Reminder that cameras are the reason phones aren't thinner nowadays

Reminder that cameras are the reason phones aren't thinner nowadays.

who cares

i'd rather have a camera than a 0.1mm thick phone

I would rather have a 1cm phone with 2 days battery

Stupid nerds

>claims to have gotten rid of the antenna lines
>massive af antenna line on the top of the device
They tried.

Actually batteries take up much more space then the camera module.

Imagine the thinness w/o the bulky/unaesthetic power pack.

20,000mah power bank in your pocket, Apple designed power cable for maximum aesthetic.

Boom, another world changing innovation

Couldn't care less for the camera. I wish there were smartphones without camera

I don't even use a camera
Can't wait until LeEco makes wireless-charger-only smartphone without ports, buttons and camera.

It's a lot less noticeable on the black models

It'd actually be a good idea. Selfiefags would die.

I admire Apple's courage and innovation in the magical intuitive design hip that changes everything again finally in black to Mac, but I cannot believe that they still have cameras in their phones.

Like, OMG, hello?!!? It is, like, 2016 already! Only old people have cameras in their phones now! Get with the times, Apple!

Aren't you the samefag who meme magic'd the headphone jack out of existence?

Wish I was.

I hope you die.


If it was bigger or centered. But it's just there in the corner. Like a wart.

>thinner phone
>shittier battery
why tho?

Will next gen phones have bluetooth cameras?

I'm probably in the minority but I like the big camera design, reminds me of what Lumia had.

Reminder that phones are already too thin.


We have to buy cases for them to make them thick enough for daily use. Fuck that.


durability > thinness

Everyone already puts their skinny phone into a bulky case because theyre so easily breakable, why bother

It's not even about durability. Half a modern phone's surface area is glass, I expect it to be fragile. It's also 20 fucking 16 though, I expect a phone to last more than a day on a single charge. Meanwhile battery technology hasn't really progressed in years and we're giving phones less and less space for battery.

cameras are a god send when you get into a car accident especially for fucks that hit and run.

Where do you live where this is a real concern?

wtf i hate cameras now

I wish phones were fatter. This thinness meme needs to stop.

Remember when cameras on phones were something special? Remember how excited you were when you got your first camera phone?

Anything but what we have now, also make them smaller.

I like what Sony is doing, they have a "thick" phone with the compact and its decent screen size.

I guess you really do love Siemens

The note 7 was a step in the right direction, they added enough just enough bulk to feel right in your hands

And just enough firepower to take out a small SUV

Aren't there little cameras you can set up to record that kinda shit?


Can't wait until they stop having cameras, batteries, microphones, speakers, ports, buttons, sensors, and screens.

I'd rather have a 2.5mm jack than a camera on a phone

I had a similar siemens and that exact camera module.
Lent it to a cousin once.
Stupid bitch lost it

>We have removed everything so we now have the thinnest phone ever.

I can actually see them ditching the speakers

"Nobody listens to sound outside of their Apple Airpods, so we courageously removed the barbaric speaker"

I don't care about them making the phone thicker, I just hate the bump they make, I wish the phone was thicker to level it out

Imagine lol

I can see that happening as well, especially Bluetooth speakers becoming so popular, fuck if they did though it would definitely be bad.

why the fuck would i want them to be thinner

Bendgate into bend feature.

>take phone out of pocket
>stuck in shitty bend
>accidentally touch everything on the screen trying to use it

I bet you're the motherfucker that pushed that "3.55mm jacks reason" shit too.

Not cameras.
Just long-ish focal length optical systems.

Wider angle cameras could be made flatter.

Looks ergonomic

My mom used to have this phone.
She really liked how it fit in her pocket.

Yeah, looks like it hit her gspot


The standard iPhone7s lens IS wide angle.
Wide angle lenses actually tend to take up more space than ones around the 35~50mm equivalent range anyway because they need a protruding element to gather light from a wider angle.

Fucking good. Instead of a camera bump, we should have bigger batteries and better heat dissipation if they need it (looking at you, Apple and Samsung).

Apple will remove it with the next iteration of iPhones. But don't worry, you can buy a peripheral camera add on for $200.

Phones should be thicker. We need bigger batteries. Fuck the thin phone meme.

But how would the phone ring?

They already did it to the 16GB model of the iPod touch 5th gen. I'm not kidding. Google it and you'll have a pretty good idea what Apple products without a camera would look like.

You wouldn't be able to talk to anyone anyways. Plus it could still vibrate.

why the fuck does a phone have to be thin? shouldn't the fucking phone fit and feel good in the hand? being thin doesn't accomplish this unless you have numale girly hands, fuck thin, give me a big old chunk of bakelite plastic

>You wouldn't be able to talk to anyone anyways.
Oh, so they would remove the cellular capabilities too?
>Plus it could still vibrate.
Doesn't do much good if it's not in your hand or pocket, dumbass.

Remember how we had dumbphones 10 years ago? Remember how awkward they were to carry around, or keep in your pocket?

Nigga it was a fucking joke.

nope, i liked the phones 10 years ago, didn't give me a paper cut trying to use them

You're telling me your stupid """thinness""" meme is better than more battery life?

Phone cameras as we know them will soon be deprecated and replaced by apples innovative wireless iCamera (only $9999 at your local apple authorized gay sex shop).

Better idea since wireless charging is now a thing:

Charging gloves that give extra juice to your phone only when you're actually using it. Otherwise it goes on sleep mode and only allows for phone calls and a few kB of data for Internet notifications

...That's actually a half decent idea
Despite the fact that it would be proprietary as fuck and cost like $250

If buy a phone without a back camera if it meant a bigger battery. Just saying.

No it wasn't. Jokes are supposed to be funny.

Different people find different things funny.

I want a BIGGER fucking camera with a BIGGER aperature so my phone can actually compete with real cameras. I'm sick of phones being shitty swiss army knives.

Fuck off with your watered down thin technology. Make it fucking thick and make it useful as fuck.

Reminder that atoms are the reason why phones are so thick

This never would have happened if Steve Jobs was still alive

Reminder that atoms are the reason phones aren't thinner nowadays.

Reminder that only autists get angry at technology. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

Must have good camera

Then I'll just have to find something else to be angry about. What's the point of that?

hmmm you have a point.

Its mere presence is annoying, because it causes retards all around me to infest my life with their stupid

I don't care about thinness. If I wanted a camera, I'd buy a camera. This shit just makes the devices more expensive than they should and are completely redundant if you already have a damn camera. Who needs to keep taking photos all the time?

People who can't afford real cameras.

How thin do you want the phone to be? We've reached a point where it's like why? How much further do we need to go to satisfy our needs?

>my phone is thin enough
>my processor is fast enough
>144Hz is fine
>4k res is fine

Why would you actually want a thinner device ?

I like where this meme is going

The point where the phone is thin and can easily fit in peoples tight ass pockets and resist a fall of more than 3 feet.

I wish the skinny jeans meme would die. We shouldn't be accommodating hipsters this way. I do agree on the with resisting falls. Why can't I have a screen that doesn't crack when dropped on the pavement, or get scratched up. Can't they use some sort of diamond coating or some shit.

They could but these devices become obsolete real quick so they have to keep pumping them out with the cheapest materials possible.

>his phone doesn't have a Hasselblad camera

looks like they worked around it

You should start wearing cargo shorts then. They will catch on, and thick phones will make a comeback.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

now that things like snapchat exist people who are extremely narcissistic gotta have it
if this was the first round of iphone style smartphones then you'd have more of an argument

Too bad it sucks massive for the money