Is dvorak worth learning?

is dvorak worth learning?


Unless you will only ever use your own key board for the rest of your life

>Looking at your keyboard
Just change the layout in the settings on other computers

>arrive at kiosk

>not knowing qwerty as a backup

Probably not. You can expect to be (theoretically) maybe 10-20% faster, once you've spent quite a long time to master the new layout. Every keyboard you use that isn't your own is going to be a qwerty keyboard. Even if you can sometimes change the keyboard layout, this is going to cost you time and effort. If you're a professional typist, it may be worth it. If not, it probably isn't. Unless you just think it's a fun project, but why are you asking us then?

I changed for RSI reasons (athough I switched to colemak because I couldn't be arsed to learn all the special characters again). Helped a lot, desu. My point is speed isn't the main reason people who type all the time should switch to other layouts.

How long before apple makes mac books all Dvorak?

>galaxy in the game Ring Runner where you work as a Dvorak "salesman",
>defeat the parent-teacher's association in Team Deathmatch to force them to have the children use Dvorak keyboards
>"they won't be able to use other keyboards!"
>"operating systems can be configured to interpret a keyboard as a Dvorak layout"

I wish there was a continuation of that game, it was pretty fucking great even though the middle half of it was just filler garbage using copypasted assets.

I've learned dvorak and alphabetical keyboard.

Its more of a brain exercise than actually being useful, I'm still faster on qwerty simply because of more practice. But the mental benefits are there. At one point, I practiced on my qwerty roatated 180 degrees...90 degrees...

I can safely say that it does increase finger dexterity and mental flexibility and adaptability.

You could be autistic enough to carry around a mini keyboard around with you all the time. I've seen it.

What the fuck is the point? Are you a slow typing retard?

Nope it's a meme supported by a bogus study.

>needing to be accustomed to a "backup" configuration because you're a special snowflake

i'm so glad i live my life and not that of other's

dvorak is worth listening to...

for me, yes, but i was getting RSI symptoms.

Yes, it's much more comfortable and was worth it for me. Speed bonuses are questionable,.but it's certainly not slower.


How much faster can you type on Dvorak given the same level of experience/skill?


bullshit. my speed has increased by ~40% compared to qwerty since I started using dvorak.

>Since I started practicing typing

Qwerty is only a good key layout if you type with two fingers. Dvorak and Colemak are better, they are more comfortable to type.