What VPN do you use?

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opera. they say they anonymize you're data before they sell it.



Tunnel bear is based in Canada which is a 14 eyes country.

Chinese botnet


I'm surprised people put so much faith behind VPN's. How do you know if they're legitimate?

I use Torguard cause they don't sell my shit or collect it

Opera vpn was formerly known as surfeasy. Another vpn out of Canada.
Also I only use opera vpn for mobile wifi hotspots.

Stop doing illegal stuff.

using a vpn isn't illegal.

bump out of interest


or so they say

you cia nigger

I'm not, I just value my privacy


Hope for the best and try to see if anyone using them has been arrested.




I google "free web proxy" and use whatever the first link in the search results are at the time.

No one who does illegal stuff purchases VPN access. They run botnets with custom VPN software and connect through various proxy systems.

I'm not, Bit torrent ports are blocked on tunnel bear I just don't want my ISP to throttle me or to see my weird fetishes

used Streisand on github and rolled my own in 30 minutes.

Hotspot shield by anchofree

How are they? I've been looking around and I'm trying to pick between nordvpn and trust zone.

if I ever need to, I have openvpn on a server that is like 20000 km from me.

Any 1 use express VPN?

They are really great. No logs, double vpn, tor vpn, ultra fast streaming. You name it

I used them for a year and they have lots of servers, but no forums, their proxy service is free and therefore unreliable, and their 'p2p servers' were slow AF

Ya it's good

Celo.net is pretty great.

>not rolling out your own VPN
you fucking plebs disgust me

ssh tunnel is better than vpns kids

I use to use that but it was too slow

Linus detected

Linus detected

interesting situation while using a VPN in asia,

I have a website that I am working on Europe, hasn't hit any search engines, no visitors, its practically brand new.

Using a VPN in a asian country... I check the cpanel on the server after some uploads of webpages, curious if there were any visitors.
I see another IP address that was off by xxxx.xxxx.x x20 3 minutes behind on the server.

Wtf is up with that?

automated scanners

there are plenty of people and services constantly scanning the ipv4 address space

Lmao who the fuck cares if someone sees what you look at online (which doesn't happen btw)