if rockstar puts out another game on this gen, it'll probably favor amd a bit more

anyway, did you read dice's "optimizing the graphics pipeline with compute presentation"

most of the things they go over in it(like gpu driven culling, i.e. spending alu to reduce geometry load) confer more of a benefit to amd hardware. in addition their pbr implementation(actually i guess any pbr) favors cards with higher bandwidth

it's not gimping. it's just difference architectures having different strengths. to maximize performance on gcn it makes sense to spend alu on culling. it doesn't make as much sense to do that on a geforce because they have far higher geometry performance

>mfw the 1060 and the 390 are faster than the rx480 oc

This card was a good meme

by that time i'll have the faster nvidia card then

That's what so great about PC gaming, it's only for the best of the best.

Some people are content to live in mediocrity but I'm just not built that way.

So you're saying AMD games like DICE are well optimized therefore it runs good on AMD. Meanwhile games like GTAV have shit optimization therefore runs like dogshit on AMD cards?


no i'm saying dice's games are more optimized specifically for amd. they run well in general, but there is an amd focus because they're mostly targeted to console hardware. if gta v came out around the same time as battlefront and not a year earlier maybe it would've had as much amd specific optimization

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who the fuck games?

>b-b-but it's no worse than muh tv

who the fuck watches tv?

Normies. I can live without TV tho.


slow down homo erectus chimp.

battlefront always did better on Nvidia.

>yfw you realize this was done with old drivers
>you find out that the newest amd drivers gave a substantial fps boost to a bunch of stuff

My TV is almost exclusively used to view movies/shows from my computer via Chromecast.

By TV I meant cable

I talk about the cable tho. You think I will watch the NFL games on streaming? and I need my 5.1 sound.

Fuck the 980, the 970 is getting BTFO'd

Nvidia has laptops that are faster than AMD's desktops.

Really makes you think.

most of these (((review))) sites just jack up voltage and power limit for overclocks

the rx400 cards overclock more on lower voltage with higher power limit.