When will winblows or macuck look this good?

>bar on top
Where do your browser tabs go?

on the side

When will the desktop minimalism meme die?

On top
Good things never die

That's not on top.

What DE is that?


What is dead may never die. Minimalism was only popular with autists on Cred Forums.

How do you get the min/max/close buttons to move up to the top bar like that?

You posted a wallpaper...??

I second this question


When it stops being so useful
i3 reporting in

"Don't reserve space on borders" and panel length of 95%

Fluxbox master race reporting in.

Linux will never look this good

looks like gay shit

>using Linux software on Mac

It's not a Mac, it's a PC :^)
gay shit > tasteless shit



Oooh, cool, Linux finally got the wallpaper capabillity.

Every fucking time.

What theme/icons are those, I'm sorry I'm retarded and cant tell

Numix theme and icons

Thank you user

>that wallpaper looks neat
>it's probably in some sub-1440p shit resolution

Being the UHD 4k master race is suffering.

Nice wallpaper

>looking good

hello is this my desktop

nothing will ever look THIS good.

is it?

What did you do to make it look nice?
I am still pretty new to xfce and haven't done much.

Why is she crying?

thingken of cute

It already looks better!

xfce is nice but shit compositer even with compton. notice how if i stream a video it looks like shit for like a minute. unlike cinnamon or windows.

Just glad you have a forced help menu there.in case oyu need help

you fags are fucking pathetic, all that matters is how well it does what it needs to. You're literally the /fa/ of tech.

lol post yours idiot