ITT: interesting charts relating to technological advances

ITT: interesting charts relating to technological advances.

CPU speed, HDD capacity, amount of data in the world etc. You name it.

I'I'll start

Anyone seen any of these with more recent CPUs like Skylake etc?





No because the curve has flattened out since Sandy Bridge so Intel's marketing isn't making these graphs anymore.

interesting charts

Isn't it wonderful that you hold in your pocket all the power of all the CPUs on that chart combined?

Not really because they all run a shitty linux distro or, even worse, whatever the fuck Apple phones are running, rendering them completely useless.

Solar power efficiency

GPU computing power


10 years of CPUs opening Excel

Is it a meme that computer advancement is slowing dow?

Kinda, but there's underlying truth. Advances are certainly getting more expensive, but the leaps are still huge

Depends on how you define "computer advancement". We're actually standing at point of exponential growth for technology. If you woke up at your 80-year-old self tomorrow and walked outside I guarantee you'd hardly recognize the world.

>muh singularity
We'll see. Also computing power is already advancing exponentially

I'll just leave this here.

A bit, but everyone is focusing on efficiency for mobile rather than processing speed

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I love this shit

>excluding AMD
I wonder who's behind this post

can you translate for us?

also, bump

It's really impressive what Apple can do with their chips.

What do the colors mean?