Why is this the comfiest OS?

Why is this the comfiest OS?
> apt-get
> no amazon spyware
> l337 command line

Why should I run that instead of debian?

Nobody wants to discuss.

Install Gentoo.


Better community.

Perfect timing.
I was going to install it tomorrow, to see what it's all about.
Anything I should know about it ?

Why would you care about the community of a server OS...?

I keep a 32 bit version on a flash drive with XFCE as my recovery disk (work at a web hosting / development company.)

Boots to a command line, but I can run
> sudo startxfce4
to do anything graphical.

No complaints.

why ask. do what you like.

cinnamon is comfty

so is WIndows 10 or 7

Yeah. Skip Ubuntu and just go with debian.

Ubuntu mate is much more comfier imo, also resource friendly

Tow panels. No.

unity has two panels too, and unlike unity you have option to have one panel too

sorry I didn't knew "tow" is a word, and I thought you just mistyped it I'm not a native speaker

whats the difference between server edition and ubuntu minimal

Ubuntu minimal is a minimalistic version of Ubuntu while Ubuntu server is intended for servers.

It is a word but it's not the right one, he meant two .

Tow/towing means pulling something, usually with a truck or work van




Should I install this or gentoo?


Just installed xubuntu, so far I like it

If ubuntu is good enough for Terry it's good enough for me

yeah it's aight install compton and check out streaming etc

Do your normie stuff before you fall too hard

>I'm not a native speaker