Why does restarting a computer fix so many problems?

Why does restarting a computer fix so many problems?

heap allocations across all the different subsystems and drivers and applications might not be deallocated properly or will start to step all over each other. eventually memory corruption happens and instead of trying to debug all the possible reasons why there was a corruption it's easier to just wipe the ram with a restart.

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Why does sleeping solve so many problems?

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Why does alcohol solve so many problems? would be the better analogy.
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The same reason rebuilding things from scratch is sometimes the only good solution

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Because you have programs running in that background that haven't been closed due to poor programming. I can leave my PC on for weeks, and when I restart it I notice no difference in performance.

It could also be placebo.

Debian Core-i3 here. Always running smoothly. Never need to reboot.

Likely due to lackluster cooling and poor drivers, especially on tablets and laptops. For desktops, I can run them for many weeks 24/7 and there are no problems. Laptops and tablets tend to freeze and crash after a while, for whatever reason.
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>still rebooting you're computer.

I haven't needed to reboot in years. Any problems, turning my computer off and back on again will usually fix it.

Nope. Every call to virtualalloc results in a zeroed memory page on windows.

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