Did I just buy a meme Cred Forums?

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Yes, now go back to cartridges.


Also, what's the general opinion on Muhle brushes?

>neck bear

> Cred Forums

You be careful with this thing.

>not just lasering that shit off your face

There is literally nothing, NOTHING I hate more on this Earth than shaving

yes, you've wasted your time worrying about stupid shit you have to shove in people's faces to realize any difference

i buzz my shit down every few months with a face mower and that flies, i'm a functional and for all intents and purposes successful human

this is just garnish for your bathroom, i hope you have lots of visitors in your bathroom. put it in the guest bathroom so they can see it. make sure to have the badger fur brush as well

this really makes me think

Yes, a rather nice one.
Just, when putting it together with a blade, don't really crank down on the handle while holding the sides of the head. You'll slice your thumb. The edges of the blade stick out, and while they aren't sharpened, they're very thin metal.
You don't need to heavily torque it down for it to work.

>safety razor

I just use gel. Works fine. I didn't buy a safety because I wanted the expense of cartridges. There's no need for fancy soaps.

Mine gets a closer shave than my cartridge razors but I only use it for special occasions. For every week shaves I use the cartridge. They do good enough and are less likely to burn or cut me.

The Merkur34 is pretty intense from what I hear. Be careful with it. I have a Muhle R89 and I love it. Anyone who still uses cartridges is a cuck

no you didnt. ive got a merkur 34c. best investment in shaving tech i've ever made

get yourself a 100% silver tipped badger hair brush, a couple tubs of taylor of old bond street shaving cream (the almond scent melts the ladies pants off) and a 100 pack of razors off amazon. you'll be set for over a year and shave like a gentleman for 6 cents a shave

I just spent 185 US Dollars on a razor.

Yes. Just get a chinese shit safety razor first. They're like 3 bucks and will last decades. If you later want something more fancy later, get a merkur.

>imma cut my friggin self

wow Cred Forums posters are growing gigantic vaginas

>this butthurt
I bought a safety razor because Gillette's cartridges are relatively expensive and can't be recycled.

He's using garnish in a bit of a more figurative way here. When you garnish a dish, you add something for really nothing more than an aesthetic reason, much like having a safety razor. Your quality of shave isn't going to improve appreciably, it's just an accent piece for the bathroom.

> muh earth
>i have so much time for this


Did you get 185 dollars worth of satisfaction?

Using it for body hair but I'm never, ever, letting that thing touch my face.

posting on Cred Forums is worth at least $200 direct to the pocket

it's such a privilege to be here

You know what, user

I did.

Safety razor works damn fine, I shave right out of the shower with no fancy creams or brushes, the heat opens the pore enough to allow a close shave. If your skin is a bit more sensitive, sure go ahead and use a cream and maybe an aftershave


The 34c is an average and overpriced razor.

The 37c or the futur if you prefer traditional are pretty cool and you should've gotten one of those if you wanted a merkur.

I did cut myself, which is why I'm warning him. Sliced my thumb pretty good squeezing down and twisting it really tight.
It doesn't need to be super tight. I didn't know that.

Does this thing have a trimmer option or something?

just hold it further away from your face fag

Good tip! Thank you very much!

Please recommend a nice blade for a novice, I don't wanna bleed my face out.

I just use an electric razor.

i started with these


down the road, not across the stream

Thanks for the warning, will be careful.

An old and very socially acceptable meme, yes.

In during electricfags and cartridgefags overpaying for their unreliable products and dry faces.

What's the best tech to shave face with?

My kit:
Old Gillette safety razor from ebay
Proraso menthol/aloe/whatever soap
Synthetic brush from amazon
Dove post shave lotion
Personna blades

Cost me $60 altogether 4 years ago. Prep with a warm cloth, take your time, go in at a sharp angle. Keeps this neck beard-free.

Anyone who doesn't know this is god-tier either can't into facial hair or shills for 99blade cartridges.

I like feather because of their marketing and derby because they're the cheapest I can find
It really comes down to habit. if you get used to the cheap blades you won't cut yourself with them, if you get used to the more expensive ones then those are the ones that'll get you the best shave.

>I did cut myself
well dont hold it by the blade part obviously. if you're holding it correctly from the far left and right edges of the top its impossible to cut your fingers

You buy a safety because it's 4 cents a shave, and shaving with a brand new edge every shave does appreciably improve shaving.
If you can afford a new cartridge every few shaves, then no, you're not going to notice a difference, and the cartridge will be faster. But if you balk at the expense of cartridges and try to stretch them, then a safety is straight up better, because a new blade is waaaay better than a week old cartridge.

electrics are literally the worst piece of technology ever created

Feather are good. Sharper doesn't mean it cuts you more.

i shill for ease, this prep work sounds like shit and ass, just trim the fat what is the matter with you preppy people

>not using a buzzer and trimming it instead

I bought one of those safety razors years ago on Amazon. It never seems like the blade comes out enough. It this common or did I buy a bad product?

I've been using a Merkur for about seven or eight years now, and have never regretted it. I mostly use Feather blades, but occasionally use the Derbys that the razor came with, and they're pretty good.

It's not like you can't get a good shave any other way, but a quality safety razor is an effective and economical way to get the job done.

If you want the blade to come out the furthest get the muhle r41 2011 version. If you want the blade to have a wider gap get the merkur futur.

A lot of safety razors are overly safe and don't expose the blade enough imo.

How many of you guys trim your pubes?

hell yeah, why not. it's not like it doesn't grow back if you don't like it

>2011 version.
So not the $80 one on Amazon?


What do you guys recommend for trimming beard?

just with an electric hair trimmer.

(and clean it afterward).

I asked because I trim my pubes and I've actually started to trim really low during the summer months, felt amazing to not have a mass of hair over your dick because it was hot as balls this year.

But I need better tools, I have too often trimmed to low and end up looking like a kid with dick stubble.

I use a disposable razor when i have the time, electric when in a hurry.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with electric.

any recommendations? i feel like putting chinese metal on my face will cause cancer

And even if it didn't who cares. Hair falls out where we don't want it to, and grows where we wish it wouldn't. God is warped.

A safety razor. Straight razor if you're metal.

>not using a 6 blades razor

Synthetic brush > Boar brush > Badger brush

>Shaving cream INSIDE the handle!!

If only it came with a bedpan and catheter too

>cleaned up gillette fatboy
>nice cheap best badger brush
>almond tobs and lime trumpers shave creams
>carton of derby blades
>witch hazel
I too enjoy shaving for under $25/year

See the tabs on the left and right?
They stick out on a Merkur. That's where you hold it when you're screwing the handle into the head. If you're squeezing that tightly and you crank down on the handle, it's gonna slice you.
It ain't sharp. You can squeeze down on it just fine. But squeeze and twist hard...

you can just put in local blades into it

I use some cheap blades I get in my local store. It only has 2 blades but it shaves surprisingly well. Also come with 21 heads and costs 2 or 4 £

yes, enjoy being one these californian hister faggots using meme frameworks and cutting your neck

>not just buing dirt cheap mach3. while using one head about 25-30 times.

ive researched a little bit and im told that any blades work, in general. any ones that have worked well in your experience?

>dirt cheap mach3. while using one head about 25-30 times.

and looking like a 14 year old with crazy razor burn after babbies first shave

If you put general in the subject the mod will have to keep it this time. Also, any step away from a cartridge shaver is not a meme.

>tfw no solid bronze razor

Shaving plebeian here
What cartridges would you guys recommend? I usually just buy disposable bic razors

Parker 86R is the one with too big of a gap, not letting enough blade out.

>buing dirt cheap mach3. while using one head about 25-30 times.
keks good luck with that

me? I just get the ones my local grocery store carries.

Is pic related the ATH-M50 of the safety razors?

>salty because his product inheritly inferior and he fell for the meme
literally $2.15 each, are you fucking poor?

anyone else here use cheeki breeki blades?

What are the pro and cons of safety razors in relation to regular disposables?
Is it really worth using a brush instead of just a can of Gillette?

Why buy a brush when you can just spray the can in your hand and spread across your face. Easy

This is all you need.
>sharp metal

There, I just saved you hundreds.

Do this:

It will be the best $23 you ever spend.

no im not poor. just cheap. i shave my head so its an expense that adds up

>b-but its only two doll hairs
millionaire next door famalam, read it

this thing shaves me in like 5 seconds and is close enough to a merkur + feather combo that i'd rather not waste my time.

All they do is hold the blade in place.
You can get plastic safety razors for just a few dollars and they'll work just as well - 20$ is a waste.

did i fuck up Cred Forums?

Enjoy your decapitation.

>long handle

Might be annoying to shave neck but it will probably work okay.

Pic related, I'm using a straight razor with derby blades

>mfw a product from the Body Shop -literally- works better than any other soap or cream on the market

Where did it go so wrong

1. It's much cheaper (100 blades for just $5) and you don't trash the planet.
2. "Baby butt smooth" shave.
3. After you learn the technic is pretty much zero nicks and irritation.

Trimmers are fine though

Paid 25 bucks for a trimmer and I use it to keep up my designer stubble, it works fast and clean.
I also have a straight security razor and a badger brush for cleanshaving though.

Have you tried the Weleda cream?
It's my favourite.

The one on amazon lessened the blade gap and exposure. Its a pretty standard razor nowadays.

Snipe them off ebay because occasionally they go cheap but often are expensive.

Or just go with the futur imo.

thank you guys for the feedback

Do you not know how to sharpen a knife?

Disposables chop your face up good, and unless you're buying in bulk you're not even saving that much over a cartridge since you get so fewer shaves out of them.
A safety is dirt cheap even if you shave with a fresh edge every single shave, and let me tell you, it's niiiiice doing that. Zero irritation is priceless.
Never used a brush/soap, just regular gel, and it works great.

Don't use that shit user, can literally give you cancer.

you'd save 500-times more if your house wasn't made from chipboard insulated with 3 inches of styrofoam

>can literally give you cancer

I'm not eating them...

I do, but I don't need to. That thing holds the blades, it's not really a traditional straight razor, also 100 pack of the blades lasted me years and will last much longer still.

>Snipe them off ebay
Seem to be chinese rip offs on there.

I wouldn't know, I've never compared. I just know it's the memeiest of the memes, I have it, and I love it.
$23 wasn't too much for something that will probably last me the rest of my life.

There is one thing that I still don't understand about DE shaving: why you go top to bottom instead of bottom to top?

oh boy, here we go

unfortunately i dont live in some eastern europoor village where the culture of fear from bombing raids is ingrained into the home construction practices of future generations with solid concrete and steel construction. ;^)

but i digress

safety razors are cheaper for me both practically and financially. try shaving your head with a cartridge - the thing clogs every 5 seconds and its annoying. triples the time it takes to get the job done

>why you go top to bottom instead of bottom to top?

What? You mean why do you go with the grain?

why wouldn't you? bottom to top would be pretty awkward

I mean, with cartridges I shave in the opposite direction, but with safety razors people says you should shave in the same direction of your hair.

If you can do it with cartridges, you are probably able to do it with safety razors. A lot of people do two passes, one "down" then one "up". If I go against the grain, even with cartridges, its just gonna fuck my face up.

In correct shaving technique you're supposed to do your first pass with the grain, the second pass across the grain, then finally against the grain. Cartridges are so fucking forgiving in letting you shave in any direction with various pressures and speed that while you end up "shaved" it's often a fucking mess.

who /dollarshaveclub/ here

personna lab blue

anyone use a slant razor?

Is it worth buying better shave soaps than Proraso?

Not an Italyboo. Just curious if it's worth spending more than $10 on shaving soap that lasts at least six months (even with fuck-ups).


love the proraso green soap and aftershave

I just bought this one for $9, 've never tried it but read tons of good comments.

I got a vintage straight razor. Feels patrician.

Mach 3's are putting in me in the poorhouse

Use the helium method instead.

I had the green one. I liked it quite a bit, but harder soaps last longer.

Proraso is hard to beat for the price. Maybe Tabac?

this soap seems to have a good price

If you like soft soaps like Proraso, you can try Catie's Bubbles

They're bretty good although one of their soaps had something in it that burned my face

first time seeing this....worth it?

Derby is very forgiving and good for beginners. Has more flex to it.

Then there is Wilkson swords, the one I use. It's somewhere in between, has this coating so you're less likely to cut yourself by accident.

Feather is the least forgiving, you need to go slow and steady with these, they are tougher and will last longer.

Dermatologists highly suggest using electric over shaving with a razor. Much better for your skin and beard follicles.

that's rude

I just shaved with this not even 5 minutes ago, don't know if it was worth the price but it looks cool.

This is what I use.

I have one of those. It was much easier to cut myself and very uncomfortable compared to my straight razors or DE razor.

how long would it take you to go through a kilogram of soap?


>estd. 2013

I too am interested..

Never thought to see a thread like this popping up.

It does say it's new.

$130 seems a tad steep for a razor...

feathers dont last long. i only get 3 shaves max out of each and thats stretching it.

Yes, now go back to electric

>not using a rotary
>holding onto mid 00s urban lumberjack hipster tchotchkes

Do you have any source for that? sounds like bullshit as electrics are more prone to irritation. See this:

>>You can see that we priced the razor VERY aggressively. We are only able to do this because being sold direct-to-consumer for a very small profit.

Electrics are fucking shit mate. Might as well call them pluckers rather than shavers.

You fags are disgusting.
Shave threads? Literally why.
Shaving is unnatural. Dont give me that but muh job. Idc pajeet. I work for myself. Just as any real man should. Christ. You niggers shit on gay ass vaype threads yet we have this and the fucking /fa/ wrist time telling device threads.

Please all of you Install Vagina.

This. I still remember when I a stupid teenager and bought a philips and my father saw it: he shitted his pants laughing and warned me that those devices were total crap. He was right and my neck looked like pic related after a few weeks.

what does shavin/g/ use as an aftershave?

>shaving in 2016
>not just using a pair of clippers with no guard for that 5 oclock shadow.

This autists tears

Thayers + Mr. Fine

>mfw have some of this stuff coming tomorrow
>mfw fully expecting to not like it

the american blend smells great

why do you use something that looks like a shank you crafted in prison about a few years ago?

What about shitting? inb4 hurr le ebinest pleasure i love wiping wet sticky shit nuggets off my ass

wow that is a lot of damage

i can shave with a broken bottle and fair better

basically what i do.

every week or 10 days I shave my head with clippers and I'll just run over the beard at the same time.

haven't been clean shaven in years.

Just as unnatural as shitting in a toilet

vodka and vaseline

It is a Japanese Kamisori. It does not have a folding handle, which makes it easier to shave the left side of my face.

If that is the one that folds, it is the exact same one as I have.. I absolutely love it..


How do I prevent mine from rusting?

Do these work better if you have to shave a full beard off quickly?


I like to use the Emporio on weekends. Even if I don't go anywhere.

cum on it

Russian detected

same thing as this but rose petal not cucumber

+1 for the nivea

i also have an old spice alcohol-based one but it irritates my skin so i don't use it too much

You shouldn't use alcohol-based aftershaves: shaving removes essential oils from the skin that protects you from external agents, and putting alcohol on your skin at that moment is pretty harmful.
This English gentleman explains it better:

Price aside slants are very aggressive. Not recommended as a first razor but a slant + feather blades will even give Clint Eastwood a baby smooth face.

A razor/brush hanger and don't keep your bathroom a perpetual sauna.

It's stainless steel, isn't it?

lol i thought this was what shaving was

Alcohol based aftershaves work much nicer on my skin than no alcohol

yes this is the official id/g/af method

more time for shitposting and masturbating

try a splash of icy cold water instead, it has the effect of closing your pores

Just how safe are safety razors?

No, user

I need my alcohol inside and out

what else would you use clippers for? genuinely curious

Depends on your definition of safety. You cant make a mortal wound with one. You'd have to do something stupid to get more than a superficial cut with one.

Safe as fuck as long as you use little or no pressure on your skin. Pic related

The blades themselves are harmless when they're not angled by the razor. Just thin slices of metal.

>implying Cred Forums would ever shave off its neckbeard

>heating your blades to over 200 °C and inhaling the fumes

teflon pans cause cancer now? FFS

Everything causes cancer. Don't worry about it.

>tfw shaved in a minute and have sexy stubble

They also say keep your bird out of the room when heating them.

1. trim your beard before shaving you lazy bum
2. Yes, it works like a miracle compared to multi blade razors that get gummed up in the first pass

smart bird apparently

>mfw just got a RazoRock Plissoft brush in the mail

>mfw it's super soft

Merkur a best

no twist hard. my mom overtwisted and just ripped the screw threads off grandpas razor.

>That that feeling when you only need one pass after a week of not shaving

badger badger mushroom mushroom

Those are some fresh memes you got there.

> cheap as fuck
> smooth as fuark
> dat control doh
> 3 weeks to sweeney todd skill
> cuts everything from wizard to newborn whisps

> storage
> can lose the fucker
> another thing to maintain

Safer than the shit most people use.

its not up/down its with grain/against grain. Follow the flow, let the hair be your guide.

I love the feeling of a fat turd spreading my asshole wide 2bh.

your great grandkids

yeah hipsters are fucking bizarre

Am i the only one shaving with no guards?

I find it fast as a straight razor (because you don't need to interrupt washing the blade every 2 inches), but easier to handle.
It's not hard to use as it may look: i never cut myself

Everything except a straight razor is a meme. Nothing works better or gives you a better shave when done properly. Period.

Three piece master race coming through.
Also, what cream do you guys use? I've been using Proraso green, but I want to try something new.

That feeling when you prairie dog it in and out for a bit.
Its not gay if you're pumping your ass with your own turd dick.

For real though who nairs that shit here?
Swamp ass is disgusting.
I literally have to spread my ass to dry before caking on the babby powder to not feel gross. Is there a better way?

This is the closest thing to a non meme.
The actual non meme is paying a barber to use a straight razor on your face like the good old days.


Gayest shit ever desu.

I'm too lazy to learn how to maintain one.

Have you used it?

Any shedding?

>Leaving the house
>Talking to people
>Paying for frivolous services

I literally just got it in the mail 5 minutes before making that post so no

Do it. Worth it, 100%.

>1. trim your beard before shaving you lazy bum
I do, but fuck the disposables don't seem to do shit.

Not that guy I don't think I remember it losing more than one or two hairs the first use and never seen another one in my sink in the following 10 months. Still the brush I use daily and working great.

Whack off to some hentai and soak a sock (use the same one) daily for a few weeks in a row then bend and break it in half once it's hard and use the sharp side to shave

Is it weird that I only use no shaving cream and just water?

I used to do that and just shave in the shower when I was using cartridges but can't quite get away with that with a safety razor.

I get that when I go full scumbag and dont shave for a few weeks.
>Press face with hot washcloth, work one side then re-wet cloth and do the other
>Use short strokes on an area, apply more cream on that area as you clear the cartridge with cold water to keep its edge, then go over that area again and clear a new one in the same few strokes, repeat.
PROTIP: run the cartridge under the tap upside-down, it just seems easier to push the hair out the way it came in instead of forcing some of it out through the blade area

t. Gilette fusion blades lasting me 3 or 4 months with infrequent shaving, changing when they start cutting because they need more force to work

I used to dry shave with my DE most of the time. Now I usually use my straight razor, and those don't work well without shaving soap.

How easy to use is it? I've been using pic related from a certain Texas seller. Just now getting good shaves after a few months.

It is very easy to use. I rotate between it and a couple standard straight razors.

I also got a cheap Chinese razor because I want to learn how to sharpen them, and I don't want to ruin my other blades.

What's the point, just rub some water and moisturizer on your skin

You know how to sharpen? Sounds pretty cool. Thinking of getting another straight or kamisori since I'm a weeb.

Are most of you guys white? It seems like a lot of you have REALLY sensitive skin.
>tfw I can shave with a sharpened stone and not get any burns, rashes, or ingrown hairs

It's only fat man children that have these issues.

I want to shave my ass but don't have any idea how

I'm a casual who has only shaved with an electric normally and a cartridge razor a few times, should I switch to a safety? I have pretty curly hair.

I have sensitive skin but I don't get ingrowns or anything. I always see blacks with ingrown hairs all over their necks.

I just use a Mach 3 and replace my cartridges every 6-12 months.

>replace my cartridges every 6-12 months.

I think it's a bit like mechanical keyboards. Yes they're overpriced, but once you've used one you'll never go back.

What, you think that it's no good after the gel strip is gone or something?

Well, razor heads are already stupidly expensive and my curly hair ruins them by clogging them up. I take it buying a pack of razorblades and swapping them out every 2 or 3 months would be the same value for better results.

Safety opens up so it's easy to just rinse out hair

>only 6 blades

Yep, that sounds pretty perfect. And a pack of 100 blades costs like, 11 bucks.

>mfw the cheaper blades always tug at my hair

I have to pay $20-$30 for 100

All I do is nair my crack and wipe off in shower.

Dont shave, I heard some bodybuilder nicked a hemmorhoid and began to bleed out lol.

i am, i use the middle priced razor. works better than my gillett razors at a fraction of the price.

I am happy the Merkur Futur has come down in price so much.
Was using a Classic with the longer handle for years and always wanted to try the Futur.
Kind of scary to use at first because the blade has a lighter feeling on the face because it's riding on some spring contraption, and it's a bit loud.
Really nice shave though and it adjusts from almost not being able to cut yourself to straight razor mode.

I thought that shit causes chemical burns in sensitive areas.

I have a Ri-Mei that I bought for $2 in a local store. I've used it for over 5 years and it shows no sign of use. You can buy the same model from dx, but I doubt there's a huge difference between different models. Buy the blades elsewhere if you're worried about chinese metal, (almost) all razors use the same standard blades.

Pretty sure they even say on the package not to use it anywhere near your junk or asshole

>have big hobo beard so dont shave
>just trim it now and then when it gets too hobo looking
>buy disposable razors to shave my balls with

Who cares, if you're here then don't worry about having offspring.

Merkur futur wrecks my face half the time even on the lowest setting, but I enjoy the scratchy feeling of the blade on skin

which is why I picked up an ATT M2

> Buying into bullshit five blade

Yeah, stay cucked.

I'd like a recommendation for a shaving bowl and straight razor.

I've been using a glass bowl as long as I can remember and it takes an eternity to lather up soap because of the glass. I've read somewhere that wooden bowls could be better because they're porous.

Are feather straight razors any good? They're my go to brand for safety razor blades.

I shaved my moustache today and I had a lot of tiny cuts. It's been like this for 12 years. What should I do Cred Forums? nothing I do works. Do I just have extremely sensitive skin?

You're a faggot, Harry.

what kind of razor did you use and are your cuts still bleeding?

I get tiny little cuts, and they bleed for about an hour. I'm using cartridges. Should I swap for safety razors? Should I change my shaving technique maybe?


astra is the only blade of the proletariat

>the year of our lord 2016
>not using dollar shave club shaving butter

>Not using Aloe Barbasol
At least yours is photogenic :^)

Who wants to see my vintage gold plated Gillette Aristocrat safety razor?

Haven't bothered cleaning it thoroughly in months.

Start off by trimming your hairs first. Trying to shave with long hairs isn't the way to go. Then definitely switch to a safety razor, especially if you have thick hairs.

Get feather blades if you have thick hair and astra platinum blades for an "everyman" shave.

Also, invest in a styptic pen. They are dirt cheap from amazon, or any local store, and stop small facial nicks instantly.


Thank you user, and yes I do have thick hair, that may be the problem

kek wow that thing looks like it's been in the trenches of a war zone

>dont worry junior, the rust puts hair on your chest

I have thick facial hair as well. Let me give you some more tips:

>Try to shave either in the shower or straight out of the shower
>Use a good shaving soap.
>When shaving, don't push the razor on your face. Angle it and only press down enough to feel the blade against your skin.
There are a million soaps/lathers out there that people swear by. I personally like Catie's Bubbles and Art of Shaving Kelp. I cannot stress enough that there is no right answer for lathers. Try a bunch of different ones, watch a youtube video or two, and try them out for yourself.

These are the blades you want to try out: amazon.com/Feather-Double-Edge-Blades-Count/dp/B00AGG3MNU

Feather blades are known for being very sharp. If you're not careful you will nick yourself a few times when you start out. After a while, you'll learn and your face will be incredibly smooth.

It's a bitch if you have thick hair but we all learn eventually.

unfortunately, the aristocrat is 50's

If anything, this was used by the soldiers returning home after WWII.

op, you are the meme.

fuck u

I've used a buzzer my whole life, and don't see any reason to stop. What do I need a perfectly close shave for anyway? I don't mind having a scruff either.

maybe all the qtpie grills would like you better :^)

>implying chicks don't dig men with scruffs

>still calling women chicks
>wanting a woman who "digs scruffy dudes"

Feel free to keep using your electric razor and take all the dumpster whores you want.

i prob only use the black open comb and travel tech the most. i had a pic of all my soaps but i misplaced it somewhere in my hd. prob will take a new one some other time

Yeah, I bought a Remington one thinking it was this amazing thing. Used it once and never used it again. They're so awful. Dry skin like a bitch.

My dermatologist told me not to use an aftershave because of how sensitive my skin is and the condition it's currently in.

clean it.

what condition is your condition in

Seborrheic dermatitis and acne that's being treated with sulfacetamide + sulfur, adapelene, and minocycline HCl. The acne situation hasn't gotten much better after two months of treatment, so I'm pretty sure the next step is isotretinoin, which means my face will be a fucking desert.

Just finished doing exactly that.

There's still a couple of little dirty spots but I don't care enough to spot clean.

It's amazing what some hot water and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can do.



I use a little china bowl that I think was meant for noodles, and it take like 30 seconds to make a lather.

I think I read somewhere that the hardness of your water makes all the difference, so it may not be the bowl that's the problem here. iirc you might want to try making the lather with purified water.

It goes from 10 minutes to 20, and I never get razor burn.

I have so little beard growth, I only use scissors (I'm 27 btw.

Pic related!

These fucking razors last forever, have a nice grippy handle even when wet, they contact your face at such a comfortable angle, and shave amazingly close.

They have an "Advanced" brand too, though I just go with the regular brand.

Wish I could shave with a razor but I've got pubes growing on my face and I've got seb derm.

Your neck would look like that even when using a razor. Your skin is just shit.

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Guys who use cartridges also buy Apple/Intel/nVidia.

You aren't one of those guys, right?

I bought a Merkur safety razor and blades set. They worked great, but merkur is expensive here. Like $1 a blade.

So I bought this cheap Feather set. I liked how the razor opens and closes, not breals down into multiple peices.

Razor is fine, but holy shit, feather blades are trash.

Are there any good blades besides merkur?

Are you 12?


>feather blades are trash
Kill yourself

Not all blades are created equal, even within the same brand. Feather even makes 3 for $1 disposable razors I saw at my local japanese grocery.

>electrics are literally the worst piece of technology ever created
You must have used pretty shitty ones then.

Not the guy you replied to, but I got a pack of feathers with a starter kit I got a few months ago, and there's nothing I can do to stop them cutting the shit out of my neck and chin.

This nigga knows what's up though. Astras 4 lyfe.

This is getting ridiculous.


Cartridge razors are the AMD of shaving.


>poorfag that cannot afford a good electrical.
Grow up

For some time i have thought of moving to safety razor, what is a good first safety razor to buy? blades - astra?

>Dry skin like a bitch.
That does not come from razors you dork.

>Needlessly spending money on a $200 razor to give you a "close shave" and then spend another $50 every 2 months for a new head
>Needing to charge a razor
>Being a stupid child

Get a starter set. if you are in the uk try shavelounge for them. A EJ DE89 is a good starter razor, and the blades differ with each person, and a starter kit will have a good variation of blades for you to try so you can work out what ones are best for you.

I use mine for 2 years and never changed head you idiot.
Good god have you even tried one?

electric razors are an instrument of torture.
gotta go 10 times over the same spot to get all hairs. fuck that.

What is the best option for shaving the scalp?

Then you're a fucking moron. You'd probably get a better shave by going outside, getting some one grit sandpaper, and scraping that across your war-zone of a face.

You're supposed to change the head every couple of months. I know because I've had experience with safety, electric, and cartridge.

I went through $60-100 electric razors in my means and a $200 one on my 20th birthday. Ended up selling the handles and charging bases for all of them for being utter trash, not unlike yourself.

i bought Tabac shaving soap like half a year ago, mainly because i thought it was a nice bowl to use for other shaving soaps, but man is it good and it lasts forever

Those non-sharp ones will nick you more because they skip, cut unevenly, and require more passes.

Just use feathers right away.

i like them and i like that the blades are cheap, the cartridges are a huge waste of money imo and i don't shave everyday so they go shit and rusty and blunt after sitting around for a few days and i end up pay like like $3 a shave with cartridges but with that i pay like 10 cents


Feathers use a different steel, how harder the blade, the more you can use it before it requires a sharpening, or in this case, a replacement.

I use the wilkson swords for about a week before getting a new blade, and that has a softer steel.

Everything comes down to preferences and what you use it for.

Literal shitposting

The sharpest the better.
Pic related are sharpest then Feather.

I use pic related, for my head. Trimmer to maintain stubble on face. I'll never take a razor, blade or electric to my face. My skin is fucking flawless and this is mainly why. Why do you guys feel the need for a totally 'clean' shave? Your scalp can handle it but your face can't.

Go with derby. It goes down to preferences, but derby is great for me. Also, it's less likely to cut yourself with these.

I got these feather blades at a Japanese electronics store too actually.

These dollar per blade merkurs are amazing though, I have never cut myself on them and the shave is damn close.

>tfw I'm a cheap asshole
>Only replace my razor once a week
>Bought a safety razor a year and a half ago, came with 100 blades - no need for cream since I shave in the shower
>Haven't bought shaving supplies since
Best investment I ever made.

I got 50 feather blades and they last me like 3 years! I have a good 5 or even 6 shaves from each blade.
Will get 50 kai ones this time.

Very overpriced, but I guess they work and look fine.

Still, you can have brushes much, much cheaper.

I takes longer but I like it. You tend to get into a rhythm and with the right music It feels like a form of meditation.

Astra Superior Platinum. Get a 100-pack for like $10-15 tops.

> what is a good first safety razor to buy?
Extremely cheap? Chinese Rimei, Weishi or something like that.

Otherwise, maybe some Merkur 34C/38C vs Edwin Jagger/Mühle 89 or whatever.

> blades - astra?
Sure, Astra Superior Platinum are fine.

>Only 7 blades

bough one of the razorock hulk plissoft brushes a few weeks ago
it is very soft as you say

Help a nigga out Cred Forums I use a electric Razor to shave because the cartridge razors give me mad bumps would a safety razor give me the close shave I desire and no bumps

Muhle R41? Not that the R89 isn't usually aggressive enough for most people.

So it's fucking trash but shilled incessantly

I always do this and I've never had any problems with it

it just werks

>Buy electronic razor for men for 200 bucks
>It's absolute shit
>Buy a Braun Silk Epil 7 for less than 100 bucks which is actually meant for women and use the shaver head
>Actually manages to shave off beard hairs and leaves the skin smooth and don't get skin irritation
Why do women get such good eletric shavers and we men get expensive shit that doesn't even work?!

>it just costs unreasonable amounts of money

What does Tabac smell like, exactly?