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>Rooting for noobs

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Youtube Adaway
Wanam Xposed (Only for TouchWiz)

Niantic made Pokemon Go incompatible for rooted phones. Magisk is the only way to play it on a Rooted phone
>Magisk Guide


>Use XDA for most needs

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amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00HWMPSJC/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474240651&sr=8-1&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=samsung tab3&dpPl=1&dpID=41wvQ9Jdq3L&ref=plSrch

shilling for newpipe and adaway

What's your favorite BadDragon?

Newpipe sucks m9
Use youtube adaway and background play xposed modules

Here are some battery life guides:

is it worth it to root right now before i add anything more to my oneplus3?

my only complaint is the proprietary, unremoveable file browser app along with other google junk

Is SuperSU 2.76 the last good version before the Chinese took over?

I root my phones as soon as i unbox them.

What's the best custom ROM to install if I'm mainly concerned with security?


Android is itself a botnet
Best solution is to flash cyanogenmod without gapps

Copperhead OS. Or any other rom really without Google play services

ive only had mine for three days and since i know it wont be a pain to backup i was wondering if it is worth it to use CM over oxygenos

cyanogenmod without gapps and full disk encryption

add adoptable storage to the full disk encryption to encrypt your microSD card as well

I fully realise that android is a botnet by google, but I still want something that's a bit more secure than what google offers with stock android. Copperhead looks promising, ty.


cyanogenmod is really great
i installed cm 12.1 on an old jelly bean phone and it runs 100% faster and taskes 50% less memory

Why would you recommend flux over cf.lumen if you're rooted?

Can't help you then m8, never used OxygenOS so i don't know if it's going to be better or worse.

Why isn't Neutron on that list? It's objectively the best music player at its main task of playing music.

Is UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.76-20160630161323.zip with sha1 d24566543093318f02eb570404d756ffef7b3118 the legit flashable zip from Chainfire?

I thought cf.lumen just did some overlay shit.

How is neutron any different/better than Poweramp?
The guide is still under construction, hence the (beta) at the top.

What are the benefits of going gapps-free? I want to try it.

Just use some other superuser app
I'm using superuser by phh

CM13 has built-in redshift functionality.

Battery life improvements and privacy.
I tried it for a while and for the most part it worked pretty well. Google maps worked fine ootb, but I couldn't get hangouts to work even with micro g. If I didn't need hangouts I definitely would be Gapps free though.

And Android 7 also has it built in I believe.

I thought Phhusson's superuser was still in beta and worked only on Nexuses

That's only when you're not rooted, it actually keeps the blacks black with root

Opo owner here and I've never bothered with oxygen. Cm has too many good features and I start to realise how spoilt I am when I see reviews and/or friends with bleeding edge phones getting excited over little software features. Every single time its something I've been used to for years now.

From what I see, oxygen is stock with one or two little extras. Personally, I'd struggle to use it now.

Using with magisk 6 on moto g4

Works on all devices
It's the best superuser if you also use magisk

Oh, nice. I guess I need to do some catching up.

>How is neutron any different/better than Poweramp?
For starters it's the only player with a parametric eq instead of the graphical eq on everything else, supports almost every audio format, niche features such has .cue files for single flacs, usb dacs, crossfeed, built-in streaming, grouping by album artist and some more features that i don't even know and sound like an audiophile's wet dream, look their Play Store page.

The new version of PowerAmp might've gotten some of these features with the new version though, it's been a long time since i used it.

I own this as my dedicated music player.

>kernel adiutor
I've used synapse for ages and all the mentioning of kernel adiutor got me to try it but its got something like 20% of the features and tweaks you get in synapse.

Why doesn't synapse get any love, its so great:'(

I have a small question about cyanogenmod, my phone gets nightly builds and it's on 6.0, but I also see another phone daily updated but still on 5.1, how is this possible? Is there a chance also my phone will get stuck on 6.0?

can anyone recommend a file explorer that has samba support?

ive been using ES for a while, but in the last year it has increased its annoying features and seems to be gearing up for botnet status, if it isnt already. (since the last update it places a refresh icon in the notification bar but does not indicate what it is doing... and it can only be ended by force-closing, but restarts eventually if not blocked by something like autostarts)

basically just need something that has samba and root access and is easy to navigate.

i think solid explorer can

solid explorer

cool, thanks

>Niantic made Pokemon Go incompatible for rooted phones
so you cant play the game if you're rooted? how? for what purpose

The reason they made it that way is because if you're rooted there are several methods for you to cheat.
I don't play the game but you can probably get around it by using magisk.

Does anybody know if the G3 Lite is a good entry level android device? I'm new to android and just wanna use it to watch movies and do other android things.

how much is it

$75 on amazon I believe.

The only issue I've heard is it's laggy but that could just be due to google. I heard cygnemod makes it a lot faster.

if you're interested in installing a custom rom at some point, chink tablets are no-go unless you know how to port roms yourself. i suggest getting a second hand fairly popular tablet like maybe a samsung tab 3 or something.

Like this?

amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00HWMPSJC/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474240651&sr=8-1&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=samsung tab3&dpPl=1&dpID=41wvQ9Jdq3L&ref=plSrch

Check out the device page on XDA before buying it.
Make sure it can be rooted and that there are some stable custom Roms out for it.

Oh got a link to the device page? I wouldn't mind waiting to get the shield K1. Just a cheap tablet would be fun to root.



The best thing about it is that the most effective cheat, Pokemesh, doesn't require root

Can Hearthstone detect Lucky Patcher if I only used it in small amounts?

No idea, I don't play games.
My guess is that lucky patcher wouldn't even work with hearthstone though.

For the S7 I can't recommend the superman rom enough

just don't install the sound mod with it

makes your speaker sound like a child being raped.


best custom ROM? Self compiled AOSP, no GAPPS directly compiled from the AOSP master branch

>tfw all my friends use hangouts
I really wish I could go Gapps free and it's just this one fucking app stopping me from doing it.

why not use a web browser for Hangouts?

Doesn't work on mobile.
Even if it did though I wouldn't get notifications.
Too bad none of my friends really care about privacy, otherwise we all probably would have moved to antox or signal.

I really doubt lollipop runs faster than jelly bean, especially since it requires at least a gig of ram

Had my OP3 for like two weeks.
Fuck yes. AdAway, Youtube background play and being able to uninstall pre-installed garbage is worth it. Flash Magisk if you want to use Android Pay or Pokemon GO.

Also, OxygenOS on OP3 is perfectly fine. Most people stick with it. There's no real reason to bother with CM.

Isn't oxygen closed though?

Antox is garbage, it slows my phone down sevenfold and never works for shit, it needs way mirework, signal uses Google Play Services so your best bet would be Conversations with PGP which uses XMPP and works flawlessly

How about telegram?
Regardless, it's pretty much impossible to convince everyone to switch, even more so when it's to some unknown messaging client.

U can use microGAPPS or from fdroid look for the repo MicroG that installs gplay services.

Hangouts doesn't work with micro g. I've already tried it.

How do I limit the amount of RAM each app can use?

I like xposed, that's the only reason I'm not on nougat.
Here are my modules:

Android N-ify ~~ get the nougat look (automated builds)
Custom Battery Meter ~~for aosp and aospa meters
InstallerOpt ~~shows versions when installing, disable any app and a ton of other shit
Jit Screen On ~~keeps screen on for specific apps)
Native Clipboard ~~clipboard history
No Lock Home ~~no explanation needed
PerfectColorBar ~~no more darker tint on the status bar, just one beautiful flush color (my favorite mod)
Play store Changelog ~~display full CL instead of having to click, playstore opens on your app list
SpotifySkip ~~play any song and no ads, premium for free!
XNotifications ~~hide and block certain notifications for a clean statusbar
Youtube adaway
Youtube background playback

wtf am i reading

Are there any apps actually worth paying for? Or should I just go to mobilism and pirate them all?
I do have $3.50 in my good goy survey points.

I bought Neutron, Solid Explorer and MacroDroid because they're pretty useful for me.

of course ymmv

Greenify. That's it.

Telegram's network is a honeypot, terrorists have gotten caugbt using it (which is good for national security but not if you want pure privacy)

Is there a better Gapps free alternative?

Fdroid and apkpure

I meant an open source messaging client.

Probably safer to grab the apk's directly from the play store yourself.