You now realize there is no way to contact Google support directly

>You now realize there is no way to contact Google support directly

how do they get away with nonexistent customer service (business and legal)? Why isn't it regulated?

I'll bite.
What could you ever need to complain about?

no one cares

>hur i can find my cat pictures dur

"It's taking too long to load Gmail, even after clearing cookies"

I think you can contact them indirectly on Groups per prodct basis.

clear your whole browser appdata folder
or the analog for your platform and browser

>off by 6

well, I've signed up for a Adsense, the process says they will send me an email update in a week. Now it's been more than 2 weeks already, what now?

They should really remove their FAQ too, it just adds insult to injury, so they consider their customers retarded?

Their business is machine learning.
They use it to optimize their search rankings, they use it to optimize ads and they use it to answer emails you might send.
People who record YouTube videos cannot get information about the changes to the platform, developers cannot get information about why their license isn't accepted, email users cannot get information to why certain email filters are being made.
I used to think google was a brilliant company that did things out of the goodness of their hearts, because the alternative was too much to bear.

>Their business is machine learning.

they are in the ad business, and I want to help them, yet I can not because of their shit platform

>how do they get away with nonexistent customer service
They have customer service for their paid products. In their free services, you aren't a customer, you're the product :^)

They only employ machines.
Try posting pictures of WD40 and USB sockets to attract their attention...

I had more success complaining on social media to be honest familia

You're a fucking idiot OP. Google Business customers get phone support. It's literally one Google search away.

>phone support
>not email


They get email support as well you autist. Go fucking Google it.

Get the names of individual Google employees and bother them on their work phones. You may have to grow a technology business and go to a few mixers but you can make your dreams come true.

You're fucking retarded. If you pay for support you get it. If you don't pay for it then you don't.

look at this google shill lmao


phone support is better than email you fucking child

ge on with the times grampa

>You now realize there is no way to contact Google support directly

I needed to return a Google product.
Clicked "return" in product history, they emailed me free shipping labels and I was refunded when they received the product.

10/10 for not having to even contact a human.