Speccy Thread

Speccy Thread Cred Forumsentlemen.
Post All Your Specs.
Windows XP, Vista,7,8,10. Just Post It!

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You need new stuff.

Woah, those HDDs. My build has a 2009 theme.


CPU is an i7 4702MQ


What the fuck is this

A screenshot of Speccy displaying my system's specs.

Are you poor?

If I was poor I wouldn't dropped $300 on such a low power system with no reason other than I want it.




inxi user reporting in

r8 dont h8

roast me


Hey guys.

not speccy but still

Can someone fill me in if this is an alright first gaymin pc? Been messing around with it for a while.

Looks fine for 1080p, you should save ~$50 by getting a W10 key off of reddit and just downloading the ISO from microsoft and using a flashdrive for installation.

>Windows 10
simply ebin



hows the rx480 in cfx?


Also to note the GPU temp. Gpu was rendering. It's normally in the neighborhood of 25-30 degrees when idle.

pretty guuudd

though only tested on a limited number of games. witcher 3, fo4, and WoW.

WoW is pretty awesome. near 100% usage on both cards. my old 670 sli rig only netted around 40 - 50% usage on both cards in WoW.

>dat 945GM SLI

rate me pls

A bit more towards the current meme build but not bad at all.

i dont even know what that means

I smell Dreamspark Premium
Btw does it still have the watermark at the bottom right?


Frankenstein charging through!

You need a decent gpu faggot

you need to stop shilling for free on a japanese cartoon image board


What is that, a DL380 G5? Throw that away.

its a meme

you're going to regret this, nvidia's support for old gpus now a days is shit and as soon as volta comes out that thing is going to be useless

I am at School so I don't have my PC with me.

Rate my specs, and how long I should be good for.

i5 3470

16GB of RAM

Dell motherboard

Zotac GTX 970
Dual Acer monitors


He's buying a $100 asus 1080p 60hz 21" monitor, I doubt he will be too upset with a GTX 1060 considering it can do 1440p at medium-high settings for most games.

for now

If he wants to upgrade to a better quality screen he will be dropping $300+ anyway, and at that point you might as well get a new GPU.

I dont see the point doubling his GPU budget to go up to a GTX 1070 when the GTX 1060 is going to give him 60fps in every game at 1080p.

If he had 144hz or 1440p, sure get the GTX 1070, but he doesn't. And by the time he does upgrade to a better monitor, new better, cheaper GPUs will be out anyway.

Save the money now and upgrade in 2-3 years.

nobody ever replies to my shit

just got my x220 this morning.

and you're already overheating

If that's idle you may wish to pop off the keyboard and redo your thermal paste.

was on my lap + playing 1440p video

also to add chrome lags to hard even on 720p YouTube but ff is fine

what's that all about?

Either way, you may want to replace the thermal paste anyway, most thinkpads from that era if they haven't had the thermal paste changed yet are in need of it.

Firefox is probably using GPU accelerated H.264 decoding

Chrome is probably trying to use VP9 which unless you have a brand new 10xx series GPU or a new kabylake iGPU, it will rely on the CPU for decoding, which your CPU is probably not good enough for.

Currently in the market for a new GPU, planning on getting a 1440p monitor at some point... been pretty out of the loop
Should I spring for a 1070? Would a 1070 even fit in a 250D?
AMD is not being considered after the terrible experience I had with my last card.

You're asking if you should upgrade GPU but then you black out your current GPU.

So i'll say no, don't upgrade because fuck you.

I currently don't have a GPU, I blacked out my R9 290x which shit the bed, and my old monitor which I sold.
Sorry for the confusion

Feels meh.


I got the 1070 last friday, it's great.

beat this

yeah I'll give that a look and also is £35 good for a factory sealed keyboard?

Not a terrible price, i've seen japanese keyboards go for $150+

>tfw starting a plex stream with max quality transcoding

b-be gentler senpai...! I was able to get this up to 4.95ghz pretty stable.. but Plex murders my shit heat wise. Fucking aida64 won't get it this toasty. What do Cred Forums? Do I really need more clockspeed than this anyways?

80 degrees is nothing, I wouldn't worry about it.

Shitbox coming through.

Normally the highest I see while it's at full load is maybe 55c? 60c in the midst of summer if I get home and AC hasn't been on.

It'll hit these temps for about 10-15 seconds during the initial transcode for a stream then drop right back to it's normal idle temps if I'm doing nothing else.


New SSD and Win10, now i need a new GPU. I'll probably get rx480

got my 1060 today
now all i want is for Zen not to be garbage so I can have a proper CPU someday



but user, zen only runs on windows 10

The CPU will bottleneck the GPU.

Fuck off retard, that's blatantly false.



sure it might run on older windows too, but there's no official support

no shit. Doesn't really matter though since I get 60+ fps on all games anyway.

Just because they wont officially support it doesnt mean it wont work anyway.

Just like how skylake CPUs "only" work in Windows 10, but you can install windows 7 just fine.

Windows users may need to use Windows 10, but that does not mean the CPU requires it. Learn English, what you're saying is essentially that the CPU will only work if the operating system is Windows 10, which could not possibly be further from the truth.

Microsoft does support skylake on windows 7 though

since build 1607 (anniversary update) they removed the watermark.

did they remove the botnet also?

are these normal temps when running a game?


just updated speccy bc i want to see what my CPU us running at. still doesnt show. got openhardwaremonitor and ran it and am seeing some very strange numbers in my opinion,would someone care to walk through it with me?? heres my speccy

Can you disable this autistic action centre icon?
Why do you have so much storage?

why so many animu?
Don't you feel bad about wasting so much money on stuff you don't need?

Holy fuck, just sell this trash away and buy yourself something nice.

No its overheating, you should install watercooling on your 1070 because it will burn in at these temps, you might have only counted days left before your gpu melts down.

Where does it say he's storing anime?

We all know what he's storing on it.
17bit sh0ta animu takes a lot of space.

He has posted it before that most of it is anime, only 1tb of movies and another 1tb of porn I think.

Basically the same as my setup. ()

>this thread
>this fucking thread
>there are still (sub)people in 2016 who uses mechanical drives in their desktops/laptops
>not having SSD-only systems with the exception of stationary file (home) server
You guys are fucking pathetic. Ideal hardware for server purposes is dirty cheap, yet you mount these fucking spinning, noisy drives into your daily use computers.
Did you try killing yourselves?

i wonder why

Nobody forces you to buy big SSD. Just set yourself up a nice home server with enough storage for your needs, and access it remotely. Don't you want to have one data source to access from your phone, laptop, smartphone? Or maybe remotely via VPN from anywhere on this planet?
I'm pretty sure you don't need anything bigger than 256GB SSD locally.
Also streaming gaymes is the future. You don't need to store game locally.


>current year
>feels the need to comment on other peoples choices
>still using a gimped laptop himself

>Just set yourself up a nice home server with enough storage for your needs, and access it remotely

>>Also streaming gaymes is the future. You don't need to store game locally.

meanwhile in Poland


plz help me

Good enough

Hows my rig ?


>Windows 10
When are you going to neck yourself?

Nice temperatures

Welcome to amd and their genius algorithm. The only application that shows fx chip temps correctly is amd overdrive. Even that just shows a "thermal margin" meaning how much you have left until it starts to throttle.


$300 for this?
What the fuck, are you Aussie?

new build howd i do

CPU temp is cuz of TERA.

Motherboard specifies compatibility with Crossfire but doesn't state compatibility with SLI, yet you got an NVidia card... why that card or motherboard then?

Also, it supports fairly good overclocking frequencies, yet you don't seem to have a K series CPU, why bother getting a $170 motherboard that does stuff you don't use?

i paid for windows because I was too lazy to reinstall with win 7 and crack it and upgrade for free

i also bought the 980ti 4 days before the 1080 was announced. newegg refused to give me a refund :(

yes I do plan to OC but I just havent gotten around to it yet

4k = yay



The 1080 is overkill unless you're running 4k or 144hz 1440p. You should invest in a higher res screen first. The 980 Ti will do very well at 1080p for years to come.

what? isnt z170 for oc? mine is h170 i just got the cheapest h170 they had in the shop i bought from.
I wont use sli or crossfire anyway 1070 on 1080p will last me some years then ill just buy another single gpu so no problem here i guess.

I have the best specs

im weeping for you user

lol, Speccy.

haswell > memelake

its good man

summer's officially over

4.6 Ghz @ 1.25v, still needs some more fine tuning

Not him, but I need watercooling on my CPU AND my GPU?

>those temps
Not the worst but still.

Gonna get a RX 480 next month or so. How loud and hot is the Nitro+ really? Anyone here have experiences with it? Will a custom fan-curve help? Looks like the MSI one is Cred Forums-approved but I still prefer the Nitro+.

291 degrees? No system cpu should be that hot.

New monitor.
Now my GPUs aren't up to the task.
A never ending cycle.

to be fair, nothing is really up to the task for 3440x1440 100hz ultra settings.

Even two GTX 1080s would likely stutter under 100fps in a few games. (Deus ex and shit like that)

Ya, waiting for the 1080ti to see if they're good enough, but I doubt it. I may have to be patient. Could take a year or so before a duel card set up can do the job.

I'll get a 4590k soon, I've had this g3258 for I think 3 years, and the entire time it's been at 4.4 GHz @ 1.310 V. The 380 was because my 270x shit the bed and when I RMA'd it, MSI only had 380s. I also "borrowed" 8 GB of ram from some random computer my old highschool had sitting in a storage room. Also, I just got the T420s like 2 days ago and just carbon fiber wrapped it, looks pretty good.

The 212 I used with my 4770 kept it cool enough, but the 4790k I replaced it with assflusters it hardcore

The MSI one is the only one with a proper heatspreader on top of the pipes, the N+ has nothing to offer that the MSI one doesn't do better


That's what you get for not buying based EVGA. Also buy from Amazon as they don't GIVE A FUUUUCK.

Just installed a Hyper 212 Evo, time to OC the CPU. I'd been living with the stock cooler for a 4350...


My Media Server. Just added the 2x2TB drives. One was a Seagate 2TB I had laying around and never used. The Hitachi (HGST) 2TB is a factory refurb I got for $30.

You need to stop coming on a free cartoon image board & earn some money to buy a half decent gpu


CPU is i7-6850K six core with a mild OC to 4GHz.

I'm upgrading it today to Windows 7, desu. :^)

What should I upgrade to avoid bottlenecks? Should I just get a new GPU and Mobo?

My 1080 hits 76 with fans at 65%

Fucking idiot. Are you really so stupid

Get rid of that sack of shyte cpu. Fucking outdated turd.

>8 GB
>Will be switched to Quadchannel 2400 this weekend
>No storage
Sold my 840 Pro and 2 TB SSHD for a 1 TB 850 EVOv2. I hope I don't regret the EVO.


What the fuck?

No, I just wanted a UMPC


A mobo, RAM, AND a new CPU, the FM2 family is going to be abandoned come Zen, while a 980Ti will last you quite a while at 1080p, but your CPU is going to hold you back, even late-gen Phenom II's outperform the majority of AMD's APU CPU's

If you wanna stay AMD, wait and see what Zen's like, otherwise, you can grab a cheap 4770k off of eBay, and some 2400 DDR3 and a nice Z97 board somewhere

I put this together a few days ago since I need to upgrade anyways. pcpartpicker.com/list/3XPbLD (the 32 GB kits were sold out)