Is there any good use for these today?

Is there any good use for these today?

One I got:

Other urls found in this thread:!!!-PPC970-still-kicks-ass!!!-x264-boost-33-!!!

Running Linux

If you don't need any games and are fine with playing lower resolutions of video, then it's still great for stuff like LibreOffice.

Use the display as an additional monitor and the computer itself as a headless server.

that depends, what's a "good use" for you?

a good G5 will shitpost on imageboards, surf wikipedia, news websites, and watch low-to-mid resolution internet video alright

they can run useful (post-'97) versions of MS Office just fine all the way up to 2k8 if you're fond of the ribbon or need the newer document format, and they'll run Photoshop up to CS3/CS4 depending on whether you go with Tiger or 10.5

Mac OS probably is one of the best platforms as far as abandonware availability goes, the Macintosh Garden has archived absolutely tons of shit for lots of different uses

Linux is still a decent option like posted but honestly unless you're interested in development or running it as a server I wouldn't bother since you can get up to date free software with tigerbrew plus all the aforementioned proprietary shit as an added bonus

I don't know, maybe the iMacs are different, but my PowerMac G5 can handle 1080p video while multitasking just fine.

don't doubt it, just erring on the side of caution since I don't watch a lot of video in general and I've heard mixed reports

using a standalone player especially you could probably get great results

Standalone player is the only way to go, why would you not use a video player to play videos?

oh I'm talking about online streaming video like YouTube where the web players tend to be bloated as shit

>oh I'm talking about online streaming video like YouTube
So am I

The biggest problem with PPC macs right now is that nouveau and radeon drivers got fucked when Linux started using KMS, so even getting 2d acceleration is difficult to impossible.

how does it work out anyway then, convenience-wise? I know VLC lets you paste video links in, but can you set up TFF to do it automatically with whatever player you want?

never actually tried it out since I rarely go to YT anymore

It's not like Linux is the only OS that PowerPC Macs are capable of running. It's not even the best choice.

I don't know, I've never bothered trying to configure TenFourFox to do so. I just copy/paste URLs into VLC

stuff a Pi in there and you got a cute looking computing machine

Fucking disgusting. The G5's probably more powerful anyway.

Even with OSX, PowerMacs are going to struggle with h.264 because they don't have hardware accelerated decode
I have to question what PowerMac G5 you are using, because my 1.6GHz can't even play 720p baseline without chugging.

dp 2GHz
>1.6GHz model
Found the problem, try one that didn't come from the bargain basement.

the G5 alone also consumes like 10 times more power

So fucking what? We're not talking about a laptop or anything else that relies on a battery. Whenever it's on it'll be drawing power from mains.

>Be interested in one
>ask on /sqt/ what good uses would be
>no one gives me the time of day
>this joker gets a whole thread
fuck you guys

You were just as capable of making a thread as he is.

I bought it in 03 you hipster faggot.

Year of purchase doesn't matter, your model's shit.

I really wanted one of these when I was 12.

It was good in 03, unlike your machine in 2016.

It was the shittiest possible PowerMac G5 you could get.

>because my 1.6GHz can't even play 720p baseline without chugging.

Sounds like a software issue to me

OSX 10.5 with the last version of Quicktime available.

Easily, the Pi is limp as fuck and rendered braindead by shitty bus design.

>my 1.6GHz can't even play 720p baseline without chugging.
Well, it is literally the slowest model, probably with the base GPU, too?

Who gives a fuck?

10.5 supposedly confers a bit of a performance hit over 10.4, so you could try rolling back.

I don't believe the other guy though, I think the lack of capable decoding hardware probably is stacking against you on this one.

>I don't believe the other guy though, I think the lack of capable decoding hardware probably is stacking against you on this one.
Yeah I realize that which is why I find it hard to believe an extra 400MHz gets him 1080p h.264 playback. It sounds like bullshit to me.

How limiting is FSB speed? I know it's half the CPU clock for G5s which means that a 1.6GHz model only has an 800MHz FSB

I used to play 1080p movies on my dual processor 2GHz PowerMac G5 with a Radeon 9600 Pro all the time in VLC. You can not believe it all you want, it doesn't change the fact that you're wrong.

holy shit you already made a garbage thread trying to brag about getting one of those pieces of shit for free, FUCK OFF ITS A USELESS PIECE OF SHIT NO ONE FUCKING CARES

Are you sure the video wasn't xvid? That I could believe.

>implying PPC running Unix isn't the dank new meme

I'm positive it can play 1080p h.264 video.

I'd also like to point out that you can play 720p video on a G4 so there's something wrong either in hardware or software if your G5 can't handle it.


He's got two processors and presumably a better GPU, not really a far fetched idea.

I have mine running lubuntu. My daughter uses it for games and shit. I like it a lot.

can confirm, I'm
Mine plays 720p no problem. Haven't tried 1080p, but I imagine it would be totally fine.

post some sexy pics of your daughter's feet pls

The first and second generation iMac G5s are beautiful inside and are a real pleasure to work on. It's a shame they started going after the thinness meme for third gen onward, because it wrecked their internal design hard.

core duo/core 2 models yes g5 maybe

I totally agree. Taking the back off this thing is truly a joy.

Um, no.


Here's the attention you so desperately requested.

Now what?

Say what you want, it's a better thread than battlestation, desktop, guts, homescreen, stickers, etc. threads are.

don't bother seriously replying to peecee sheep, they're not even fun anymore

I just don't get them. I'm a PC user, but I have my G5, and I enjoy playing and re-purposing old hardware of any type. Wife has an MBP, and she loves it, but I don't think I could ever move over for everyday use.

IDK, didn't seem like OP was being an attention seeking whore, seemed more like a regular guy wondering if he could do anything cool with an old piece of tech he got his hands on. And I agree with Not a bad thread.

it's pretty much just buttblasted Cred Forums dullards trying to be epic troles since they know fuck all about technology beyond gamer legos/regurgitating clickbait, and those kinds of images and replies are so infathomably dumb that they're guaranteed to get (You)s especially in threads like this

I just pulled out my 1.6GHz G5 and can confirm it can't even handle 480p mainline h.264. Only 480p mobile versions of videos will play. I'm encoding a blu-ray to 720p h.264 baseline, just to make sure I'm not missing something here.

Out of curiosity is this single core single CPU?

That's an iMac G5, every model has one single core CPU.

>good use

There was never a good use for them.

ebin, go be 12 somewhere else.

>Your 2003 computer can't into 1080p HD from 5 years later?
>It's shit

doesn't even have a 1080p screen

You have to take the glass panel off the front with heat gun and suction cups. And that's how you get to all the internal components.

It's a fucking desktop, it doesn't have to be razor thin, it's never going anywhere!

He's telling the truth though. The only good thing an Apple/Mac is good for is a boat anchor.

I actually have a G5 silver tower! I burned a debian CD for it but it turns out the CD drive in it is broken. Is it possible to boot debian from a thumbdrive on it? I can't find any documentation of that. Or is there another way?

>only available in single processor configuration
>only has PCI slots
>only has 4 PC-2700 RAM slots compared to other models' 8 PC-3200 slots
Its ability to play 1080p video is irrelevant to my statement, it's shit.

That's how newer iMacs are, like 2009ish and up, if not later.

Like I said, go be 12 somewhere else.

USB booting only works on certain models and you've got to fuck with Open Firmware. You can use a FireWire HDD or if you've got another Mac you can use Target Disk Mode.

OK I'll retract my statement that a 1.6GHz G5 can't do 720p baseline h.264. Just barely. If I go into full screen mode on a 1920x1080 monitor it starts dropping frames. There's some option going from baseline to mainline which absolutely kills performance doing software decodes. I guess I could see how a dual G5 could do 1080p, but baseline only.

You should try using a newer player, that'd probably help too.

>USB booting only works on certain models and you've got to fuck with Open Firmware.
That does not sound bad. I can try it I guess. Is there anything special that would need to be done to a thumbdrive or the debian PPC image to get it to work with a PPC mac or just the regular dd command do fine with nothing else needed?

sudo dd if=filename.iso of=/dev/usbdevice bs=4M; sync

>telling someone else to go be 12

You can just use dd

The first G5s were 1x1.6GHz 1x1.8GHz and 2x1.8GHz. They all three had AGP and PCI-X. Only the last G5 models had PCIE. Unless yours is a late 05 model, you have AGP too.

No. I wasn't talking about it lacking PCIe, I was talking about its lack of PCI-X. Every G5 but the 1.6GHz model has either PCI-X and AGP or PCIe. The 1.6GHz model and only that model has only PCI and AGP.


I got a PMG4 running Tiger, can't really do anything except install software and look at it, although the USB wireless N adapter works so I can browse the internet...on an 800MHz CPU...on a fork of Firefox...yeah.

Tried installing Lubuntu but didn't work right for some reason, may install some other distro.
>inb4 Gentoo

Try OpenBSD, it's the best non-OS X OS you can run on a PowerPC Mac.

They may be more powerful but their architecture is fucking old. Compared to an ARM processor, there is more functionality.

It's literally the slowest PMG5 to roll off the assembly line, he's not wrong.

What GPU do you have anyway, the FX 5200?


Still disgusting.

>pointless greentext

Thank you.


TenFourFox is a little bloated even if you use a properly optimized version, try Camino out for casual shitposting, JS support is a little iffy but it renders most sites fine and is plenty usable if you have a little patience.

It will still be slow though, nothing will save you from that dreadful PC133 RAM.

t. dual 1 GHz

Care to elaborate? I'm really interested in setting up a dual-boot on one of my boxes or just going balls deep if I can fix up my dual 1.8.

There's definitely more instruction set enhancements to speed up everyday tasks, but in the end doesn't really matter though. This shit's a decade old, what do you expect? Nobody's daily driving this shit or expecting it to run good as new, it's just fucking annoying when pitards shit all over good hardware while jacking off to that awful piece of shit like it's some kind of supercomputer. If we wanted to use a shitty SBC, we'd use a fucking shitty SBC.

You would, faggot.

No, 1st and 2nd gen iMac G5s had backs that popped off after unscrewing two screws. Their insides were laid out very cleanly, making everything trivially accessible for maintenance and upgrades. The only part of them that was moderately difficult to fix or swap out was their screen panels.

It's only 3rd gen and later that require the front/screen to be removed to open them up.

>What GPU do you have anyway, the FX 5200?
Yes, but it wouldn't matter because none of the G5 GPUs, including the late PCIE models shipped with hardware decode for h.264.

It's just seemed to be the OS that works the best on all my PowerPC Macs. Tried Linux on my PowerMac G5 and the fans were at full throttle the whole time, tried it on my PowerBook and the trackpad driver was shit, etc. Been using OpenBSD on my PowerPC machines for years and have yet to encounter an issue.
Dualbooting's really easy. Once you get it all set up your machine will boot straight into OS X unless you boot to Open Firmware and manually load OpenBSD, something along the lines of boot hd:,ofwboot bsd. You can create an alias in Open Firmware too so it'd just boot by typing something like "bsd" or "openbsd." I've got my PowerBook set up to boot to Open Firmware and if I type bsd it boots to OpenBSD and if I type mac-boot it loads OS X.

And you can't offload any work onto the GPU anyway? I always figured that was how they did it with P4 boxes.

That sounds pretty nice, I've wanted a nice BSD box for some time just to give it a try. Don't really need another Tiger box since I already have like 3 or 4 (I've lost count) so anything different is good.

>And you can't offload any work onto the GPU anyway?
Uh, no you can. The problem is that MPEG4 was still being worked on at the time. Assuming you could find a newer PCIE card with h.264 decode support which OSX 10.5 had drivers for, you would be golden. I'm not sure such a card existed in that time frame. It might work in Linux, but Apple has been known to use special firmware on their GPUs. I couldn't say for certain.

There was never a good use for them.




From skimming this appears to be true, I figured at least the later PCI-e 6 series GeForce cards would be able to offer some sort of acceleration.

I don't even know if this is relevant since I'm trying to beat captcha expiration right now (yeah) but this might be interesting:!!!-PPC970-still-kicks-ass!!!-x264-boost-33-!!!

There's no need to get upset at the truth.

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they're not even worth it, literally all they'll give you is some gay one-liner or non-sequitur that isn't even satisfying to shoot down because you know that even they know it's bullshit

yeah it's pretty funny

checked, and fair enough. I'm new here, so I'm not used to not feeding the trolls. =D

I have one, and even I don't know what I'd do with it now. Though it spent the past 4 or 5 years in the box. If I had space to keep it out, maybe I'd find time to doodle with it, or at least get around to playing the games I bought for it when it was still new.

This is for encoding, not decoding. Nobody should encode h.264 on G5s in 2016. If you look back, not even Intel Core2 processors had hardware accelerated decode. It's not something that really became common until near the end of last decade. Now everything has it, and as a result nobody encodes to baseline anymore.

>Nobody should[...]
And who the fuck are you?

Shit, it was worth a try I guess.

Install MorphOS


Hi there.

I’m the user who made the first one. Didn’t make the second one though, so fuck off desu senpai.

There was quite a bit of documentation when I installed Debian on my iMac G3.

Someone suggesting you encode on a newer processor.
Mainline is slow as fuck on these things. It's not a software issue.

Micropenis Microshitter detected

The newest G5 is more than 10 years old. Why are you getting so defensive about ancient hardware?

If I can ever find one of these for cheap I will buy it, they look pretty fucking cool. I assume they good for day to day usage right?

I imagine that there are only outdated browsers as well.

You shouldn't care, so why are you caring so much? Feeling struck?

use as a server to host a cyberpunk imageboard

It's not about feelings. I'm simply stating facts and you're getting upset.

Nobody should reply to troll posts. Why are you feeding the troll, user?

I have a iBook G3 running Debian and it's pretty great. It's a joy to type on and I use it as a sever for a Tox bot.

Man, Macs used to have such a beautiful interface.