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amazon.com/Cloud-Personal-Network-Attached-Storage/dp/B00EVVGAD0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474229597&sr=8-1&keywords=home cloud
amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/153-2637534-1556115?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=1080p 144


Is Linux a better OS than Windows for someone who does not know how to code ?

That's not how averages work

You don't need to know how to program to use GNU/Linux. There are multiple DEs available to give you a very similar experience to windows like xfce, lxde, and KDE. You can get a better explanation if you ask /fglt/

right, thanks

Are there any Cred Forums approved non botnet (or least likely to be botnet) Google Drive alternatives?

Anything cloud-based is botnet

Only way to be sure is to host your own. I've heard nextcloud is good.

I guess I'm gonna keep using drive, for the convenience alone

K, just don't expect any privacy.

How expensive is hosting your own cloud storage though?

Unless you're internet is capped, it won't cost a thing

Wait so it's basically using my PC as a server?

If it's private and just for you, cost isn't going to be a problem. It's going to be a bit of work maintaining and securing it, but once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad


Not sure what you thought it was

amazon.com/Cloud-Personal-Network-Attached-Storage/dp/B00EVVGAD0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474229597&sr=8-1&keywords=home cloud

I have an A10-6700, and I play Rainbow six siege, I always get 100% CPU usage even though I only run steam, Task manager, and some times firefox with it, It used to run fine, but now its slow. Help?

Yeah. Install an OS like Debian on an available PC, secure it, setup nextcloud and you're good to go.

uhh I don't really know myself, I guess I thought you were gonna just set up a separate server. It didn't really pass my mind that you could just use your pc

Yeah, well if you put it to sleep there goes your server, but you could run that shit off pretty much anything. Even a Pi if you wanted to.

i'm gonna set it up on my computer to test it a bit and see if I can [spoiler]browse my meme folder while away from home[/spoiler]

I'm doing homework in an MS access class, UNION operators are working fine but INTERSECT gives me the error "Syntax error in FROM clause"
What's wrong with this code?

Spoiler- You can.

Also we don't do spoilers here.

windows10 home vs pro: any reason to pay the extra 50?

getting a laptop for my mom. she's a teacher.

People pay for Windows 10 now? xD

Sorry im clueless and need help. I downloaded a website from chrome as a "website, complete" file. Is there anyway I can host this from my computer?

>Also we don't do spoilers here.
It's become a habit to press ctrl s without thinking when i want to do a spoiler

Yeah we code instead. But pressing ctrl c will just make you spit out your shitpost next time you try and paste something.

Joining a domain, group policy, hyper v, delayed updates and a handful of other settings. Not much else really. I wouldn't bother unless the school expects her to join a domain.

How do I prioritize network traffic to certain domains/websites in pfSense? I've seen this question asked several times on the pfSense forums but no one gives an answer.

thanks brothers

I want to learn code. just to know better how computers work and maybe do simple things.
what do?

Just one of the three

What is the name of that newer Windows monitoring program that has overclocking functionality? It's the all-in-one program that's meant to replace gpu-z, speedfan, etc.

Is there any software that makes it so that microsoft can send data about me? or any linux distro that don't send my info, like ubuntu, debian or whatever?

That microsoft can't send data about me? windows 10 specifically.

That would be really nice to know, wouldn't it?

C++ -> Python

C++ teaches you the fundamentals of how computer code operates, and the compiling process is also important to learn.

Python is very easy to use, and making quick scripts takes a fraction of the time, but it hides a lot of the underlying mechanisms.

C is C++ without object oriented programming. You can take C code, throw it into a C++ compiler, and it will work the same. But OOP is extremely important to programming since it allows you to organize large coding projects very easily.

If you wanna go deeper, learn Assembly later on just to see how everything works on a more fundamental level.

Any Windows OS collects data about you. Use *BSD or any GNU OS, it won't.

Whats a good yet simple final year project? I want to make an android app yet have no ideas.

So any linux distro works?

It would

What is a good privacy-based VPN?

An app that scans Cred Forums for user set words (or image hashes) and notifies the user when a post has those words. Options should include the ability to search OPs, or entire threads, and each filter should allow you to select the boards you want to search.

Is the Opera browser still a piece of shit, or should I leave 12.17 behind and try the latest version instead?

Any linux distro will "work" better than windows in that regard. The expectation is that linux probably has back doors, but much less info is sent by default. He means that it's hard to know exactly where the leaks are, except where they're obvious.

Your new chinese overlord welcome you.
Opera is shit.


It's worse now. China bought it.


Bear in mind that the people who are in the best position to provide you with the most privacy are also the most equipped to lie to you without oversight.

how come when I link a puush image to be uploaded to Cred Forums it takes fucking forever, but when I link an image from literally anywhere else it takes like 1 second?

;_; Best alternative? I already use Firefox.

Chrome is still the most likely to load your page correctly, but it's not the unquestioned leader any more. It's more resource intensive than it use to be, and firefox is finally getting around to trying out sandboxing. Just make sure you're using ublock origin and skipping unnecessary pluggins.

when I press the hide button it hides the thread fine but if I press the cross to unhide the thread it doesn't do anything.
I'm using firefox 48.0.1 but on internet explorer it's the same situation.

anyone else having this issue on Cred Forums?


what is a good book for learning electronics and circuits?

Try the arrow on the side

He means median RRRRREEEEEEE



The Art of Electronics, 3rd Edition

Cred Forumsentoomen, I need assistance with Faceberg. I have a page and someone shared a link with it/me, however the link (youtube video) does not show up on the page wall. How do I make sure it appears?

I have an original xbox memory card with softmod files but I need to copy it over to other memory cards.

Without owning the console, how can I do this? I only have PC, should have kept the original xbox, would have made my life easier for this.

Does anyone have Widevine installed on Chromium? I had it working about 2 months ago, but recently noticed it had vanished and can't seem to reproduce what I did before (it doesn't even show up in chrome://plugins).

I'm buying a computer based on Logical Increments' "Good" tier.

Reccomend me a soundcard.

Your motherboard.

I purchased a Nvidia GTX 680 video card for my 4,1 Mac Pro. On the card there are 6-pin and 8-pin ports. I am confused as to exactly what sort of power cables to purchase. Am I to buy this?


Is the Internet really going to be censored by the end of this month?

What exactly is going to happen?

Should I download and backup everything I can before the end of the month?

What are you talking about?
Are you russian?

Naw don't worry about it.

YES. Quick, take a copy of wikipedia while you can meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Data_dump_torrents#enwiki


i'm fairly new to the podcast game, I've only listened to youtube casters so far
anyone know where I can listen to a non youtube podcast, like Dan Carlin's Hardcore History for free?


And you're a real champ for downloading every revision of every language ever instead of just taking the pansy ass route and getting the most recent edition.

They do. In a normal distribution the average is on the middle, and intelligence of a population is distributed normally. Literally get the fuck out.

Wew you would need a lot of storage.

Your. Motherboard. It includes all the sound that you need.

Thanks for correcting the record! :)


Have you been listening to Alex Jones again?

But i've heard that a sound card will make the audio better. Is this a lie?

Pajeet trying to use English euphemisms and failing hard.

He meant setting the record straight.

Is it possible to learn C without going to college? Also, is it a suitable beginning language?

Why do my fucking cables always stop fast charging! They always break or get messed up. Please can you guys recommend me a good cable that fast charges a Note 5.

>In a normal distribution the average is on the middle
>intelligence of a population is distributed normally
Source? We don't even have an accurate proposed measure for g, how the fuck do you claim to know it's a normal distribution? Idiot.

LOL I didn't understand at all, wow that wasn't so hard to say.

It wont matter to you unless you have $300 headphones or you're getting interference in your sound. In that case you'd probably just want a DAC/AMP anyway.

Yes lol, they don't teach you shit about C in college. A semester equals to like 3 chapters in the book that you could cover in 5 hours yourself.

Yes it's very possible to learn it without any formal education but I wouldn't recommend it for beginners.
Start with Python.

I do have expensive Sennheiser headphones. Can you explain to me what a DMC/AMP is?

>Source? We don't even have an accurate proposed measure for g, how the fuck do you claim to know it's a normal distribution? Idiot.

Because that's the whole point of the test tools retard, to normalize the results. How fucking stupid are you to not know this? Are you even in college already or still too young? Open a book fag.

nvm, googled it and found something of good quality. Thanks for the helping points, mysterious as they were.

I'm done with college and you are a gigantic fucking tool for thinking that IQ tests measure general intelligence. Why don't you ask someone who administers them if they do that?


Fuck, I knew the lowest common denominator started flooding this place a while back, but I didn't know it was this bad already. Why don't you take your happy ass back to Cred Forums and quit correcting people when you are a literal fucking troglodyte.


I literally just said use your motherboard. Unless your headphones cost UPWARD of $300 dollars or have just a ton of resistance, you're wasting your money.

How do I conserve space on my 1600 x 900 screen?

pic related, it's very cluttered.

screenfetch provided to show what I'm running

First of all there's no reason for you to have the YouTube video visible.
Other than that you can try setting the top status bar thing to intelligent hide or whatever it's called in Ubuntu.
>[email protected]
>Indian music
What kind of memery is this?



What's the big difference between these two outside of price? One has much beefier specs than the other, an i7 instead on an i5 and double the RAM yet it's cheaper?

What am I missing here, other than the screen of course but that resolution is overkill on such a small device.

What's the best laptop atm in terms of price/performance?

>What kind of memery is this?

No memery.

My name is ashley and I'm really into bollywood.

Thanks for the tips.

Forgot to mention you can also have multiple desktops open.
I usually have 3 of them with the first being just Firefox, second being irc and two terminals, and the third one is for programming.

All the major oem manufacturers post a lot of shitty overpriced listings. You just happened to find a dell one that was less so. Also the lenovo is lighter and a quarter thinner, and yoga is something they've put a lot of marketing money into, that claims to be fancier like the surface.

Hey Cred Forums I'm taking harvard's CS50 online and they want us to learn C.

Do I just read the free C book from the wiki? is C a good starter programming language? Thanks!

I need a shitposting machine for the couch. I want something cheap but not too dated. Are there any Cred Forums approved chromebooks around $150?

Any word on what I'd be better off as? Are the internals really all I should care about?

Prices for Ultrabooks are insane and just fluctuate massively. That Lenovo I linked I could get for basically the same price as the Dell, but I'm still not sure on which one to go for

>Cred Forums approved

I'm looking for a cheap (around $50 or less), little portable monitor that I can keep with me in the car which I can use for testing display output on other people's computers. A lot of what I'm seeing through searching is either far more expensive than what I need for my purposes, or of questionable quality.

Well the lenovo is probably a little better physically, but that won't affect actual performance. Also they tend to subsidize their prices by putting on a ton of bloatware and occasional malware, so I never get anything from them any more.

Thanks for the help lad. Given the higher specs I'm leaning towards the Dell desu, but I'm a product of marketing machines so internally something just tells me the 900 is better.

Good point about Lenovo though actually, I forgot about the shit they pull.

Slightly unrelated question, but I've been checking machines on Geekbench Browser, which basically just collects benchmarks scores. Why do machines with really the same internals often offer varying results? Is it a load of bollocks not worth paying attention to?

I've never had a ton of faith in artificial benchmarks. I know with phones there have actually been models that pulled a Volkswagen by detecting when they were being benchmarked and temporarily disabling their heat safety limits. In general if someone is running other background software, a different OS/update level, overclocking, or using a different version of the benchmark those could all easily affect the outcome. I only take benchmarks as a ballpark estimate when comparing hardware.

Let me shorten this.

What is the best programming language to learn for an absolute beginner?

Python or JavaScript. I would go with Python though.


People who tell you otherwise are generally thinking
>absolute beginner who's going to become a hardcore developer, and aim for a killer app/6-figure job in Silicon Valley
which is a decent goal, but an assumption regardless.

Thanks. I'm going to look at python alongside C.
CS50 is jumpy and isn't really teaching me anything, it's probably better to read a book.

Just how much did MKV technology change within the past 5 years?

I just downloaded two different files of the same episode of the same show, and from what I can tell with my plain eyes and ears, they're identical. The picture quality, the sound, it's all the same.

Here's the big difference: One file is 268MB, and the other is 62MB. The smaller file is about 3 years newer than the larger file.

Again, they both look & sound the same; maybe there are some subtle differences that I haven't noticed, but I can't tell.

How is this possible?

Download a PDF of learn Python the hard way.
It's a really good introduction.

>learn Python the hard way
I already have a copy of Starting out with Python, Second edition.

However I have noted your suggestion if my book is too hard to understand. Thanks~

I'm currently using an AMD FX 4300 but a friend of mine gave me an old rig with an Intel i7 3770 should I get a new MB and start using the intel?


He gave you a computer with a processor but no motherboard?

What are the thin, bare, straight wires surrounding the twisted pairs in a CAT-5 cable? What do they do?

What exactly does a codec pack do?
I mean what would be the difference between downloading k-lite codec pack and using the mpc-hc inside it, and just downloading mpc-hc alone?

So I want to upgrade the hard drive on my laptop to a bigger SSD. The problem is that it is still under warranty for another 3 years and I really don't want to void it. If something happens and I just put the old hard drive back in will they be able to tell that I've messed with it?

It did come with a motherboard but it only has one PCIE slot so I was thinking of getting a more recent model.


The short answer is "Yes."

The long answer is that it depends on the severity of the problem, and how much they're willing to thoroughly investigate it.

I actually committed the cardinal sin of purchasing a Dell PC, and I've made several hardware additions/replacements myself. When the power supply gave out, they still honored the warranty.

>tfw the Dell technician who came to my house actually saw the aftermarket shit inside my tower
>"Oh, that's nice."
>fixes my computer and tells me to have a nice day

You can read what each of the versions of klite do. Thumbnails are nice. Codec packs help you find codecs for obscure types of media, but mpchc does that very well already.

Replacing the drive shouldn't invalidate your warranty

Aside from you GPU you really shouldn't need PCI connections for anything. I'd stick with that board.

Hopefully it all goes well.

Thanks for the help.

Haunt your nightmares

I'm pretty stupid when it comes to technology.

I'm a truck driver on the road 5 days a week. I keep a laptop with me that is dual boot Manjaro and Windows 8.1

I have a gaming desktop at home that runs Windows 10.

I have Sling TV. I want to diy record shows.

How can I remotely control my gaming desktop to open say HGTV and a screen recording software and record new House Hunter episodes?

>average is not in the middle of a normal distribution
>bell curve ≠ normal distribution
>IQ is not a measure of intelligence
>test tools
>normalizing results
Is this a bait thread?

Wat DNS server should I use?


probably some script with rtmpdump

Do you most care about speed, privacy, reliability or security?

speed bruh unless one of the other things be so bad its a dealbreaker


Well if you don't care about joining the botnet, use google. Or stick with your ISPs one, often they're the fastest.


I'm new to C++ and coding in general. Textbook isn't helping much, and I can't find anything I understand online. How to fix this?

>What piece of information do I need to learn to make this work?

Is $80CAD/$60USD a good price for a 750W PSU?
Is $95CAD/$72USD a good price for an 850W PSU?

My 5 year old 650W started giving me problems, so it's time to be replaced. I'm looking at these two



Who makes the most reliable hard drives?

Both in terms of external and internal.

Bonus points if you link to failure rates/data

Posting your system via pcpartpicker, would allow you to gain further input.

downloaded a bluray but its just a big series of folders and files, how can i turn this into one video file?

pic of root of the filestructure

single platter drives are the most reliable of them all

more plates, more risk of failure

seagate 1tb and wd blue 500gb is the highest single platter drives currently

I used a few calculators a while ago and the recommended wattage was about 600, but I want to be a little bit overkill in the range of 700-900W.

Cred Forumsayretard here
installing mint as my first version of linux ever
getting this popup when installing and my installation never goes through, I always get an error towards the end. What do I do to not get this error?

get a 2000w one then, to be sure and overkill

Can't avoid this message. Click "Continue in UEFI mode".

How does youtubes 2x speed function avoid making everything sound chipmunkey?

I need some decryption help.

I have a string of numbers, lets just say they're 923498 206502. This is a one time use kind of deal. Each number corresponds to one letter.

I need a decryption tool that is in a way similar to an anagram solver. Since I don't know which number corresponds to which letter, many different substitutions must be tried and the results compared against an English dictionary.

None of the decoders I've found can do this. Help?

You need to follow a cipher, or make one for your self

I dropped my phone and broke the glass a little bit, but I want to know if the touchscreen still works perfectly, certainly there aren't any apps out there to test that shit or something right?

I run a machine with windows and linux and decided to do a complete reinstallaion of linux. Like an idiot, I wiped the /boot partition which contained the windows efi, and now I can't boot into windows. How do I restore it if I don't have a windows recovery/installation discs?


Have a 4790k/H100i processor/cooler combo and it has worked pretty well for well over a year until today. Now my temps are all fucked up and I don't know why.

Pic related is idle temps after I pulled the side, front, and top panels off the case and let it sit for a good half an hour to an hour. Temperatures slowly dropped from the 90s to ~70. Temps instantly shoot up to 99c and the processor throttles like mad if I try to use anything more CPU-intensive than Chrome.

Screws on the cooler are all perfectly tight. Pump says it's working fine in Corsair's software. One tube is hot, one is cold. Pressing down on the cooler doesn't do anything. Radiator doesn't seem to be obstructed. Have never done any overclocking/played with voltages.

Anyone know why there may have been this sudden change? And/or have any potential fixes?

I guess I wasn't clear.. I have only the encrypted text, the string of numbers. I don't have the cypher. They cypher was created by someone else, but I'm reasonably sure that it's simple, e.g., a digit 0 - 9 corresponds to a single letter of the alphabet.

I need to take the numbers and replace them with letters.. fortunately there are a few repeats, but the string is only ten digits. This is good from a brute force standpoint.

What are the best free dvd authoring programs for Linux? Would strongly prefer one with the ability to create aesthetic menus.


Try ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10340183#post10340183

I assume that's related to my brute force statement

Paste the numbers here. We can help you.

Sry m8, I'm behind 9000 proxies but can't have this getting out

Fine then.

is there anywhere that hosts a lot of images in a nice looking gallery that I can share?

if gallery-viewing is out of the question, how do I share 1gb+ of images with many people?

Anyway, even if I only had 6 different places to solve (excluding the one that's repeated three times), the number of possible combos would be 26!*25!*24!*23!*22!*21! = impossibly large.

You have to have specialized algorithms relating to frequency of letters etc

I wonder if that's ever been attempted literally. Damn I wish I had my own botnet.

Use the ftp that ftp user posted here a few days ago. I guess it depends on exactly how many people you want to share it with.

You could create a torrent.

You could rar in 200mb archives and upload to the hoster of your choosing

I don't think that can help if there's no windows boot files for it to link to

Dropbox? Not sure about 1 GB+, but you can definitely host a lot of images with the free space (250 MB IIRC). But if you share it too much, the link gets shut down - it's not intended for mass file distribution, unless you get the Business version,.

Windows recovery ISOs are free. As in, free-free, not pirate-free. Get a CD/USB and put it on there.

Right, and how would I use this with mpc-hc?

Is that free as in beer, or free as in freedom?

Use the MPC internal renderer. Or install Realtek HD audio manager, which lets you adjust pitch system-wide (only to a max of +4 or -4).

This is true, but it kind of makes the link pointless.

I heard some stuff about torrenting from TPB not being safe anymore, what about that? I used to just download the most seeded stuff and never had a problem with it, what changed?

What am I doing wrong here? Every time I try to install like this, I get an error upon "finish" and my PC won't boot into any OS.

On Chromium, when I try to watch a YouTube channel, it won't let me because it says Flash is outdated, and it doesn't switch to HTML5 automatically either. How can I fix this? It's a portable version, if it matters.

Ever since updating yesterday my computer will minimize fullscreen games every few seconds. Nothing seems to be popping up, so I have no idea what to look for.

If I game in window mode then it seems like the program is being deselected, as my keyboard will stop typing, or my character will stop, moving any ideas on what to look for or how to fix this? It is driving me nuts

Nothing. It's never been safe.


It doesn't have as good of a system as it used to for flagging malware. Beyond that it's just a matter of torrents usage being trackable, but that's pretty much always been the case.

Nothing on that page is wrong. Try googleing the error.


will overclocking the system bus speed from 100 to 103 cause any mid/long term problems?

it seems fine for the short term and it does result in the little kick I wanted from the cpu, just worried it'll wreck my hard drives sooner or something.

How do I install gentoo? Everyone keeps saying it's the way to go

Like this:



last time you replaced silver compound?

Why do people go outside when it means being bathed in lethal radiation from the sun the entire time? To me this is scary. I only go out at night and order most things from Amazon that I need.

My dad was messing around with my Surface Pro 4 and decided that he'd like one for himself. He's an art teacher, and he really liked Fresh Paint, and thought it'd be useful for demonstrating things on the projector in class.

That's all well and good, but there have been a lot of Surface look-alikes cropping up over the past year or so, and I want him to know his options.

What would you recommend to someone who wants a 2-in-1 primarily for drawing/painting purposes? I know he also does a lot of work in Adobe apps (specifically Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop), would the m3 CPU typically found in the lower end models of these be sufficient?

I guess some of you guys know math. Tell me which 3 of these are the easiest to do, I'm basically finding similar examples in Youtube and following the same algorithm. Already got the 1 and 3, so which of the remaining ones are the easiest 3?

how come the thread tabs on Cred Forums dont work anymore on chrome after this stupid skin upgrade?

if i minimize a thread by mistake to hide it, i cant unminimize it now...

they get harder as the numbers get higher....

Never. Have had a couple other computers last ~5 years without needing any change, so I've just assumed it wouldn't need to be changed in a computer not even 2 years old yet. Is thermal paste really capable of shitting itself overnight?

Is it ever possible for a PC to be too cold?

I know overheating is a realistic concern, but is it possible to cool a PC so much to the point of impeding function?

My windows key on my keyboard isn't bringing up the start menu. How do I fix it? I tried going into registry but I can't find Scancode Map.

Mechanical hard drives might freak out, not sure.

its a question of degrees. it was working good then one core got a little too hot one time and now you've got degraded capacity.
kind of like a car tire with a slow leak suddenly blowing.

I run a first gen i7 and have had to replace it every 2 years.

Why is there no scancode map in my Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout in Registry Editor?

Ignore these. I fixed it....I'm a moron.

You fixed it by realizing you're a moron? What a character ark!

Youtube-dlG doesn't work for me. Is there any other opensource GUI for youtube-dl? Something that doesn't involve installing two programs, ffmpeg, pythong and wxpython on every computer would be nice.

Can anyone recommend me a decent budget (sub $200) phone with:
-Fingerprint reader
-Is unlocked
-Can be rooted
-Stock Android or close to stock
-Works in US on MetroPCS

I'm looking at the Redmi Note 3 Pro but it lacks NFC which is giving me pause.

does anyone know how to get vimfx's follow hint to expand images properly? EF > hint > enter works but I'd prefer to just have F > hint expand instead of opening in a new tab if at all possible

What are good alternatives to Skype that can do video calls? So far I've only seen Jitsi.

For a build to use for alot of programs like Photoshop or Indesign
Would i see a performance difference between a 950 and a 750TI
Does much more than the vram matter in this case?

A lot of people get by without NFC. You still have bluetooth.

If I see a pretty girl on the train, a total stranger, can i use bluetooth to send her a message?

Bluetooth requires both participants to confirm the connection before anything can happen, so... maybe if she's a ditz?

Literally wtf. Are you retarded?

If her bluetooth is set to discoverable then you can send a message saying you want to connect.

What's a good site that will host a video file that other people can watch on site without the site compressing the video further then what I did to it?

The things you can use GPU acceleration for on photoshop is kind of limited, you're probably better off spending the difference on more RAM or cpu power

I recovered a 1.6gb .RIFF file from a deep scan recovery tool. I believe it to be an .avi file, but not sure. How can I play it? Can it be converted to .avi? I couldnt find anything with google, although i didnt look too hard.

Mediafire or google drive maybe.

Can someone explain row 6 and why C_in is 1 when in the previous row 1, 0, 0, gives no remainder?

are fan hubs worth it? I need to add more fans and i've run out of plugs on my motherboard.

PWM Fan Hub vs PWM Splitters

Thinking about taking my HDD out of my PC because I don't use anything on it, replacing it with a 480gb ssd and chucking my games on the SSD instead of using the HDD.

(games are around 230gb out of the 6tb used, rest is junk and backup shit)

I was thinking of getting a USB 3 dual bay dock and using the hard drive in that and turning off the dock when I don't need the drive etc.

Good idea or not?

I'd leave both drives in the computer if you can. It can be a surprising pain having to rely on an external usb solution.

Not really sure what you're asking. 1+0+1 is 10, or 0 with a carry of 1.

ShareMouse. How do I make it work?

The computer on the right is Win10, the one on the left is Win8.1. Both are running the same version of ShareMouse. They're connected to each other directly with an ethernet cable. They can see each other. They can ping each other. Windows shares on each can be seen by the other. Each has the other added. Firewall exceptions have been added. Yet the Monitor Manager window on either doesn't show the other and one can't be used to control the other.

>those APIPA IPs
I wanted to rule out anything about the networking equipment between the two, so I connected them together with a single patch cable. SMB and SSH work fine over it, but not ShareMouse.

It's like it ALMOST works. Now when I open Monitor Manager on the left one, it shows one screen labeled "A", and a large A appears on the right one. However it doesn't show its own screen, let me position them in relation to each other, or move the mouse from one to the other.

Also what I'm really trying to accomplish is control in the other direction, and that way doesn't even make an A on the other. But fuck, at this point I'll take anything, either way is better than nothing at all.

Okay, it works now. Never mind I guess.

I restarted the program and reset settings on both ends AGAIN, just like I did half an hour ago. Only this time it just works out of the box, without any setup or fiddling.

You seem to think that intelligence is something metaphysical like the soul, but intelligence is just the name we use for the thing that IQ tests measure.

>muh intelligence can't be masured

Fuck off to /x/ kid. IQ tests measure intelligence and the results are normalized. Your intelligence is just a number (yours is two digits by the way) and you're not special.

Does it help you think, writing about your troubleshooting and posting it?

Are you understanding what's going on here?

Start with a one bit adder without carry. It takes A and B as inputs, and produces S -- the sum of A+B.
A + B = S
0 + 0 = 0
0 + 1 = 1
1 + 0 = 1
1 + 1 = 0

Note that in the last row (1+1=0), 1+1 is actually 2, which is 10 in binary. However S is only 1 bit long and is only the lowest bit, which is 0. The 1 is carried out and lost in this most basic adder.

Now, we can add a carry-out output, C_out. Then we won't lost that 1 in the last row.
A + B = C_out S
0 + 0 = 0 0
0 + 1 = 0 1
1 + 0 = 0 1
1 + 1 = 1 0

Now it's correct and doesn't truncate bits. But if we add one more input, C_in, we can chain one adder's C_out to another's C_in, and it will let us add values of any number of bits. All we need to do then is to chain as many one-bit adders as we want bits added. That's what's in your chart. The two bit value (C_out,S) is the two bit sum of C_in + A + B.

Help Cred Forums, I need to recover my computer but the technicians said If I do so it'll wipe out all the memory and set it to default
What do?

No. I was legit asking for help. I tried a bunch of stuff to make it work and got nothing at all, got frustrated and posted a question. Then I found it was sort of almost working. Then I tried the same thing again only it worked that time.

Give more details

You can back up your data to a USB stick, external hard disk, another computer, phone, etc. Depending on how usable your computer is, this might be simple, or it might require creating a boot disk.

I'll try,

will i get better sound through a usb port, or thought the headphones jacks?

Why is it that sometimes when you download something on Mega, it's the simple screen that says "download through your browser"/"download through megatransfer" and sometimes its a "file transfer" which is around 10x faster?

Headphone jack uses the integrated sound card on your motherboard and USB devices are sound cards on their own. So the answer depends on how good your integrated sound card is and how good the usb one is.

If you're not an audiophile you'll most likely not hear a difference. Assuming that your headphone jack doesnt have any audible interference.

Thanks for laying it out like that. I kind of assumed the C_out would become the C_in for the next row because of how additions work.

Following my logic, for row#5 (1+0+0) C_out = 0, S = 1. I assumed C_in for next row would have to be 0, but it's 1. Can you explain that part specifically?

I think I'm just not understanding fully what C_in represents. It's a 3rd input, but when adding I thought it represented the remainder of which is then added to A and B in the next line.

how do i begin electronics soldering? any kits? pls respond, i need a new productive hobby.

You can practice soldering on broken electronics, or with some wire, breadboard, and a roll of cheap resistors

Figuring out what you want to solder is a different matter.

Try what? Type more details in the box and then click post. What's the status of the computer, what's actually wrong that they're going to reinstall it? Can you get to a desktop? Even a safe mode desktop that runs slowly will be enough to connect a USB stick and copy things out.

It depends on your integrated audio. I've seen ones that sound bleh even with cheapass earbuds, and others that sound fine even on high end headphones. It also depends on the USB device you plug in. If you get a cheapass one it might have a lousy DAC or amp in it.

Eh? It always says download through browser for me. Then again I don't have the desktop app installed, and I do have the browser extension installed.

I don't know about the desktop app, never used it much, it struck me as more bloated and limited than Dropbox's.

The browser extension is worthwhile though. Without it, you're downloading potentially gigabytes of encrypted data into your browser's storage, and then decrypting it with Javascript. The extension makes this go smoother.

Is there a way to make a shitty laptop faster? It's a cheap dell one that freezes on fucking watching a video on firefox

Help I'm retarded.

I don't know if this is talking about kilobits or kilobytes. In either case that seems very small as a default option. I basically just want to set the limits to 80-60% of my max for each.

if you are on windows switch to a linux distro: slackware would be best.

KiB = KiloBytes small 'b' is bits.

I don't have the browser or desktop app. I noticed the "file transfer" thing only happens if it's a folder that's linked and multiple files are available to download.

This is what I'm talking about. The top screenshot is a folder, and the bottom is the transfer que. It acts the exact same as the "download through your browser" button (as in it downloads all the way before it quickly downloads through your browser) but it's always faster.

Is the BenQ XL2411Z a meme monitor or is it actually good for 1080p144hz gaming?

I know it comes with weird shitty color settings straight out the box or something like that, but it seems like it's a decent monitor otherwise.

Anyone have any experience with it? Any better suggestions?

One row does not feed into the next. The rows are enumerating every possible combination of inputs that you can put into this adder, and the output that should come out when that input occurs. This is standard practice in digital circuit design, because the next step is to work out a combination of logic gates that produces that pattern of 1s and 0s in the table.

To reiterate, you're looking at all possible states of a single one-bit adder. Not a sequence of bits put through multiple adders.

I know this is a bit of a paradigm shift from programming. In programming, you can write a function with a formula in it and have it just work. You assume that every possible input to the formula works if you know mathematically that the formula works. At least at this level of digital circuit design, you instead enumerate every input you could possibly put in, and define what the outputs should be for each. The goal here is to produce the simplest possible combination of logic gates that produces the result you want. Sometimes you can just intuit the design from the purpose of the circuit, like you often do in programming. However, sometimes it's too complex to just think out, and sometimes the sensible intuitive design is far from optimal. And efficiency matters more here -- a nonoptimal design is not just wasting a few cycles, it's wasting precious die space, creating higher propagation times, and limiting how fast you can clock your chip.

>KiB = KiloBytes


Kb = Kilobits = 1000 bits
KB = Kilobytes = 8000 bits
KiB = Kibibytes = 8192 bits

Capital B is for bytes, lowercase b is for bits
Also KiB is actually for kibibyte which is slightly different from a kilobyte but the difference in most cases in inconsequential.

My sister camwhores on omegle, I suspected after getting banned from omegle around the time she is in the shower or locks her door. I wrote some shitty monitoring software in python.
I got a few screenshots of it.
My question is,
How do I record the webcam and microphone while they are being used by omegle?
What is the best way to record everything?
If anyone comes up with a solution, I'll gib her nudes/camshows for the next 5 months.

Thanks I appreciate the explanation, I understand it better now

Is G-Sync or Freesync actually worth shit for gaming on a 144hz monitor if I play a variety of games that may or may not reach 144fps?

Will it add input lag?

Want it to go faster? Get the browser extension. Also don't use "download as zip" on large folders.

Linux. Slackware or Gentoo if you want speed and like to tinker. Xubuntu or Lubuntu if you want pretty good speed and less setup. Or if you don't like Linux, Windows 8.1 -- seriously, it boots and runs faster than either 7 or 10 on low end systems I've tried them on.

For really basic stuff, pick up a $15 "pencil" soldering iron at Radioshack, Fry's, etc. Those are fine for simple electronics learning and small projects. But if you move on to motherboard repair or soldering really tiny things, you'll want a proper soldering station where you can set the temperature of the tip, not just the wattage going to it. It also helps to get separate solder and flux rather than the solder with flux in the middle, particularly if you want to resolder long connectors on motherboards. (You CAN use the cheapest pencil iron, pointed tip, and plain rosin-core solder for a lot of this, and I've done it, but it's way more frustrating than it needs to be.)

Watch soldering tutorial on youtube. Good soldering technique is important if you want things to work well and last. In general, you put the parts together like they're going to be, then apply the iron and heat. Then touch the solder near where the iron is. That is, DON'T melt the solder on the iron and then paint it onto the wire, that makes a terrible connection and is a common noob mistake.

Another common mistake is letting the connection move as it cools after you remove the iron. That makes a cold joint. You can tell these by their matte finish. A good joint is shinier. You really only have to keep it from moving for ~2-5 seconds.

Why in Windows do some large files copy from one directory to another instantly, while others take minutes (for the same file size), seemingly arbitrarily?

What's the current recommended single board computer, and where should I buy it?

I hear good things about the banana pi, but that might be outdated information.

sometimes, windows can just hard link the files at a new location.
Other times, it needs to actually make a cony of that data.

Just working through insertion sorts and one of the questions presented is;

"How does the algorithm know when the list is sorted?"

The answer to me appears to be that because an insertion sort builds a sorted list, when you have a list of k size you know the full list is sorted.

Or when the loop moving through each value in the unsorted list reaches it's kth iteration.

Given this list of values;
4, 15, 36, 30, 3, 9

Does this appear to be the sort of information the question is asking for?

Banana Pi has the best benchmark results of them all, but why would you want a single board computer anyway? They're pretty underpowered.

I have two external hard drives, but no space for them near my PC.
So, I want to build a NAS, of sorts.

Single board computers seem like the cheapest way of doing that.

G-Sync adds input lag. Freesync allegedly doesn't.

Sometimes it moves the file.
Sometimes it makes a shortcut.
Sometimes it already has the data in read cache and has enough write cache to hold it without committing it to disk immediately. (In this case you can watch the disk activity happen in Task Manager after Explorer is done copying.)

I haven't seen it hardlink when asked to copy. I'm pretty sure I've only had hardlinks on Windows from using mklink /h.

Need a good mind mapping software, with those bubbles that you can connect and whatnot.
Easy to use with plenty of features would be the best.
Specifically, ability to separate the bubbles by colours, add notes, be able to connect different bubbles together with some lines and stuff like that.

I'm aware this is an insanely retarded question, but this is /sqt/ after all.

If I run an older game at 1440p or 4k on a 1080p monitor, is it going to look noticably better?

I'm trying to run a script every 20 minutes to download a file from my ISP and record the speed, a la

cd ~
rm -f test10MB.dat*
echo -n `lftp -e 'pget ftp.iinet.net.au/test10MB.dat; exit; ' | sed s/"10000000 bytes transferred in "// | sed s/" seconds ("/,/ | sed s/" KiB\/s)"//` >> ~/SPEEDTESTDATA
echo ,$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M) >> ~/SPEEDTESTDATA
rm -f test10MB.dat

This works fine if I just run the script myself, but doing it with crontab with * * * * * ~/.scripts/speedtest.sh only outputs the date, and none of lftp's stuff.
What's going on? Does cron not have permissions to run it, or something? How do I make it work?

The end result is basically anti-aliasing, so depending on the quality of the game's normal anti-aliasing it could look better.

I often use MAC Address spoofing to bypass wifi network security, but it takes a while to manually scan the network and try each different mac address until i find a working one,
Would it be possible to write a programme in python that could perform an arp scan and then automatically change my computers mac address to each on the network until it finds a working one by itself?

> 4k on a 1080p monitor


You can render a game at a higher resolution then downscaled with Nvidia DSR and AMD VSR

I would guess cron doesn't run as your user therefore does not share your home directory. Try using the full path.

Please respond. Options for 1080p144hz gaming seem so limited.

The other option I've seen would be the ASUS VG248QE.

There are like over a hundred different models of 144hz monitors.

Most of them are 1440p though, which I don't want. Most modern games are too poorly optimized to play them at 1440p at a high enough framerate for 144hz to matter, no matter your hardware. It's a complete fuckup.

That didn't work. It even outputs the date bit fine, so that's not it. Does lftp need some special permission, or something?
My internet keeps dropping below 1Mb/s and my ISP thinks I'm an idiot, even though the line's got shitty history.

You're a moron.

amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/153-2637534-1556115?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=1080p 144

>Most of them are 1440p though
But that's wrong

I would need some help in choosing between two monitors.

GPU is Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 and I need a good monitor for this.

Will be playing games, and some Photoshop, 3D modeling as a hobby (not anything professional or something).

The two monitors are:

Dell UltraSharp U2715H
2560x1440 mat, LCD LED, IPS, Normal Mode 8ms/ Fast Mode 6ms

Dell S2716DG, 27''
QHD (2560x1440), 1ms, 144Hz, G-Sync

Which one would you choose?

I'm mostly concerned for U2715H if there will be a lot of screen tearing (If it's minimal then I don't care) if I'll be playing games, or ghosting.

I guess the local store I'm buying at is just that limited then, fuck

If you're doing photoshop, go with the first one. The only reason to go with the second one is if you're super fucking into first person.

Is there any way to check the continuity of a VGA cable attached to a monitor, preferably without taking the monitor apart?

I have a VGA CRT monitor that no longer provides EDID information, which among other things prevents me from using the software adjustment utility for it, and prevents the proper resolution modes from showing up.

If you're just doing photoshop as a hobby it doesn't really matter
IPS is nice for colors and viewing angles
144hz is nice for games

How much tearing occurs isn't really dependent on the monitor beyond gsync and freesync outright eliminating it

I found an old network camera. It's a LevelOne FCS-1030. For whatever reason, I can't seem to find the device no matter what and there are no clear instructions on how to connect to it. Does anyone know anything about this kind of thing?

should be "about half of them are likely stupider"


>super fucking into first person
I mostly play FPS games with friends or single player, so a casual user, nothing competitive just to have fun.

Just get one with gigabit ethernet


cant you just go on there and watch it and record?


Help a brother out.

I'm trying to scrape the archives of a webcomic from 10 years ago so I can put it all in a .cbr file and not have to go through the website on a browser.

I've got a pretty good handle on how wget works from Googling, but the trouble I'm having I think has to do with how the website is set up.

When you View Image a comic from the archives, it shows up as


You can change the filename to a different comic and it will go to that comic right away, but if you go to


it just redirects you to the main page.

The command I'm using is wget -r -nd -P /home/myname/Downloads/ES -A "jpg" errantstory.com/comics/ , but it must be being redirected, because it only downloads the one comic that's on the main page.

Is there a way to get wget to go put in any possible filenames in that directory so it can download them? Or any way to stop it from getting redirected?

Cant you just get one of those NAS boxes? They have chassis, drive cages, board and all that shit in one neat package. If you want to reuse the usb drives then just rip them apart and plug the drive inside them directly in. Or get two decent drives, those have just some shitty 2.5" 5000rpm laptop drives in them.

If you want a single board computer get any raspberry pi variant/lookalike. They're slow but you'll be limited by usb 2.0 speed anyways.

You could do a program that goes through dates one by one and downloads images untill it reaches 404 or your custom cap. But it has to be a proper program, I doubt shell scripts understand dates that well.

all of my other devices are wireless.

That doesn't matter to me that much. Especially if the bus is shared with USB and limits speeds anyway.

If I could generate a list of all the filenames, could I put them in a download-file-list.txt file and have wget go down that list?

i randomly mashed a bunch of keys in notepad and the text ended with 12:19 2016-09-19 which was the current time and date. how did this happen? windows 7 btw

serious question guys.

if you activate ms office by some shady means, does that possibly adversely affect DNS resolution or something along those lines? because iirc some hosts file is edited or something

Why is it that meteors always happen to land in craters

Well why else would God have placed those craters all over the world?

the crater wasn't already there, the crater is from the impact

Bullshit, there are many empty craters without any meteors in them. How do they know where to land?

I'm using Opera 12.02 portable. I noticed that every time I want to read my feeds two tabs open, Feeds and Mail; the latter won't let me read Feeds. If I close it, this happens. Why, Cred Forums?

Have you tried changing the language settings from Mexican to American?

You could use read to go through that file one by one and pass the line to wget. But I'm not an expert on linux so I dont know what sort of command you'd have to enter.

It'll only affect the addresses that are added to the hosts file, everything else will get the default DNS lookup.

ah ok thanks man. DNS is fucked and it's not ISP side or hardware. something to do with my wireless adapter, but not sure what.

Sí, señor. Pero no funciona.

quick question:
I have a cpu that can only use 1333mhz and below ram.
So in my system i have 4gb of ddr3 ram.
What happens if I add 4gb ddr3 1600mhz ram that is also a different brand.

I assume you mean your motherboard, not your CPU
In any case it will just underclock the RAM to a speed it can use.

If DX12 and Vulcan granter more low level api access, does that mean it can be used to harm your PC? Accidentally or even on purpose?

I'm trying gpu-passthrough with qemu on arch, and followed the pci passthrough guide on the arch wiki.
Now, when I boot the vm, and I go to device management, I see the GPU failed to start because of "some problem (code 43), and the PCI device shows it failed because of lack of drivers which it can't find.

What am I doing wrong? The vm also stays on the IGHD connected screen, I'd assume it'd have to be on the graphics card connected screen.


More access doesnt mean full access. Besides, if they wanted to harm your PC then there would be better ways to do it.

Will lower framerates on a 144hz monitor still look good?

e.g. if a game runs at 110fps will it still look smoother than [email protected]?

Do I need freesync/g-sync for that?

I'm honestly so lost. I want to get a really high end PC with a gtx 1080 in it, but I don't know what kind of monitor is best. 1440p 144hz won't be able to run most modern games at 144fps+, so that's why I'm asking.

Yes it will still look smoother
freesync/gsync just fix tearing, which is less noticeable at higher framerates.

Less noticable or not at all noticable? Because I very much hate tearing.

also are there any downsides to freesync/gsync? Such as input lag?

How much you notice it depends on you, but if you hate it that much you should probably get a monitor with free/gsync
I haven't heard anything about them causing any significant input lag.

I found the solution. It was just to kill myself, because lftp refuses to output anything unless it's run interactively, or some bullshit.
This shit is supposed to be fuckin easy on Linux. That's what it's fucking for.

i have a gtx 770 GPU with two monitors attached. The monitors are supplied through the DVI-D and HDMI Ports of the GPU. Can i use the DVI-I Port to supply a third monitor or will i need to buy a DP-DVI Adapter?

Also what's the best practice for monitors, should i get a "prime brand" like ASUS or can i save a couple euros with something that is 20 euros cheaper?

with vsync you drop down to effectively 72 Hz as soon as you dip below 144 fps and you also get input lag. without vsync you get tearing

get a g-sync monitor, it reduces input lag (compared to vsync) and makes everything look much smoother without tearing

Thank you for your help.
Somehow it's exceedingly hard to find unbiased info on free-sync and g-sync. Everywhere I look it's either marketing babble that makes no sense or it's people argueing wether it's good for CS:GO.

oh just fyi there is also fast sync for pascal gpus which is good for things like CS:GO if you have a frame rate above 144 Hz

Oh neat, wasn't aware of that.

One last question for g-sync though: does it automatically jump in when FPS drops below refresh rate (144hz) or is it a thing you switch on and off?

it's automatic

Does overclocking a cpu and gpu increase the stress they're under when not under load ?

All ram can be underclocked by the mobo?
or specific ram boards only

So what kind of degrees would you recommend?
I'm thinking Computer science, with software development, then doing some cyber security. Might do a double degree with math as well. What do you guys think?

Depends on whether voltage is set to adaptive or constant

Its a normal function for all motherboards

I saw a monitor that claims to be 165hz. Acer XB271HU, to be precise.

Is that 165hz by default? If so, does that just work like 144hz does or is it too special to be viable?

I meant can any ram be underclocked?

Officially its 144hz but it can overclock to 165
The difference between 144 and 165 won't really be noticeable

Also normal

So that means if I just buy it and don't play around with it it'll be 144hz?


Do you suppose it could possibly cause any problems in any way imaginable if it was 165hz?

Poorfag eurocuck here. Can someone reccomend me a decent mouse for 10 €? I mostly play vidya

I don't know, maybe
They probably wouldn't advertize it as being overclockable to 165hz if there was a significant risk


Take a look and pick the one's available at your store.

Best android music player?

Thanks user

-use a lower dpi
-disable title bars
-consider tiling to eliminate unused space

Over the last few years, i've been using Zixaphir's Appchan X, however there hasn't been an update in months now, is there a good fork of it?

run "file whatever.riff" to find out what it is

Nope most have moved on to ccd0 4chanX

>tfw too used to aesthetics of Appchanx but its also a broken peice of shit

You mean an idiom, not a euphemism.

ah well, guess i will have to move aswell
thanks for the info user

I've got a number of apps patched to disable ad services and facebook sharing, but now Pokemon Go is blocking rooted devices.
Is it possible to backup my patched apps and settings with Titanium while rooted, then factory reset, then restore my apps?

if i have a 9 year old 42" toshiba regza that works perfectly, is there any good reason why i should upgrade. i mean it has those ugly thick frame bezels or whatever but im just wondering if its massively inferior to whats available now

Before I download mpv, can it run multiple instances? Are there thumbnails for every file type?

>can it run multiple instances?
>Are there thumbnails for every file type?
nothing to do with mpv

Hey dudes,
is anybody here that can help me with something useful to study for lpic-1 Version 4.0 (last updated: April 15th, 2015) exam 101, 102? Books, pdf files, i have no study guides for this certification.

penguin tutor practice tests?

A friend of mine told me that the more internships/co-ops you get before you graduate means the higher salary you will get when you get a job after graduation. Is this true? (I'm Computer Science.)

it helps to make you more likely to get the job and to get a slightly higher salary

Dear /sqt/.

My mother will receive my current PC soon. So far, she was using Windows XP, but with new PC, I think I will simply make fresh install of new one. The question is - should I install her Windows 7 or 8.1?

Is there anywhere one can get a free/cheap Windows 10 license for use in a virtual machine? Or alternatively a reliable/safe activator.

What's a cheap but functional optical drive I can put in my fractal r5?

All I really need to do is install windows with it + maybe install an old game from time to time

Is it worth having more than one? I've already had one but I don't want to delay my graduation. Is it a waste of my time, could I make more money by just graduating sooner?

either 7 or 10, not 8.1

imo you don't need more than one and it wouldn't be worth delaying your graduation for it

Figured my friend was a dumbshit. I'd rather be poor in college then get the dough sooner.