She still hasn't installed the world's most advanced os

>she still hasn't installed the world's most advanced os

I'm not a fag or a dyke or SJW libtard. Why would I use Macintosh?

What does the screenfetch output for Bash under Windows 10 look like?

if you don't use os x then you must not like actual technology

>RAM: 4779MiB / 8192MiB
thanks, but no thanks

Is this the new desktop thread?

Need anime waifu sauce

>paying for ram that you don't use


>anime and feet fetish
>consider suicide

who are you quoting

take a wild guess


Anime is fine, but foot fetishes are for degenerates.

I couldn't figure out which OS had such a crappy design and horrible look overall. Have they really not updated it or sprused things up a bit?

Whatever works for you I guess

T-------A D



No; anime is trash yet foot fetish is ok
or better - paw fetish :3

>World's most advanced OS
>Can't even autosize windows to take up 1/2 or 1/4th of the screen.

Saged Macfag.

>what is amethyst
>what is betterSnapTool

>>Can't even autosize windows to take up 1/2 or 1/4th of the screen.
why would u ever want this to be desu

Men's rights activists also use it.

>not tiling windows based on golden ration
kys winfag

>advanced OS
>puts window menus at the top which is against all fucking logic
>no actual program menu
>ugly smoothed to fucking death fonts
>nonfree software
At least it's not Windows, so you have that going for you.

opinion discarded

I edged for the whole first episode just waiting until that inevitable moment when MC would walk in on best girl in the bathroom. Glad it arrived quickly so I could relieve myself to her.

Window menus at top is historical.
Theres is no need for program menu because they all are just .apps; you can just put Applications folder to dock
Plus fonts are godly
And free software is shit

>high ram usage just for a terminal a picture and a text editor
>using ram you don't actually use

safari minimized with a bunch of youtube video tabs open
>buying ram you don't use

>using ram for videos you don't watch

Windows does it ootb. The osx window manager is shit

Linux, on other hand, doesn't
lincucks blown de fug oud