The Third Way

Finally a viable alternative to OSX and Windows.

Enter Google Fuchsia.

We will have a third choice for the desktop.

Who hype here?

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Only if I can have that font desu

didnt google already try this with chromeOS and it failed spectacularly?

why would I want my pc to be homosex

Woah there shill, that shilling gave the the shills, you know what I'm saying, shill?
god this awful shilling is turning my pc into an ATM

The general accepted order by tech literate people:
1. GNU/Linux
2. BSD
3. Chrome OS
4. Mac OS
5. Windows

So, not bad.

MacOS is BSD so not bad

Is this based on gnu/linux or is it something new that will likely crash and burn?

decent bait


Also ChromeOS is Gentoo.

>tech literate
>chrome os over mac os or windows

>windows 10 is "botnet"
>somehow a Google OS is not

fuck you, Cred Forums.

swap BSD and Linux

so basically it's
1. ChromeOS
2. OS X

You don't understand.

What makes Windows mostly appealing is the amount of software it's compatible with. People wouldn't give a single shit over it if it was something like the Windows 8 fisher price shit without the traditional system in the background. Which is why they don't produce basic surface tablets anymore without the full operating system.

OSX has had many years ahead as well. Linux too. What will this have? How will this aid corporations? How will this aid designers? Creators? Gamers? Workers? They can only reach customers that don't use computers often and go for tablets instead. They already have a product in place for that. It's not like this system is going to come out, and suddenly Adobe CC is gonna work fully on that without lacking any options.



Google is more trustworthy than Microsoft so their OS can pass.

As someone who has never used BSD

How is it more viable than the rest for someone who uses a computer daily for random purposes

Its Google spending money on something that will probably never take off in hopes that it will find some kind of purpose or at least a niche.

>google is trustworthy
that's cool
Alphabet is not
fuck everything about this thread, kys shills

>wasting their time with this when ganoo/loonucs exists
Why don't they just invest resources into that instead of wasting everyone's time and money with a piece of garbage that will never be viable?

>Google is trustworthy

What the fuck?

That font hurts my eyes.

The only two things I want out on a OS these days is:

1. something that is compatible with all of the games
2. doesnt spy on you like windows 10

If Fucshia doesnt have one of those things, I dont care.

>Google is more trustworthy

I said MORE trustworthy than Microsoft you cuckolds.

... and the shilling begins

inb4 12 of these threads per day

They are wasting their resources and their time.

Ok, I have to genuinely question this. How is google a modicum more trustworthy than microsoft?

Hi Google employee

Microsoft doesn't have control over nearly the amount of information, discourse and internet infrastructure that Google does.

I don't mind seeing them try something. Keeps things interesting.

Considering Windows 10 collects screenshots, mail, visited websites etc. where Google only has Android Google Play Services which is less aggressive, they probably do have more.

Which gives them even more of an incentive to collect said information

As of now, Linux is far more user friendly than Windows.
It has taken huge steps in that direction in 5 years.

I remember some five or six years ago, when Linux needed a shitload of terminal dicking to be comfy, but not anymore.
Libre Office is also very good now and can fully replace Microsoft Office.

Office, internet and media. That's 95% of use cases covered by Linux.
The other 5% are 4% for games and 1% for professional software only found in Windows.

Wew, bad argument.

It won't have games.

No I spent a ton on that steam library I'm not going to let them go to waste.

> I remember some five or six years ago
It's 2016. Things were plenty comfy in 2010.

I'm retarded. I was thinking along the lines of 2006.

I don't give a fuck about botnet.
I just want convenience.
Google is the best tech company period.

Isn't that strange? Same thing happens to me. I swear 2007 was 3 years ago.

Well enjoy your botnet then, shill.

Who do you think will be more successful at convincing Steam & game companies to port their games to the new OS?

An unemployed toe-jam eating pedo like Stallman, or Alphabet Inc. the biggest Corporation in the world?

No worries. It kind of feels the same way for me too and I have to double check myself every so often.

>windows 10 is "botnet"
What is Enterprise N LTSB?

It's a good version, seeded 2TB I'd that one.

However it's still controlled by Microsoft, being free of botnet stays guess work where that's no the case on a typical open source OS.

I thought the "third way" would be SteamOS, but I guess Valve is too lazy to produce anything these days.

>stalin is more trustworthy than hitler

>Considering Windows 10 collects screenshots, mail, visited websites etc.
Yet Windows 10 does not control the entire internet, it doesn't even have a majority market share among other Windows versions yet
Many of the spyware features can be turned off or require you to link the system to a Microsoft account
And what mail services do you think they're collecting information from? Definitely not Microsoft's own that next to nobody uses.
How about those visited websites? Well..
> where Google only has Android Google Play Services which is less aggressive
And one of the world's most popular webmail services
And one of the world's most popular cloud/document storage services
And the world's most popular search engine
And the world's most popular smartphone operating system
And some of the world's most popular social networking sites
And analytics that can track you across nearly every large website and many smaller sites

Google is probably the closest thing we have today to the megacorps cyberpunk only dreamed about in the '90s, far beyond anything Microsoft could accomplish with all the telemetry in the world.

...okay? What impact does that have on the fact that Google is far more powerful and thus far less trustworthy than even Microsoft ever will be as things currently stand?

>They are wasting their resources and their time.
>google glass
>google notebook
>google buzz
>google wave
>some kind of ill conceived wikipedia "killer"
They are known for this.

I agree about google. But K$ own 99% of the OS in the world. So they're still the first omnicorp. Google is second.

In retrospect, they sucked. But, I respect them putting forth the effort.

>its a google invests millions of dollars on another pointless hyped up piece of software only to abandon it after a year episode

It's fun reading up the abandoned and discontinued stuff though.

OS wide it's just a much more serious issue, people need to use an OS, use windows our of ignorant, create an account because that's seemingly required, they have no idea.

A website doesn't have remotely as much control over users as an OS does.

Shit, where did glass even go? That seemed like a huge deal, and then it was gone.

These last years we have had these fucking inventions all over the place, almost none taking off at all due to how expensive and how silly they are. It's getting fairly stupid. I highly doubt anyone will give a shit about VR in 2019, more than we give a shit about 3D movies nowadays. There's no step after phones and tablets. Shit's getting stale all over the place.

You forgot Linux.

they end up using the tech somewhere. there's a motorcycle helmet with a HUD in development, and module-based electronics could have any number of more sane usages.
That said, if their main purpose here is to replace android and chromeOS, i'm not really seeing the point if they keep java.

Microsoft only makes the operating system, Google ultimately controls what you use it to accomplish.

Google's entire business model is built on acquiring, analyzing, and selling your information. Microsoft's is not.

Google can control the flow of information and discourse on many large websites it controls and can influence websites it doesn't through search results.
Microsoft cannot, because nobody uses Bing.

Google controls chrome, the world's most popular browser.
Microsoft controls edge, a browser hardly anyone uses.

>OS wide it's just a much more serious issue, people need to use an OS
As a conduit to the Google-controlled internet.

>A website doesn't have remotely as much control over users as an OS does.
Superficially, no, but where it matters? Yes. The OS isn't responsible for the dissemination of ideas, the OS isn't what's shaping the beliefs, ideas and habits of the users, its the content they use it to consume and create.

The OS is a stepping stone.

>its the content they use it to consume and create.
I presumably suffered a stroke while typing this.

What I meant:
>The OS is just another tool they use to consume and create content, not the content itself

Dude, it's Google. They already have replacements for pretty much everything normies use from Microsoft, I don't think it's gonna be much of an issue.

Windows and Mac OS as #1 and #2 when you actually have things to do.

Backlash. Apparently people walking around with Google cameras strapped around their heads wasn't well received.

The term to describe them still makes me laugh, Google couldn't shake it either and abandoned it

>didnt google already try this with chromeOS and it failed spectacularly?

How? Chromebooks have gained a lot of marketshare in schools and Google play store will soon be released on them which will make them gain even more popularity.

You mean the same replacements they already had with android and chrome OS?

If they try to make something serious, it's going to have to target people other than that. People who would use computers any day of the year over tablets. People who are going to require more than a basic word processor. They should show those "alternatives" if they want to get anything done.

> Chromebooks have gained a lot of marketshare in schools
Are you talking about USA?

early reviews point to it being a mobile platform poorly optimized for desktop/ laptop/server

it's literally nothing but them realizing memedroid is built on a pile of shit

>They already have replacements for pretty much everything normies use from Microsoft, I don't think it's gonna be much of an issue.
Winshit RT had all of those things too and look where it went. Despite Cred Forums's penchant for projecting their shallow software libraries on others, normies /are/ the ones who need compatibility, whether to run their ancient software they have no interest in upgrading or their obscure indie-tier shit that only supports Windows.

Here's an anecdote to add that you can take or leave: Since the start of the semester in late August I have seen exactly one Chromebook, in what is supposedly one of their strongest markets as described.

I pray you are correct so that I may leave windows once and for all, or at least until they can get their act together

java, probably. or its replacement for android

Seriously what the fuck does Valve even do? Running Steam at this point is a job for a team of computer janitors. It's a solved problem that's just going to keep working with regular maintenance forever.

What are their developers and engineers doing? What are their game designers making? The answer has been "fuck all" for almost 5 years.

I think they just sit around on a pile of money getting blowjobs from hookers at this point. Valve has stopped trying/caring

1. GNU/Linux
2. Windows
3. OSX
4. Chrome OS
5. BSD

My prediction is that fuchisa will eventually either replace Linux in terms of usefulness, or pop up in the list right under windows.

>walk into office
>Open up chrome
>Log into bank account
>Continuously hit F5 and see the numbers go up
>Go home

>Finally a viable alternative to OSX and Windows.
lol he forgot about gentoo

Source 2.
Half-Life 3 (really).
Fucking around with pet projects that lead nowhere.
Mantaining Steam.
Being filthy rich.

That's about it.

There is a perfect open market right now consisting of disgruntled PC gamers who dislike Windows 10 and 8. It's a shame that Valve isnt tapping into it. I also figured Gabe would be enthusiastic about it because he used to work with Microsoft on the early versions of Windows, and he could show off his expertise.

man, Windows RT could have succeeded so easily if you could just recompile and run desktop apps on it (or hell, make the vast majority of .NET programs work out of the box)

that'd rock the wintel boat way too much for Intel's liking though, but we could have easily seen Microsoft succeed with Windows RT

fucking this

They're a lot like Bell Labs but without the same magic since all the early and exciting work is done. Google does have that 1/5 free time rule or something, where their workers can spend 1 day a week or whatever on side projects and still get paid. But they still have to do idiotic and soul crushing work the other 80% of the time.

It's soul crushing because there's nothing left now but figuring out how to sell more sugar water to impressionable consumers or improve some internal company revenue metric by another 0.0001%.

That sort of environment doesn't exactly attract the best thinkers in computer science, math, engineering. They should have the drones working full time doing the ad business and then let the top talent do their own thing 100% of the time without any accountability. That's what Bell Labs did.

But they only did that because they were forced by the Government since they had a monopoly. Not like Google has a monopoly on anything, right?


>Since the start of the semester in late August I have seen exactly one Chromebook

Are you talking about college? Chromebooks have a big marketshare being deployed elementary schools and high schools where the schools buy them up because they're so cheap and easy to manage.

And then in the future the kids who uses these chromebooks will probably prefer to use Google services like Gmail and Google docs then using Microsoft office.

I dont know if youve heard about the 2 biggest games on steam but theyre both valve games. Soo maybe theyre doing something with those things?

That's true, they'd be wonderful for that market.

>And then in the future the kids who uses these chromebooks will probably prefer to use Google services like Gmail and Google docs
They already do, especially when it comes to collaborative editing where Office's expanded feature set still really doesn't help it.

>2 biggest
Please don't forget about tf2 which is the third biggest ;_;

? they have steamos. the problems are the shitty hardware support in linux (only improved in the last 5 years or so), and of course the game makers

I'd like to imagine that being a game dev for valve would be god like. You have all of the resources you could possibly want to make your game, no matter how big or small.

But then I remember that valve has that open doors policy, where people can work on and leave projects whenever they want. So people would only help with your game when they felt like it.

Plus valve is very protective of their brand name, so you wouldnt be able to make your dream game unless it has that higher up approval for being "valve enough."

I wonder if it would have been possible for microsoft make x86 windows desktop applicationa to run natively on ARM?

Dota 2 came out more than 3 years ago. CS:GO came out more than 4 years ago. Neither were designed by Valve, they outsourced all the work.

It will fail or become obsolete like Chrome OS.

>signs into m$ account

Microsoft strives to be a botnet , they are on the opposite side of the privacy debate. They actively try to curtain privacy. Google is at least aware of the privacy debate

note: I don't use chrome or have a gmail

In what way is Fuchsia different than GNU/Linux?
Any technical details?

It isn't based off a kernel from 39 years ago
It's being backed by the largest company in the world.

It's not GNU. It's not Linux.
It uses a completely new kernel and toolchain.

What kind of kernel? Monolithic? Microkernel?
What filesystem does it use?
Did any hardware producers announced support for it?
What kind of hardware does it need, x86, ARM?

it's not meant for the desktop, I read .the code and spoke with developers and its not meant for simplicity or as a viable alt to Windows or Mac, all binaries are ELF based too, it's meant for Internet of Things, also we have a third viable option for the desktop already, it's called GNU (on top of Linux of course) even Google uses Linux to power shit like Android and ChromeOS, Magenta kernel is really meant for tiny embedded devices

There are no details yet, but expect it to be a hybrid kernel.
No hardware support yet because there are no details yet for them to support.

The OS is in its infancy for fucks sake, they're designing the kernel now.

It will be geared for ARM and x64. There will be no x86 support (for now).

This isn't as much of a problem as you think.

The basics of computer science were laid down more than 100 years ago, and maths/logic are thousands of years old. At the lowest level there's not been anything "new" that needs done in 39 years, or even 139 years.

The parts that have improved are higher up and more abstracted. Linux has moved along nicely and supported those improvements. It's been remarkably adaptable and extensible because it was built from solid first principles.

it's a tiny microkernel using x86 x86_64 arm32 and arm64
also you are a fucking idiot, stop spreading misinformation about the OS

The majority of Cred Forums have Android phones.

Looking into Fuchsia's code gives us a few clues. For example, the OS is built on Magenta, a "medium-sized microkernel" that is itself based on a project called LittleKernel, which is designed to be used in embedded systems (computers that have a specialized function and often don't need an actual operating system, like the software in a digital watch). Similarly, both of the developers listed on Fuchsia's GitHub page — Christopher Anderson and Brian Swetland — are experts in embedded systems. Swetland is a senior software engineer at Google and Anderson has previously worked on the company's Android TV and Nexus Q projects.

However, the Magenta kernel can do a lot more than just power a router. Google's own documentation says the software "targets modern phones and modern personal computers" that use "fast processors" and "non-trivial amounts of RAM." It notes that Magenta supports a number of advanced features, including user modes and a "capability-based security model." Further evidence that Fuchsia is intended for more than just Wi-Fi-connected gadgets include the fact that Google already has its own IoT platform (the Android-based Brillo), and the fact that the new OS includes support for graphics rendering. Some users of Hacker News have even suggested that Fuchsia could be use for augmented reality interfaces. (Google itself has yet to respond to requests for comment.)

How is this OS going to look like?

Alright, so it seems that except for some kernel information there's not much more. Cool, I wonder if this new OS will become something good, time will tell.

What misinformation?
It will be hybrid. The core of the OS will be all in the kernel, except drivers and shit like that.
That makes the kernel hybrid.

>medium sized microkernel
So, a hyrbid kernel? lel
It started as a microkernel, but it is inflating.

no it won't the Kernel is not a hybrid, it is pure microkernel, go to the IRC channel and ask yourself, I even read the code and by design it is a pure microkernel

chrome os can run full linux with either chrx or crouton. I used a headless debian crouton with spacemacs for CS.


well I also know it uses MXSH which is a shell completely written from scratch

Is it a unix-like shell or completely different shell?
If it was like in the POSIX standard then using it wouldn't require to learn a new shell.

completely different, it isnt UNIX or DOS like, it's it's own thing

POSIX is cool in theory, but there's a lot of shit that just doesn't make sense. Full POSIX compliance makes for poor design decisions, which is why GNU is only partially compliant.

Interesting. Microsoft also had some experimental OS, but I don't remember the name... Verve was it? They had some security features in it and most of it was written in some fine-tuned assembly.

I haven't read the POSIX, just wanted to specify what I mean by Unix-like shell.

i think the idea is security through obscurity

It was called Singularity.

you know all that virtual money that people inject into fucking weapon skins and shit? sure, the sick ass knife skin is virtual, but the commission charge for every transaction is an amount they definitely keep.

>open source OS
learn to read faggot

Google's prime directive is to profile its users and sell ads. The same is not true of Microsoft. It's better to think of Microsoft as a conglomerate. Of course there are parts of Microsoft that have the same goals as Google, but they don't necessarily have much control over the rest of the company. At Google, it would be a no-brainer to use data from users of "Product X" to sell ads. At Microsoft, the same sort of arrangement would require the cooperation of two or more factions with distinct goals.

>Viable alternative to OS X and Windows

What is Linux
>b-b-but it's hard to use!
Stop being tech illiterate

They're putting most of their effort these days into VR. There's also a small but competent team working on improving the Steam Controller software. I use both of those things and get good updates frequently.

wow they had better have something to show for it soon, vr is a gimmick so far and the steam controller seems to be used by you and gaben exclusively

Another idiot who thinks it will desktop shit.

Open Source. Fucking Epic Man. Epic.......

More Chromebooks were sold last year than apple laptops

>VR is a gimmick
Either you haven't tried it or all you've tried playing is Job Simulator.

Get someone to give you a demo of the Vive. It's far from a gimmick, it's just not quite mature enough for the general population, there aren't quite enough games.

Audioshield is pretty good if you enjoy rhythm games, I've got 15 hours in it

I have 60 hours in Elite Dangerous, most of those in VR.

Fantastic Contraption is a good physics puzzle game, so if you enjoy that genre you'd love it.

The Gallery - Episode 1 is an amazing 2-hour experience (if you can get someone to demo it to you for the full playthrough, it'll be worth it)

Onward and Rec Room are absolutely fantastic multiplayer games. They're the reason why I hardly play Overwatch anymore.

On the Oculus side (you can play them on the Vive with the ReVive program), there's Chronos, The Climb, and Edge of Nowhere which are all pretty good.

Assetto Corsa also works well, so racing games are a go in VR.

Space Pirate Trainer is also fun and quite cheap, so its worth picking up. It's a wave shooter though, kinda a polarizing genre in general.

Like what?


google is cia niggers you fool

Steam on android is shit and needs work.

>It's a shame that Valve isnt tapping into it.
They tried and they sucked dick at it

You'd figure with their amount of income they could hire big names and develop the next biggest OS to compete with Windows and Mac.

Its literally not

ChromeOS is not better than windows it cannot display Office 2010+ correctly

Any info into underlying architecture?

Hi moot

Hitler would've used atomic weapons despite the mutually assured destruction.

What neckbeard named it this? Doesn't even sound like a go ogle product.

It's garbage.

literally why

ChromeOS does the job

this is SJW cancer btw

>unironically playing E:D
Why do you hate yourself user?

The OS has access to everything a website does, from keystrokes to Internet traffic and then some. Google doesn't know what files you have or what sites you visit unless you're directly within its ecosystem. The same goes for Windows, but windows is almost ubiquitous and much more powerful simply because it can learn a lot more than any Google software. If you're not using android or any of Google's services you can rest assured that you're not on their radar but to step away from Microsoft you have to either make your pc a hackintosh or use a buggy hobbyist OS with limited compatibility, which next to nobody does.

Where do you get ChromeOS? Is it closed source? Is it only for chromebooks? I'd like to try it, but I only find alternatives to it and not the real thing.

Live cd

>I have 60 hours in Elite Dangerous
So i see your still in the starting system

>They already have replacements for pretty much everything
Not only they have replacements, they usual have multiple replacements for the same product!

>shitty font
>disgusting furry name
does it even have a micro kernel?

if this Gabe fellow saw ms source code, he may not be able to work on any related problems.


Fuschsia is a microkernel


>Half-Life 3 (really).
Gaben literally said no one is working on this a few months ago

15+60+2 = 77
HTC VIVE = £710
710 / 77 = £9.2
$11 per hour

great value

Literally no

MacOS is a steaming pile of poop, so off the list it should be


>The OS has access to everything a website does, from keystrokes to Internet traffic and then some.
So does Google.

> Google doesn't know what files you have or what sites you visit unless you're directly within its ecosystem.
And practically everybody is.

>The same goes for Windows, but windows is almost ubiquitous and much more powerful simply because it can learn a lot more than any Google software.
It's true, kind of. Windows doesn't know shit about what you're doing but on that system, Google tracks you across multiple devices and is actively building a profile of you, Windows and Microsoft barely give a shit outside of key files on your system that they can't even put to use nearly as well as Google can.

> If you're not using android or any of Google's services you can rest assured that you're not on their radar
The same goes for Microsoft products, except it's even easier, because there are a wide variety of alternative platforms depending on your particular use case, while there's only one internet.

> but to step away from Microsoft you have to either make your pc a hackintosh or use a buggy hobbyist OS with limited compatibility
You can say the same about straying away from Google services to use shittier alternatives that offer far less integration and widespread recognition across the 'net. How many people do you meet in your day-to-day activities that you could collaborate with using a Yandex or Yahoo service, for example?

>which next to nobody does.
The same way next to nobody uses non-Google services when Google alternatives exist. The same isn't said for Microsoft.

All it will take is a couple of Vulkan exclusive AAA games.

Imagine next Elder scrolls being released for Linux only. google has enough money to do it.

it would fucking bomb because nobody wants to switch operating systems for a single title and lose everything else they like to use in the process

the gaymer market is so fucking irrelevant in the windows space anyway that's dominated by big businesses and normies who could give a fuck about AAA games that don't run in a browser, get over yourself

Hard to compete with Windows 7

>the gaymer market is so fucking irrelevant
It's the only relevant market for windows. everyone in business already uses Apple with Red Hat servers.

It's not 2005 anymore, grandpa. Windows is a purely gaming OS.

It will be only as open source as android.

In 1st world yes, but not for 3rd world.

lol get out of here. ChromeOS is more popular than ever.

I would bet over 90% of small business use Windows servers. I would also bet that larger networks have a mixed environment that includes Windows servers. I thought I saw something on here recently that there were more Windows Server boxes in deployment than all *nex boxes combined.

In every world. 3rd world just sticks with windows 7/ server 2012 while slowly moving to apple.

>"professional" OS

>randomly reboots when it decides to
>wipes partitions
>installs candy crush and freemium games
>has adware by default


>It's the only relevant market for windows.
stop listening to the projecting archtards

>everyone in business already uses Apple
apple doesn't even offer enterprise-level support contracts let alone a decent enterprise application ecosystem or network management facilities, or a model range that isn't outdated garbage (the trashcan is a fucking disgrace)

the most you'll see macs in a medium or above sized workplace (read: the places that actually matter due to massive bulk orders) are a few shoved in the corner for advertising/2D graphics work

>with Red Hat servers
web and development servers aren't the only things in a datacenter, winshit servers are pretty prolific for infrastructural support such as remote access or services like AD, hell they even control around 35% of web servers last time I looked at a survey

literally none of that shit you listed is present in the enterprise/enterprise LTSB variants companies use on their systems, why is Cred Forums so fucking dumb? no wonder microshit treats you like sheep

Google makes money on the data of its users so I'd assume its privacy is fucking shit.

Anyone with enough money to get an enterprise-level contract uses IBM.

Windows will be dead by 2020.

>3rd world bussiness
>buying apple hardware
Choose one.
Everyone uses lenovo and such chink brands in bussinesses in 3rd world.

t. roach

Who cares? It's just another horribly-named, half-assed, poorly explained piece of shit project out of Google.

Google does exactly two things well: search and advertising. Literally everything else is a pet project that either ultimately benefits the two core areas or will be abandoned.

Fuchsia is my favorite color.

Did they really just name their OS after a town in Pokemon

>3rd world
>buying apple

It will not be gnu/linux.

Na they named it after USS Fuchsia.

Valve doesn't make video games. It's not a high priority even if they did. They make more money from Steam than any game they sell as they take a portion of EVERY game sold on Steam and just send you your royalties every month.

That alone fixes it. They also found ways to monetize the games they have with skins and hats creating an economy and essentially getting infinite money as they take a cut of every item sale and the money you get is locked to Steam. Meaning if you buy a game Valve gets the money to from their cut of each sale. They're getting free money for literally nothing.

They're also more focused on actual products to grow their empire. Steam everything. OS, controller, console, VR, etc. They're also focusing on Steam's features. Reviews, marketplace, greenlight, etc.

They make more money on this a month than all their games combined. Think of how much DotA 2 makes alone. Making games is a waste of time. Even if they do make half life 3 the hype will be too big and they'd have to find a way to make it new, but nostalgic enough. Too much stress and it could damage their reputation. Or they can literally not do anything and just wait it out.

No purpose. If anything they're going to make multiplayer games only.

I'm still mad at what they did to Project Ara

>Anyone with enough money to get an enterprise-level contract uses IBM.
wew lad, did someone make a POWER shill thread again or are you seriously this deluded? or maybe you're just a time traveler from 1995? who knows these days

POWER and Z systems exist to supplement your datacenter mostly for jobs that require high availability or ridiculous I/O like processing secure transactions and big databases, not doing banal grunt work like running a mail server or hosting your shitty website, that's an absolute fucking waste of expensive, powerful, and less efficient hardware that isn't even that good at it compared to commodity PC gear anyway

>chrome os

Like playing games? :^)

That doesn't hold at all.

What's the purpose of cortana?
Data collection

What's the purpose of tying Bing into Windows?
Data collection.

Why does Windows bind an advertisement ID to every user?
Well no shit.

Microsoft has already proven they are not in to ethics in the past, when there's money on the table they will do anything. Windows 10 isn't $100 like it's predecessors because they are going to make more through ad money.

fuck off back to Cred Forums you blazing faggot

Linux is for skiddies, gamers, and anime fans

BSD deserves to be up top

Except for implying that BSD isn't fit for programming, gaming and watching videos, you're not making much of a point.

so Google knows that IoT is the future and wants to be the first one to offer an unified ecosystem platform for the new emerging market, just like they did with Android for when "smart"phone market was still relatively new.

Open sourced microkernel


OSX is already the best OS, and macOS is going to turn it into basically a BSD distro, with ZFS enabled by default, and a polished UI/X, oh and an entire first class hardware/software ecosystem to boot.

suck it, poorfags. apple started with LLVM, and they're only gonna continue crushing it.

Someone made a x86 emulator For jailbroken Windows RT. I mean, it's pretty slow, but it works.

1. something that is compatible with all of the furry hentai videos I have
2. doesnt spy on you like windows 10, iOS,MacOS, Android

Sorry guys, I forgot I was a faggot.

>Talking about SteamOS and Linux is if they are different OS's
When will this meme end?

Literally YES read the documentation faggot.
>in before bait
Yes i fell for it 2/8 made me reply.

You forgot gun skins and hats.

Didn't Apple just use parts of the BSD user land and write their own shitty kernel?

install gentoo (chromeOS)


Lol, even Google is using Arch Linux as a base for their new OS. Checkmate atheists.

>Thoroughly crippled gentoo on non-generic hardware above semi-rippled nextstep on generic hardware

No, chromeOS below mac OS. Take your toddlercon elsewhere.

or you could just use actual linux and chrome

No, NeXT made a direct fork of BSD with someone else's half-decent kernel, and then added their own userland around the basics and started patching the kernel.

Then apple realized it had hired incompetent programmers and bought NeXT, but still kept some retarded employees so we could get wonders of software engineering like finder and launchd

I'm afraid it will fail considering Google's constant flops lately.

>using google anything
you have to be retarded. the only thing for which there is no viable alternative is youtube.

>abandon windows 10 for privacy concerns
>a google OS is a logical replacement

Most peoplejust tend to stick with the stuff we already have problems and all. Its great someone is trying to build or rebuild something better (even if it sucks, we learn from our mistakes (except microsoft))

from the look of it this is not going to become a full fledged OS. more like a purpose-built OS for google to use in-house.

Google has the NSA's dick in their ass

Kek, in Finland traffic wardens use Google glasses for their job. At least in my city.

Fucking this, gogOS when?

It was called Singularity but the name was changed to Midori (green). I don't know if they are still working on it, though.

>with ZFS enabled by default
The new file system is not ZFS, faggot.

Why is a search engine making an OS? Seems like something Alphabet would be better suited for. :^)

In all seriousness, isn't this exactly what all the minimalistfags on Cred Forums want?

Not until they make a viable exokernel.

It's literally Debian.

Eh, there is a chance app streaming rather than traditional apps. I would not use it for that reason alone.

Mach, L4, CodeZero, F9, etc.
Both BSD and GPL flavors of open-source.

The way I see it is there are basically two desktop OSes that make sense. Windows and macOS. (Please don't tell me it's the year of Linux on the desktop) These OSes ship with bundled services. Apple has shown actively that it doesn't want to see your data, and it doesn't want others to see your data. Microsoft has been more lax on this front. macOS being POSIX helps tremendously, and so does the fact it looks a damn sight better than Windows. This leaves one reasonable choice.

Apparently Nokia owns Bell Labs these days and they have been pretty hands off and let them do their thing with renewed funding. So we might see something cool come out of that place once again in the near future.

>selling your information
I've got no clue why you people don't understand Google's business model. Why would they sell data that they are using to "provide targeted advertising"? So that they could earn a one time payment per user? No they're going to milk monthly payments from advertisers because nobody else has their data

I'd rather die of starvation than develop for googles new spyOS for IOT shit. Hopefully it crashes and burns, at least android can run linux programs and run linux in a chroot. This OS is going to be the next gen botnet and it really scares me.

Apple has targeted ads so they do sell your data.

>people are actually defending google and think they could give two squirts of piss about your privacy when they're close to dictating the terms of existence to all life in the free world (and a good part of the rest)
Holy fuck what is wrong with you Cred Forums?