Redmeme Note 3 Pro users who bought it after all the shilling

Redmeme Note 3 Pro users who bought it after all the shilling

Are you actually satisfied with that purchase? Would you recommend that to someone looking for an inexpensive phone (read: me)?

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I'm using it for only 2 months now but I can definitely recommend it not a single lag since opening the box 1080p videos look just really good I think there is nothing better for that price right now

5-6 months user here, yes with CM13, great battery, to low of a brightness for me outside, shitty camera... would still go for it.

As an indian(whose these phones are targeted to) i still dont get the hype for this phkne on /g{/. There are way better chink phones.

I'm using CM13 and it's smooth for normal stuff. Hearthstone lags and shadowverse sometimes stutters.

Can you name a few?

Mostly because it supports some of the special snowflake meme bands from usa.

>There are way better chink phones
post some examples, i'm curious

I use it for 4 years now and it still works like a charm. Display is awesome and not a single lag since the day I bought it.
Dropped it a few times really hard but it didnt break.

Do you mean 4 months?

>Announced: 2016, January
>4 years
are you a wizard

Sorry meant 3 years I bought it A week after the release

Also, love live doesn't lag at all.

Are you talking about the Redmi Note 3? Because it's not even a year old yet.


I have never been so satisfied with a phone. Previous ones were a samsung galaxy ace as first smartphone, then a 100€ piece of shit huawei, then a xperia z1 compact which i found out was too small for me. The RN3P is fast, has an okay camera (good enough for snapshits), a sd card slot and a huge fucking battery. I don't have one single complaint, especially not for this price. Even the MemeUI is pretty nice with root and nova launcher.

I'd agree with this.

Battery is amazing.

I switched from my sgs4 that had the sim card failure of death.

This phone literally cost me £130 with cakebux and I've never been happier.

I also fell for the used thinkpad meme and have come to realise that for £200, my t430s is literally the best laptop I've ever had. Btfo'ing out my previous xps dells that i paid 3x as much for.... Each.

Been using this phone for 2 months. For a daily use without games and shit, this is a great phone. It can pretty much hold a charge for a day with heavy use of 4G, highest brightness and a messenger. If you won't use mobile connection, it would work for a few days. As for Chinese botnet rom - I actually never liked MIUI and always used CM before, but I decided to give it a shot and my experience so far is pretty neat. The only complain with the phone I have is that camera in low-light is total garbage. Photos are all blurry and videos drop fps like fucking hell. Fingerprint sometimes bug out on me as well, but it's not a big bother since it fixes after a normal unlock or, in the worst case, with a reboot. Pic related, just been answering calls and that's all.

Yes, thanks for the product, chinamen.
The shitty camera is not a problem for such cheap phone, so I don't even bother. At least it works.

Have you tried CM on that phone? any difference between MIUI and CM aside from the obvious reskin? for example the camera being even shittier or something.

I'm still waiting for my RN3P but i'm flashing CM13 on it asap.

And under my today's usage.

No, I didn't try CM yet, but I'm pretty sure it will feel more smooth and fast, judging by my previous experiences with phones. Camera is supposed to be a bit better lightning wise, you can try googling "rn3p snapdragon camera app", there will be a thread showing a comparison.

CM works much better than MIUI. It's ok if you like to use Chinese botnet, much better than any other reskins and actually adds useful stuff.

But flashing CM is so easy that I don't see a reason not to. Also, CM14 is already working with just a few bugs.

Well looks like it'll be alright, thanks lads.

I'm pretty happy with mine save for an issue with the audio. It seems like the early-August models in India all have this noise that sounds like the distortion you usually get with very high volumes, except it's present at all volume levels and across the 3 devices I managed to get from Xiaomi before I gave up. Their service is down right awful; it's probably the worst I've experienced.

I have mine running the latest MIUI global stable with the unofficial bootloader unlock and it gives me about 11 hours screen on with LTE and WiFi always on. I would use CM13 if it had proper VoLTE support.

So yeah I'm still pretty happy with the phone despite the audio issues. I'll pick up the V20 some time next year if it lives up to expectations.

How bad is the camera? It seems like they are all terrible, minus the OnePlus lines.

How do the Chink phones work with T-Mobile in America?

There are roms with volte support now that qualcomm has released the source

Really? I'll check them out.

Thanks user.


I'm OP. posting this question on /spg/, which I have done in the past, would have given me 0-3 replies.

For me, it's 10/10, but I came from a Galaxy Nexus that had become practically unusable.

Just don't use Miui botnet.

Would this be a good choice as a secondary phone for nothing but Pokémon Go?

> buying a second device for a game that's already bleeding users at an incredible pace

you'll stop playing it in 2 months tops, and then what?

And then I'll have a chink phone to find a different purpose for or sell online

quite happy, mine has a problem related to the proximity sensor, that shit keeps the screen turned off even with the sensor uncovered.

Xperia line has great cameras.

That is not chink though.

>Would you recommend
Nope. There is no secure and stable firmware for it. Miui is a chink botnet, cm13 do not support full disk encryption and cm14 is buggy as fuck.

>cm13 do not support full disk encryption
wait wut

please elaborate

No they don't

Only the hardware is great, the software is shit.

Sony mobile devices are shit.

Other companies that buy their camera hardware can make better use of it.

Best phone I ever had
Well it should support it, but it is broken since first rn3p cm13 release. And now nobody want to fix it because it somehow fixed itself in cm14.

I'm running mine on CM13, there is no bugs so far, battery still great, but can't make 10h SoT like miui, camera is shitty to be honest, with good illumination you can take good photos. I didn't like the miui at all, the notification bar, the way to organize apps.

God fucking damn it.

I'm still waiting for my rn3p to arrive and the first thing i do to all my portable devices is full disk encryption.

This bug is just a month old, come on man.

Does it even have any scratch - shock resistant glass?

It was broken in may with first cm13 unofficial roms and it is still broken in official one.

That's why you ditch MIUI ASAP and use CM13 (and CM14 is probably a week or 2 away from being 'perfect')

using it for 3 or 4 motnhs now. still get 10 hours screen on time or if I don't use it as much can last 4-5 days with 5-8 sot

Have had it for 6 months
>battery life is solid. Leave home at 7am with a ~90% and come home at 9pm with anywhere between 40-60%
>camera isn't bad. I'm no photographer but see pic.
>all bloatware can be simply uninstalled, except for Jewgle

>miui is shit. I've had so many problems that were fixed with a factory reset. I don't know why I still haven't flashed CM
>RAM is 1.5GB with the other half on OS
>good luck fixing this shit


Worth all the rupees I spent on this.
> Easily getting 6 - 11 SOT and about 14 hours light to med usage.
> Use google camera/cinema fv5/opencamera and you can unlock 4k recording
> Root the phone and edit a single line in build props and get full manual control over camera with raw support
>Inbuilt permission manager is on par, if not better than marshmallow
> RAM usage never crosses 2GB mark (although set the MIUI memory optimisation to high)
> Most bloat can be easily removed
> Rooting the phone is covered under warranty
> Yet to see any freezes or lag
> Cheap
> Kind of like the UI

> MIUI always occupy 1.2 GB RAM
> QuickCharge 1.0 sucks for such a big battery
> Low light camera performance is shit
> Once while charging, the phone heated beyond 70degs C which is quite abnormal. But never happened later.

Pic related. Cropped picture of moon captured using manual camera.


photo looks like shit, sorry senpai

look at the background text

It's a decent phone. I've been running CM13 stable, and it works pretty well. There's only been a handful of problems with it, and most of them were caused by MIUI being a shit. As everyone else has mentioned, the camera sucks in some respects, but there's no point in expecting anything better unless you're willing to fork out for more than you want.

If you do buy one, purge MIUI. It's fucking miserable.

What makes this phone a "Note"? Without a stylus it is just a fucking galaxy ripoff.

I mean it has a few flaws sure.

The accelerator/compass doesn't work well in Starmaps but thats about all the flaws I can name.

Camera is way better then my old Galaxy S2 but then again it's way worse then the new iPhone or S7

Oneplus 3 Mi5 Axon 7

But they all cost nearly double.

I consider the Redmeme Note 3 Pro to be the best price/preformance/buildquality/visuals phone out there right now.

I am satisfied with note 3 (not pro) even. Using since march and not a single bug/problem found yet...

Couple of months of use. I'm a MIUI global fan. Would buy again.

I reached 10 hours a couple of times.

Not enough pixels for you, big boy?

Hi, friend,
sorry to inform you that the phone is the international version, it is 152mm long, not 150mm, so the all accessories can not fit the phone, so we will only send you the phone this time, no any accessory. if you bought the accessory, please contact us when you receive the phone, then we will return the money of the accessory back to you, please note and understand, and if you can not accept that, please cancel the order, thanks

Your feedback is in the sorry, 1 star.

wait, what's the difference between the chinese and international version?

2mm apparently
idk why that voids accessories

so if i got the chinese version i should be fine? how about the software? if i install the global i should be fine as well?

What a sad day

main difference between roms/botnets is the 4g radio
chink version 4g could not work in some countries IIRC

hijacking thread, but are there any users of Redmi 3S here? Manlet hands wouldn't handle the note.

OP3 is good.
mi5 is meme shit.
axon 7 has shit all in terms of XDA support.
it's between OP3 and RN3P, and then that's up to your budget

Please explain how the Mi5 is meme shit?
Because I bought mine a few weeks ago and I'm absolutely loving it so far.

>Buying apple knockoff brand

Nah camera is really bad, I don't really care that much about noise and low light performance but man there are severe focus problems especially on the edges.

>buying literal chinkshit

Is this board fucking mentally disabled?

:O :O :O

sorry mate. was a bit too harsh when i called it meme shit.
i just prefer think OP3 > mi5 > axon 7 if it was between these.
but i just checked the prices, and mi5 is cheaper than OP3 for slightly worse performance (day to day is equal tho) but the other features are pretty much on par.
MIUI kills it tho. if only it had official CM

He's talking about the Samsung Note 3 prolly.

Have it for 2 months. Can recommend it. Camera is okay, but doesn't have image stabilization, so it's a little hard to make sharp pictures. If you have a steady hand and use HDR, pictures look quite good actually. But it's really hard to make sharp pictures for me, coming for a Limia 920.

CM doesn't work quite well on newer revisions of the RN3P though. Keep that in mind. They use different parts (e.g. fingerprint sensors) in the newer revisions, and CM has problems with it. Despite other bugs like battery always stuck at 50% etc etc

Yep, if you get a phone with the newer parts try and replace it.

The pajeets in XDA keep claiming there's some [NEW][100% WORKING][GOODIX FINGERPRINT FIX] coming but everyone reports they aren't working. Now they started using drivers from other phones that have those fingerprint sensors, we'll see how that works. I have a feeling it will never be fixed.

The Mi5 is ~100 cheaper than the OP3 and even my 32GB model has enough power for everything I throw at it, I dont even know why you would need as much power as the OP3 has (apart from e-peen reasons)
MIUI does take some time getting used to, you're right with that. Xiaomi just released the kernel source, so official CM support should be a thing soon.

>try and replace it.

Try replacing it with chinese dealers? Good fucking look. Also how should they get older revisions? When I bought my RN3P and it came, it was produced just two months ago.

Yeah, I agree. There is a fix for the shantosh CM, but that rom will not only lock your bootloader again, but also it's a more-than-I-like modded CM. ALso that FP fix for that santosh ROM works like shit compared to how it works on MIUI.

So the only way to go is pretty much ROM which works quite fine.

Or maybe Xiaomi will release newer kernel sources for the RN3P, which the CM ROM can adopt then. I don't think xda pajeets will be able to fix it themselves.

In my opinion, a 100$ premium is a good deal in exchange for at least 3 years of XDA support.


More important question. Can it last 5 hours of pokemon go on a single charge?

Well that's far more okay than the other anons were making it sound. I didn't realise that people use their phones for high tier photography. I've got a $30 piece of crap, and its photos are genuinely unacceptable. Whatever

I'm convinced. Do I need the 32GB version, considering I can just add a 64-128GB SD card for music and whatever? Do I need whatever the "official global rom' is? White or grey? I feel like grey will go better with my Cred Forums T410.

What's the best CM13 release yet? Some specific nightly or do you use the current stable? Want to switch but heard about sensor problems with finger print

Did your fingerprint sensor work with CM?
My RN3Pro has a goodix fingerprint scanner if that helps

No. Okay phone, total shit software.
I have Nexus 6P, this thing rocks.

Is there a telegram group for the /Redmi note 3 pro/ guys?

How do you avoid the chink botnet?

Is there a guide on it somewhere?

flash resurrection remix without gapps and enjoy.

C'mon now don't hurt my feelings, the camera is somewhat okay. If you need professional looking photos, get a proper cam.

I've got the 16GB version (and a 16GB sdcard) and I'm fine. Then again, I clean my stuff out quite frequently.
I'd definitely suggest getting Global. The Chinese one is gonna be a pain to configure.


if you buy a mid range it's your fault

Not him, but i just flashed my phone with cm13 and the fingerprint scanner works flawlessly.

Don't even mention this. I tried to order RN3P twice, first vendor send me this exact shitty response, and I immediately canceled the order.
The second one asks for a photo of my ID card & credit card, because the country of delivery isn't the same as the country of credit card issue.

It's a Czech slur for Slovaks, based on the character of Lt. Terazky from Cerni Baroni.

As a slut, it doesn't hold a candle to "Pepik" if you ask me.


allmighty kek please make pic related come true

ROM Link please. All the custom roms i've been flashing don't work with the fingerprint.

so, or cm ? i kinda like miui, but the stock one is a little bit too heavyi think.... especially for the 2gb version.

Xperia z3c was a load of shit. I know because I have one.

I'm a handlet with an obsession with long battery life. Is the redmi 3s/pro a good option? Will the weaker snapdragon make any actual difference? I don't give a shit about mobile games.

Is this phone a reverse engineered version of the Samsung Note 3? Does it have touchwiz and all the stylus software?

How durable is it? I always get a case for my phones to protect them from getting dinged up or having the screen shatter for being dropped. I had a hard time finding a protective case that didn't look like shit for the RN3P

It's cheap chink shit, just quit handling your devices like an ape and buy a new one if it does break.

cases are a meme. either you use something like otterbox that might actually save the screen from shattering, or don't use them at all. its not like this phone would have any resale value 6 months from now like with iPhones.

sd650 is more than capable, im not playing games either

How's emulation?

Which one are you guys using? Kenzo or Kate?
How hard was it to unlock the bootloader?

no idea


(Do you have a sister btw?)

no, u ? I mean, why ?

uhh i have two younger sisters (im an asian male)

ive always wanted an older sister to bully me though

How hard is it to get CM on the RN3P?


darn tootin.

since Nikon uses (or used I don't really keep up with that anymore) Sony sensors in their cameras, why don't they make a Nikon camera app for Xperias?

they could sell it for $5 to sony phone owners (and for phones that use Sony sensors) here and in japan, and make a good chunk of change off of it.

unless you wanted to know what it was like to be held down against your will, and dressed as a girl, and have makeup put on you with threats of (yell or tell mommy and We'll cut your peepee off) its not that great.

who am I kidding? It was the best, they would beat the fuck out of girls that made fun of me, and even would hook me up with girls that I actually liked and liked me. I love my big sisters.

thanks senpai

I wish. Mine stopped charging after two weeks. Other than that it was amazing.

I've had it for a while and I'm using it with T-mobile and I gotta say it's pretty great outside the fact I can't make phone calls sometimes for some odd reason.

I commented in the /SPG/ thread about this and it seems someone else had the same problem with T-mobile. really weird since I can send messages and use the internet, but once I try to make a phone call it tells me the network is unavailable.

It just werks ™

No lag and cheap, what more do you need.

That can't be with stock can it?

>>$30 cheaper
mp cam
.0 inch
>>snapdragon 616

>>costs $30 more
>>MIUI botnet
mp camera

which one should i get?

it's shit. no support, chink menus even when you select english, 2005-tier camera.

It seems like they are all terrible, minus the OnePlus lines.

are you literally retarded?

It's literally true.