Business idea

>develop a smartphone that is almost twice as THICK as the competition
>therefore easier to make it sturdy in your budget
>almost obscene battery life due to room for one fat or 2 normal batteries

>market it with HEAVY fat acceptance undertone ads
>talk competition down, saying they're just fat shaming with their flimsy phones

now you have a (literally) growing market of phones that have big battery life and are also conveniently sturdy.

have fun getting rich, thank me later

Except every fat acceptance faggot is consumerist trash and only uses Apple.

Oh when you're good at marketing, that won't be an issue.

>good at marketing
>better than Apple
Good luck buddy that's the only way they've been relevant since 2012 and all through the 90s

because they made use of all those questionable ideologies while the competition just tried to have a similar product without that massive pandering.

make a product based on normie memes like fat acceptance in this case and it will become a run away hit.

Except fat acceptance is laughed at by everyone outside the movement
When was the last time you went outside?

Good luck

Those selfies are pure comedy gold and they never realize that

That is scary.

The proletariat that brought down the Czar did so with the tools manufactured by the social order they toppled. Likewise in this digital age, will it be with communication technologies.

Yes. But it's unrelated.



Some of them will when they grew out of their stupidity.

Fuck phablets. I want a phelevision.

That is sh0e and she makes anti-fem videos on youtube. Its a joke.

>Its a joke.
sadly, this doesn't change the fact that there are hundreds of thousands out there who actually really think and act that way

>Make a cpu and gpu that come with built in DRM (denuvo or something)
>Watch Cred Forums amd Cred Forums collectively kill themselves


yeah, that board exists

>tfw no thinkpadphone