He doesn't use as his DNS server

>He doesn't use as his DNS server.

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>he doesn't use windows 10

>uses the botnet DNS
>doesn't use Level 3's DNS

>using Botnet dns

>using dns



Who /DNS here?

>Botnet dns

Any info on NTT?

Its the fastest on DNS benchmark, but little to no info.

I used to, then I decided to stop using as many Google services as possible. Now I use

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You downloaded a whole DNS, or you have a mirror to

github.com/jedisct1/dnscrypt-proxy :^)

>Not using dnscrypt connected to an opennic server

After what Google Fiber did, I'll never use it.

>he willingly submits all of his browsing habits to google
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>Botnet DNS

>not using OpenNIC

yea, fuck having any of my internal DNS entries work

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I don't even know what a DNS is

So whats the "best dns"

I don't want to use google and my ISP DNS server is flakey.

>Making unnecessary roundtrips outside of your ISPs network
>He doesn't have a local caching server querying multiple servers at once

that is in the usa

will it add latency to me if im in the uk?

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I'd imagine so

I have been using and for about 4 years, they work all the time are fast and they are run by a common guy with his own money in Denmark so no logs and no nsa shit

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>not using OpenNIC


>he uses technology

>He doesn't run his own DNS server that recursively resolves from the root nameservers

what a retarded thread

Thanks ill try that out.

>Using a DNS that is slow as balls

>he doesn't memorize IP addresses

come on meng

Any tutorial?

or configure the dnsmasq running on most freedom-respecting routers

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this desu

also unbound for caching


I do, my ISP default DNS sucks.

Mind your own fucking business

is there an advantage to using google's DNS instead of my ISP's? (unless, of course, i'm using google's for a server or router that requires manual setup of DNS for whatever reason)

>routing your domain name lookups through a server run by an advertising company
>advocating for others to do the same
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