Hey Cred Forums

Hey Cred Forums,

So who's smarter, you guys or /sci/?

install gentoo

whichever has fewer posters, we started with nothing and only got more retarded

>Board full of neckbeard ricers vs board full of pseudo-intellectual atheist "scientists" and high school kids who want their math homework done for them.
Hard to tell honestly.

Cred Forums of course


pre-floens Cred Forums was smarter than /sci/

So neither

wouldn't neckbeards be on both?

>compsci codemonkeys, Cred Forums crossposters, and ricers; all of which act like they know everything but don't understand a single thing
>science/maths degree circlejerkers along with highschool kids with geometry questions; all of which act like they know everything but don't understand a single thing
honestly probably the latter


I frequent both boards but main Cred Forums because I know more regarding technology.

Both boards have their autistic majorities but in general /sci/ is better in terms of intelligence

I'm fucking retarded so probably /sci/

Cred Forums has my vote.


/sci/ is dumb as fuck.


This kind of mental masturbation seems like it'd fit in on /soc/ or /sci/ better. Why the fuck does it matter which board has a higher collective intelligence? What does that have to do with cellphones and video cards exactly?

shut the fuck up faggot

Trick question. No smart person would browse Cred Forums. Aside from /diy/ maybe which is pretty troll-free.

I mean imagine actually being smart and seeing all those stupid IQ, pop-science, college blogposting threads and not instantly leaving to do something productive instead.

Post your desktop or gtfo imo

too soon

I go on both boards, mostly Cred Forums.

/sci/ is smarter hands down.


It depends on which of the boards I am currently browsing.

Cred Forums is definitely in the running for most intelligent single poster, but the Cred Forumsermin ruin our chances for average intelligence of all posters.

>Makes claims about people's intelligence
>Confuses smart with smarter

Typical 4channer.

post your desktop then faggot

You asked...

You guys don't have OHP.

Just look at the replies to your bait. God, I'm asshamed to be part of this board.


over head press?

me, i'm the smartest man on this board

one of sci's better namefags, he does research and stuff


If /sci/ tripfags are as fucking annoying and gay as ours ( not falcon ) then its a tie.

/sci/ but not by much
If it weren't for the Cred Forumsedditors and other hyper consumerist posters here it would be the same

Cred Forums is smater

occasionally on /sci/ threads, the math/physics PhDs come out of the woodwork, and the thread takes a turn into the twilight zone
i've taken and passed two algebraic geometry courses and have published a few nice results in arithmetic geometry, but some of the stuff that goes on in those threads is way beyond me

on Cred Forums, you have wizards who have been working with computers and computer science for years, maybe some are experienced in hard math, like category-theoretic stuff due to type systems, so they've got a good bit of math under their belt, which requires serious devotion

i would guess that, on average, Cred Forums has more useful people than /sci/, but /sci/ definitely has some inhumanly smart people lurking, and is overall smarter
not to imply that there aren't really smart people on Cred Forums, i just think there's more on /sci/
i also do not wish to imply that there aren't useful people on /sci/, i'm sure there are some engineers that are able to stop sucking cock long enough to get things done

Probably the latter

Dumb undergrads struggling in diff eqs and analysis are still smarter than codemonkeys that waste time on garbage like codeacademy

Imagine you had to pay $40 to look up every unknown function. Think how easy it would be to get shit done when you weren't logged into a stack of free keys at work. Would a smart person in your field be more likely to do research, or post on an imageboard?

/sci/ here

it took me 6 months to figure out it was "CodeCademy" and not "CodeAcademy"

Cred Forums is the smartest.


/sci/, now get back to work and hit them books

>Cred Forums

pick one

From this thread I can tell /sci/ is smarter

Mein Neger.


/sci/ is.

When Cred Forums circlejerks about university/colleges, it's usually status jerking.

But /sci/ actually managed to produce an user who produced a pretty damn good viewpoint on education. Pic related.

Cred Forums ain't capable of this i'm afraid, and i think i have an explanation for why:
/sci/ and /diy/ basically became the boards of retreat for any knowledgeable users from Cred Forums who actually have a brain.
/sci/ for academics and /diy/ for anyone with a garage/trade/craft and skill in practical application.
The leftover shit on Cred Forums is now mostly video gayme retards from Cred Forums.
/sci/ and /diy/ don't have a touching point with those retards, ergo higher quality of threads and users, but Cred Forums is mostly Cred Forums + programmers/coders.
Remove the programmers/coders from Cred Forums by making a /prog/ board, and you will be left with Cred Forums.2 with retards acting like they know technology when they don't know shit, the typical gaymer.

>caring about namefags
>does research and stuff
Thanks for sending this board to the gutter by posting here.


I lurk both, this is the best description itt