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Post your pen of choice with your handwriting

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>the 8uick brown fox jumps over the lazy clog


Christ, $500?

£380 I believe when I picked it up in London.

>The guicle brown fox jumps over the luzy dog

Why the fuck would you pay that much for a pen? Does it suck your dick?

haven't used a pen in 15 years (except for my name), I don't even know how to right most letters, my handwriting will look like shit

>how to right
I can tell

Because for some of us £380 is a reasonable amount to spend on something you intend to keep your whole life.

You can buy 2000 bic pens for that money which write better and last longer than yours.

They don't last longer; the Mont Blanc lasts indefinitely. As long as I keep an inkwell in reserve and don't treat it like rubbish.

>wants to spend a shit ton of money on a pen
>doesn't even look for the best pens

Don't need anything but these bad boys.

There's some Japanese written on the pen but I don't know what it says. It cost me 15 rupees for two of these, and I got a box of ink (15 bottles 4ml/each) for 20 rupees.
No memes pls


that pilot one
mid tier

also nice data collecting thread

Yes. Rupees.

I used a Lamy Safari for a long time but SOME NIGGER stole it so I have been without a fountain pen for two months while I shop around. I'm thinking of picking up a Pilot Metropolitan (fine point) next, but I'm also looking at higher price ranges.
In the mean time I use Staedtler triplus fineliner.

You have more money than brains.

Some random Pelikan my dad gave to me.

whats a good under $10 pen.

No fountain pens plx


Ok, it's a Pelikan Jazz Elegance, I found it on their website.

Good. Lamy is literally meme tier. Metro is the only pen you should buy under $50. Exception is the TWSBI eco but they don't last.

Uniball signo 307, best pen in the game

uniball signo micro 207. I like small nibs.

Yeah, it was my first fountain pen. And I really liked it compared to ball-point and gel pens, but it casing was fucking trash. Still the most pleasant pen I ever wrote with.
I'm looking forward to trying out new fountain pens.

thanks I think ill end up with the g2

Nemosine Fission