Linux is superior to Windows

>Linux is superior to Windows
>capitalism rewards excellence

The only way to explain pic related is denying either one of those claims.

So Cred Forums, which one do you pick?

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>web servers

>capitalism rewards excellence

having worked for a Microsoft/government contract I can assure it does not

.NET has become a standard because Pajeets are cheap

>not talking about super computing


>Thr tranny OS

Super computers are just number crunchers, son.

bait is from 2010 anyway

>all servers are web servers

Nothing has changed since then. Companies are still using AD, Exchange and Sharepoint. Stay rectally shattered.

>capitalism rewards excellence
>USA has the highest failure rate of spacecraft launchs
>Soviet Union had the lowest


Maybe it's just because all the Windows server admins are finally learning how to use the internet, and therefore answering online pols.

Nothing has changed, except Microsoft now has Bash on Windows and Microsoft SQL on Linux.

>Nothing has changed since then
Virtualization skyroofed everywhere including companies

And yet Linux STILL does not have proper support for any Microsoft technologies like Direct3D, ActiveX, etc.

I was very specific about what didn't change. If you can prove what I said changed, then great, otherwise, you can fuck right off.

No, the precise reason why Linux is superior is because big companies (i.e. Intel, Google, etc) saw that they can profit greatly from it and decided to improve it for their own gains.
Your statements do not contradict each other.

Capitalism does reward excellence. The only problem is we can't all be excellent.

I'll pick the one chicks dig the most

Well, I’m a communist, so...

America landed on the moon. Stupid commie russians didn't do that.

I'd like to mention right now that one of the reasons this happens is because video games require an immense amount of servers to run - and Windows is REQUIRED for Unity. This alone is probably making a significant dent.

>Slowing up..
Wtf am I reading?

>2016 believing in the moon landing hoax

Dude the fucking flag was moving in an environment where there isn't supposed to be any air therefore no breeze.

wew congratulations on successfully baiting me

There are no viable replacements for Active Directory or Exchange. Organizations with lots of Linux servers have them authenticating against AD and are using Exchange for email.

Linux isn't Windows, fuckboy

believing in the moon landing hoax
>Dude the fucking flag was moving in an environment where there isn't supposed to be any air therefore no breeze.

They brought fans you literal fucking retard

They're taking some of the most iconic footage in history and you think they'd let their flag hang like a fucking drape?

Nice meme.

>where there is no air

>capitalism rewards excellence
Obviously false, see Apple.

>communist shithole with GULAGs
>kinda democratic or something like that
Choices, choices...

*only man on the moon

>moving goalposts


No, I'm just pointing out that you retards dispute about something really fucking irrelevant.

I hope you are just pretending to be retarded.

That just makes it easier to run windows. I've got maybe 100 or so esxi hosts which run over 1500 windows servers at my work

This is a tech board, Gulags and democracy are irrelevant. Nice try though.

>they hadn't the technology to fake it.
moon hoax not

Russia was first in space actually, Also created the first satellite.

If the six moon landings are real, then why haven't we done it again since 1972?

Of course they are relevant.
Political environment can affect tech. For example Stalin did suppres CS reasearch.

>>Linux is superior to Windows
>>capitalism rewards excellence
you forgot
>>monopolies negate the free market effect

i love this fucking video. too bad the fucking tools will just use their mental gymnastics to ignore it


>If the Holocaust is real, then why haven't we done it again since 1945?

That's because sysadmins are Indians taught by Indian youtubers with shitty mics showing them which buttons to click to administer a AD server

>shitty mics
More like "HI GUYS THIS IS TUTORIAL" written in 72 size font in notepad.exe

>Of course they are relevant.
Try making a Trump/Clinton thread to see how fast it gets axed by the mods.

>Stalin did suppres CS reasearch.
Sure thing, bud. Maybe you can explain why all my math books are in Russian then.

you spend too much time here and not enough in the real world kiddo

>a monopoly


really makes you think...

But the Holocaust isn't real, user.

Some buttmad slavaboo made this. Pic related: "superior" Communist "architecture"

>Try making a Trump/Clinton thread to see how fast it gets axed by the mods.

>Sure thing, bud. Maybe you can explain why all my math books are in Russian then.
>picture of a book released 30 years later after Stalin died
What did he mean by this?

No I spend too much time trying to find quality video tutorials

If it's not made out of paper like American "architecture", I'd rather live in that.

really makes you think

believe it or not, but the eli computer guy videos will give you enough to build a setup and then when you want to do more you can google it from there

>Sure thing, bud. Maybe you can explain why all my math books are in Russian then.

Explain why all notable Soviet hardware uses clones of American and Western processors then.

You'd be shocked how long council flats last!

>Linux is superior to Windows
>capitalism rewards excellence
The latter claim is much more loaded than the former. In general, capitalism rewards excellence. But capitalism only rewards excellence "perfectly" in imagined, perfect scenarios free of anti-competitive practices. Microsoft is perhaps the kingpin of anti-competitive practices (see United States v. Microsoft, Microsoft v. EU Commission, et al.)

There are many businesses using Microsoft Windows as their server OS because of the interoperability benefits with their workstation OS and because their employees are more familiar with Windows as a result of using Windows at home. They use Windows at home because of Microsoft's longstanding anti-competitive agreements with PC manufacturers (see Microsoft v. RealNetworks.)

I am a supporter of capitalism but your latter claim is simplistic/childish. Microsoft has been involved in antitrust lawsuits for basically its entire existence.

yeah, its always microsofts fault!

just like when dell sold those laptops with linux on them, they failed because microsoft was involved, not because no one gives a flying fuck about linux.

Been using windows since I was 4 years old with windows 3.1 so I go windows.

>we only count servers sold with preinstalled os,so windows wins guys

>capitalism rewards excellence
Stopped reading here lmao.

Ya i like him but I'm aiming for more advanced stuff. The last tutorials I was looking for was something on OpenLDAP but there's fuck all in the way of quality videos.

I've been tempted to make some myself but I'm camera shy ;_;. My ADHD prefers videos to text.

People who give a shit about linux aren't buying a laptop just because it has linux. People who don't give a shit about linux aren't going to but a laptop with linux.

Selling laptops with linux is retarded.

Linux is so good, you see threads trying to diminish it every single day.

why are cucks like you putting so much effort in making these shitposts? are you afraid of the year of the linux desktop?

>the server market is like the desktop market

It isn't. If you're going to buy a server, you will order it preinstalled with the OS you want. Always. Otherwise you don't get support for it.

>just like when dell sold those laptops with linux on them, they failed because microsoft was involved, not because no one gives a flying fuck about linux.
Or maybe people are accustomed to Windows (largely as a result of Microsoft's anti-competitive practices to this point), computers are inherently complicated for your average non-technical person, and people gravitate toward what they are comfortable with? Case in point:
Do you think "learn a new operating system" sounds appealing to the average dumbfuck consumer who just wants to use Facebook?

Microsoft has been aggressively anti-competitive, they have been found guilty of such in court many times, excluding the times they have settled out of court by paying off the plaintiffs with hundreds of millions of dollars.

The idea that anyone can look at Microsoft and not see anti-competitive behavior for the last 20 years is ludicrous. They have been anti-competitive in their bundling agreements with OEMs, their bundling of Windows and IE, their file formats, DirectX, etc. I could go on and on. This is why they are constantly in lawsuits (many, many of which they have lost.)

The desktop operating system market is one of the best examples of capitalism's systemic weaknesses that I can think of. It's hard to come up with a better example. It would be like Standard Oil was still around, and they had agreements with Ford/GM/Honda/etc s.t. that 90% of all cars would come equipped with an engine that ran only Standard Oil gasoline without aftermarket work, most parts only worked with Standard Oil gasoline, and the formula for Standard Oil gasoline was proprietary and locked away.

that makes me wanna use it more

Okay, but Linux has been an option in server machines for ages now. Explain Linux's flop in the server market then.

But the server is GNU, even though the instances are windows. More like, it completely deprecates windows on servers.

Show linux's flop in the server market first because all real data shows just the opposite.

I actually don't buy the premise that Linux has flopped in the server market. I don't know how the article in the OP found their results. From what I've read Linux outnumbers Windows in the server OS space about 2:1.

Mainly because the utils/flexibility/stability with Linux are simply better than what you get with Windows Server. Windows Server is just not a very good product, maybe it's gotten better in the last few years but for most of its history its been a poo.

Wanna know how I know you're retarded?

Because your name is pajeet, you're from india, and you're paid by the post to tell people they're retarded if they don't suck the microcock you fellate every day?

Can it be the femboy os. Inb4 lbgt>>>

>Asking Pajeet to SSH into a server
>Instantly realize they don't know anything that's not MS approved



Post feet

Mad as fukk

Doesn't Circe look trashier and less white?

>Linux = 36%
>Windows = 32%
>outnumbers 2:1
Did you even read your own link?

Also, that's just public facing http servers. Linux and BSD are cheap for mass shared hosting. No mission critical system runs that shit though. Those marketshare figures don't correspond to the enterprise world. Walk into any corporate data center and you'll see nothing but Windows Server.

Yeah but you seen one fizzy hair trap, you've seen em all

I know the "pajeet" thing is satire and all, but it stopped being funny a while ago. Now it's just racist. You can stop already.

>Walk into any corporate data center and you'll see nothing but Windows Server.
Haven't laughed that hard in a while. Thank you rajesh.

What? Excrement is a race now?

Open source is fundamentally capitalist in nature. Closed source software is essentially paying Pajeet welfare.

>using a shitty capitalist definition of success

hurr durr wow cant believe microsoft is the best. thank you 8th grade civics now im literate enough to read a synopsis of the fountain head in between my breaks at the grocery store guys look how expensive my computer is please someone look at me please i have to be right all the time because i have no idea how to measure worth, not even my own. ecks dee bill gaytes is a genius :3c

Sure thing, bud.

>Walk into any corporate data center and you'll see nothing but Windows Server
Dude, just stop.

You can even walk into a Microsoft data center (TK2/TK5, for example) and see Apple, SUN / Oracle, IBM Power, and other such things.

Also, SAN controllers are almost exclusively Linux (Almost, because the AX4 / VNX 3100e run XP embedded for Navishere only)

So yes, you're likely to find a large number of Windows servers, yes. But far from nothing but.

and? thats a 100:1500 ratio buddy nothing to try and brag about.

i could talk about hyper-v too which is on its way to being as mature as esx

Get fucked, commie.


Then you clearly don't understand the significance of number crunching

Talk about unfuckable.

>i could talk about hyper-v too which is on its way to being as mature as esx

I'd argue it already is with Azure as large as it is, I'm not sure of any provider that uses ESXi that can match that size.

capitalism rewards what sells. Which may or may not be excellence. In any case, even assuming capitalism does reward excellence, it isn't the only mechanism available to reward and incentivize excellence, since people can be motivated by things other than money.

>implying glorified calculators require elaborate operating systems

>Microsoft actually paying sites to print lies
GNU and *BSD absolutely dominate the server market. Stop your lies and shilling, paid Microsoft troll.

>And yet Linux STILL does not have proper support for any Microsoft technologies like Direct3D, ActiveX, etc.
Please tell me you're pretending. If you have knowledge on how those closed technologies that often works as a lock-in mechanism works internally in a way that people not related to microsoft can create another implementation without requiring reverse engineering and without risk of being sued please share it with the world. And here's the funny part: Leaked documents from microsoft doesn't count, i specifically stated that your method cannot have a risk of legal problems, read this:

>Who can't contribute to Wine?

>Some people cannot contribute to Wine because of potential copyright violation. This would be anyone who has seen Microsoft Windows source code (stolen, under an NDA, disassembled, or otherwise). There are some exceptions for the source code of add-on components (ATL, MFC, msvcrt); see the next question.

>Can I contribute if I've only seen the source to ATL, MFC, and/or msvcrt?

>Yes, but not on those components. Also please state on the mailing list that you have seen the source to these and that you will not contribute to them. You are free to contribute to other areas of the Wine source code.

That's the magic of closed technologies that becomes de facto standards. What we should do is to stop actively supporting monopolistic practices if all of us wants a future where we can have a choose regarding operative systems. After all one size don't fits everyone and competition is good for the users. If by any means your post is serious you're shooting yourself in the foot.


Cherry picked data. I seriously doubt MS is dominating markets overseas in places like China, Russia, European Union, Africa, etc. Gimme a fucking break.

>Walk into any corporate data center and you'll see nothing but Windows Server.
My experience contradicts completely yours. Even Microsoft uses linux in a big percentage on their cloud services.

forgot link:

>calling an OS by its kernel name or some bizarre combination of both

>calling an OS by its compiler and a couple outdated command-line tools

The only thing Microsoft EVER dominated was the home PC market, and only because they basically had a fucking monopoly and forced their shitware onto new PCs by default to sell to idiots. They have absolutely failed at everything else.

>office productivity
>enterprise groupware
>development tools
>video games
>network domain solutions
>etc. etc. etc.
Boy, I hope you were just pretending to be retarded!

All part of the desktop PC monopoly.
Look, paid MS shill, please stop posting. You're just embarrassing yourself.

Here's what you do: you go to your boss, tell him that it's time to stop. Just close Microsoft forever. Microsoft is dying, there is no fucking doubt of this and no way to deny it if you are being 100% truthful. Its owners and shareholders will be fucking filthy rich off of what Microsoft is currently worth vs. what it will be worth down the road as it collapses. So walking away now is the smart thing to do. No one will think poorly of you. Everyone will understand that Microsoft is going out on top, and everyone associated with Microsoft will get great jobs with better companies. Win-win-win-win-win.

Please, do it. Not only for us, but for you. Only idiots stay on a sinking ship.

>All part of the desktop PC monopoly.
Wew lad...

>desktop PC
>half the stuff I mentioned is corporate server shit

The fuck are you talking about? What do you think the "Unknown" in the "Unix/Unix-like" category are? Windows Server 2008? Furthermore, that is one of the polls in the link. The others are far more damning for your case, so I won't even bother mention them.

>No mission critical system runs that shit though.
>Those marketshare figures don't correspond to the enterprise world. Walk into any corporate data center and you'll see nothing but Windows Server.
Oh my god. For starters I work with mission critical enterprise servers.

Look, I understand you wasted money on Microsoft certs, I get it. I'm sorry you invested so much time in a shit product, from a shit company, ran by shitheads with shithead corporate ethics.

Normally I'm polite, but I don't take kindly to someone asking me if I read my own link. I'll take the data from cross-verified monthly updated snapshots over some garbage from a "marketing research" firm no one has even heard of. The product sucks dick, working with the product sucks even more dick, blow it out your ass.

So says the red hat shill

Actually, they do.

capitalism rewards excellence but riding on the coat-tails of those rewards is not hard. Capitalism does not necessarily punish mediocrity.


>being racist unironically

Both are false. Technology that sells the most is also the shittiest. Maybe that's people's fault, I'm starting to believe that liking shit is an inherited trait.

>getting mad at racism

We have more failures because we have the most ambitious projects

calling them out for what they are. toxic masculine males.

so proud of you, keep going, girl!



Batshit crazy bullshit desu senpai. I've heard that if you've ever had flash installed on any device, you've accepted the EULA which prevents you from ever working on any kind of flash emulator, so the gnash developers have never used flash. How anyone can think this is reasonable is completely beyond me.

>90% desktop computers use Windows
>not monopoly

>network domain solutions
what is that?

>office productivity
>video games
because of lock-in, but yes

>enterprise groupware

>development tools
oh boy

>For starters I work with mission critical enterprise servers.
Then you'd be familiar with something called a load balancer. You know, a *nix machine that takes connections and splits them across multiple Windows machines. Your data doesn't take that into account.

>Look, I understand you wasted money on Microsoft certs, I get it. I'm sorry you invested so much time in a shit product
Maybe, but AD / Exchange / Sharepoint are still a thing, and not going anywhere any time soon.

> ran by shitheads with shithead corporate ethics.
That I can't and wont argue.

>Normally I'm polite, but I don't take kindly to someone asking me if I read my own link
Wow, that's reddit tier butt hurt. You've clearly forgot where you are.

>I work with mission critical enterprise servers.
This is a gem. So cute. Build your own facilities, then come back. Having a half dozen racks in a Sabey data center doesn't count.

>capitalist shithole with more people in prison than there ever where in gulags

>more people in prison than there ever where in gulags
[Citation needed]

Not trying to troll, honest. % of population then and now would be an interesting comparison.

A lot of people i know are at least trying linux, if not switching. In terms of use i think the OS is 90% there, it's just a pity the lack of games and other software are letting it down.

Valve could solve the games issue maybe, if they offer bounties or something for games ported. Google apps have mostly replaced office usage, but if there was a way to wrap up google's office suite into some chromeOS style offline apps for linux, that might help.

I know A Google Office suite would be a problem for a lot of people here, but it's vastly superior to libre/OOo

2008 US: 1 imprisoned per 100 residents

0.8 imprisoned per 100 residents under Stalin
(Info with sources listed at the bottom)

maybe there are more windows servers because you need 10 windows servers to get performance equivalent to 1 linux server :^)

How is it superior to LibreOffice? Not trying to shill or start a war, but I haven't used anything other than Libre in 2 years, even on Windows, and never missed anything I needed.
Funny how Japan, Europe and Canada are thought of as shitholes and yet people there are much more civilised.

They look more presentable than this

this is Cred Forums in the nutshell:
Linux has no games
>who needs games retarded manchild!
Linux gets games
>Linux has games , no reason to use Windows anymore!
Windows has powershell
>why are you not using the best system with corporate quality command line and not retarded bash, stupid retarded unix wannabes
Windows gets bash
>haha no reason to use linux now , bash runs on windows as well as ubuntu , linux btfo again!
Linux dominates server market
>who cares you when you have 1% desktop share
Windows gets more server market
>Lol linux is hobbyst software for cheapos btfo

Cred Forums is not shitty, its a user error.

There's nothing wrong with this photo.

Broadly speaking... compatibility? Can upload just about anything into Google's suite and they work almost 1:1

Libra still shits the bed trying to read .doc files with formatting.

>>Linux is superior to Windows
so how come it has no vidya?

The thing I have a hard time understanding is these numbers are so enormously huge.'
According to wikipedia, the number of people who died in concentration camps is between 6-11 million people.

From what I have been taught in school, they used the camps for slave labour, medical research and other cruel punishment.

If we go with Pressacs research (1.2 million), that equates to 657 people every day for 5 years. 3287 people every day if it is 6 million people, 6027 people every day if it is 11 million.

I don't doubt that there was some horrible, nasty people out there.
But killing 3000 people is a lot of work.
If we just talk about the logistics, doing something like that would require some amount of planning and a lot of people involved.
Doing it everyday?
How would there be any chance to do the other nasty things they did?
And we know that they did these things as we reap the benefits of the research, and the germans built on the infrastructure that the slave labor produced.

So the idea that the 6 million is a high estimate does not seem unreasonable to me.
In the 9/11 attacks, 2,977 people died.
How much time did it take to clean that up?
Could that be happening every day for 5 years while the other things went on?
Maybe they could do that for a year, but then we are back to the ~1 million victims.

>civilized in any way
Oh child, how quaint your innocence!

>99% of supercomputers use Linux
>not monopoly
Linus sure has some explaining to do before the SEC...

>Windows has powershel
Linux has PS as well, they open sourced the core about a month ago.

Of course. For most normal people there really isn't.

For racists though...

USSR: First animal in space, first satellite, first man in space...

US: First man in the moon at the expense of billions of dollars spent on engineering and virtually no scientific benefits.
>but we totally won the spacerace, guys!

>Crime rate in Canada vs crime rate in the US
>calls Canada uncivilized
>is probably Amarafat
Ok kid


i dont think that opensourcing parts of PS means its on linux now. But maybe im just confused.

>capitalism rewards excellence
Since what makes the most money is not always the best product you retard

>not literally the best

i already spend nothing on health care, have tons of free time, am not murdered, am not imprisoned, am employed, lived 2.11 years longer than me 2.11 years ago, lived through infancy, and have no hi-vaids whatever that is

this means i have won, and i am murican

try again!!!

It is official; Netcraft now confirms: Windows is dying


But what percentage of babies do you have?

>Companies are still using [...] Exchange
Internal use is impossible to measure. But externally is easy to measure, and puts Exchange in the "more dead than sendmail" pile. Looking at the number of servers running Exchange 2000 is genuinely funny.

>"they used fans in outer space, YOU LITERAL FUCKING RETARD"

Why do I visit this social network for children with learning difficulties?

>2009 memes

>He never had Häagen-Dazs

That just means less people are using IIS. You can still run Windows Server and run apache. I just got a free copy of server 2008 I'm going to play around with for setting up a LAMP stack on one of my machines.

>That just means less people are using IIS.

Nope, IIS numbers have steadily grown. More people are using IIS than ever before, according to that very same Netcraft report. Don't confuse percentages with absolute numbers.

>microsoft still trying to push this lie onto Cred Forums after getting completely and totally told
Time to shut your doors, Microsoft. Take all your money and run. It'll only get worse from here on out.

The denial is strong with this freetard.

fuck off pajeet, no matter how many times microsoft deposits a few cents into you "bank account" you'll never know the joy of being genuinely loved by a tall, blonde white woman.

Yeah, they actually last way less than you think they do.
You stupid moron, the flag expanded because it was similarly wrapped in the fashion in which a spring is compressed, they made it like that on purpose, you don't want a flag that would just hand limp, do you?

How come is blatant racist hate speech like this still tolerated on blue boards?

>proved wrong over and over
>"lol denial"
And this is why Cred Forums needs to ban all Microsoft owned IP addresses. This fucking paid shilling has gotten ridiculous to the point of just flooding Cred Forums with bullshit.

>proved wrong over and over
Are we even in the same thread? Because the thread I'm reading shows linweenies getting absolutely BTFO to exhaustion.

Nobody believes you, Microsoft.


Holy shit, Microsoft actually believes that if you tell the same lie enough times people will begin to believe you. Maybe normie idiots fall for that shit, but not me.

>no-nobody believes you!!!!1

kek, freetards literally on the verge of tears at this point.

>Government contract

>Capitalism rewards excellence.

It doesn't. This would be like saying that evolution rewards good traits. Evolution nor capitalism have wants, rewards, or punishments, they're simply definitions for naturally occurring processes.

Even if capitalism was somehow sentient, then still no. Capitalism simply rewards the ability to create value and have others exchange for value.


>no u


Linux does dominate servers now.


That's fake. Kill your self.

And that's only web servers. Linux dominates non-webfacing servers too.

How much does the company pay for those licenses? Most companies where I live are transitioning away from Windows to Linux+RDP into Windows server or pure Linux environments.
Its very hard to account for Linux revenues or usage for obvious reasons.

>grouping Linux with other operating systems under "Unix"
I love how you guys consider Linux a Unix too when it's about gathering numbers, but it's not a Unix when users are complaining that systemd doesn't follow Unix philosophy!

>And that's only web servers
See . Linux isn't even a contender for private corporate servers. What are you going to even run on it as a groupware solution? As your directory server? There is no Linux equivalent to Sharepoint or AD.

>Linux dominates non-webfacing servers too.
See . It clearly doesn't. Stop being in denial.

>get TOLD
>go full denial mode
Shit, freetards sure are cancerous. Here's the source for the graph you dismissed as "fake":

Go away Rajesh

>See . It clearly doesn't. Stop being in denial.
>that's fake. kill your self.

Nice argument.

Wow, IDC counts just the sold units that come with an operating system preinstalled.
Nice try



>I've never bought a server: The Post

>If you're going to buy a server, you will order it preinstalled with the OS you want. Always. Otherwise you don't get support for it.
What the actual fuck? When was the last time you actually bought a server?

This is 100% bullshit. Site licenses and enterprise licenses are a thing...

>be me
>notice there is an exploit to BSOD IIS webservers with curl. IIS runs as root lmao
>entire college architecture runs on it
>write a bash script which cycles through everything on the college public facing subnet and uses this exploit with a cron job to repeat it every hour
>use it before exam result
>chaos for a week till they take it offline and fix it
>porfet $$$
I can't take Windows server seriously after that

You madman

Because Linux has never had serious vulnerabilities, right?

SJWs will deny this.

Much less and hard to exploit. Crashing IIS can take down the entire OS lmao

>grouping NT with other operating systems under "Windows"
FTFY, babby duck.

>Yeah, they actually last way less than you think they do.
They still outlast American architecture

Strong wind comes and USA gets literally BLOWN the fuck out

But NT is Windows, user. BSD and Solaris are not Linux.

Sure thing, kid.

>he's never heard of metasploit

You can reasonably deny the second. So much is based on luck, skullduggery, and cheating when there are so few competitors on the field. Literally the only reason DirectX still exists is that Microsoft hardcoded Vista to make OpenGL run worse so people would use their absolutely garbage and objectively worse in every way library. How's that for rewarding excellence? It's still worse, objectively, and people still use it "because windows".

The start up screen on Windows now might as well read "Fuck you, you fat, stupid, flyover cow; you dumb, idiot masses keep paying for our waste, and we're going to keep dumping our waste all over your ignorant fucking heads, year after year, until diabetes does you in, you disgusting, stupid animal."


This is why more people use Linux:

OSS is just better.

It's not just the concentration camps. It was happening everywhere in Germany and even outside at the same time, highly parallelised. They were hunted, by everyone, everywhere.

Also, note, there were about a thousand concentration camps and similar alone. With this infrastructure it is actually pretty easy to kill 3000 people every day.

I do the girls in the front, the glasses one first.

>he fell for the "capitalism rewards excellence" meme


>i already spend nothing on health care
life doesn't work like that, m8


>capitalism rewards excellence
oh boi

without capitalism, linux wouldn't exist
it became a real OS solely due to paid employees(SUSE, Redhat originally) working on it.

>uses metaspoilt
>advocates windows server over BSD/Linux for security

Are you being idiot on purpose? Capitalism rewards the lack of empathy. The worst you are for this society, the more you earn. Smartest people like scientist are actually really poor

>believes in security as a product
You obviously know jack shit about security, son.


I never did. I'm just saying that Windows servers are less secure than Linux/BSD on average. There is a reason why people use IPtables/pf as a firewall/router and not Windows Firewall(tm).

ITT: Mad Windows users.

Open source is more secure than closed source and MS developers are shit.

This is pretty pathetic. I'm a windows user btw, but the Windows users itt make me ashamed to be one.

redhat wouldn't exist without linux in the first place, you fucking retard

True, unhindered, free market capitalism rewards excellence in a society with no crime

The government intervenes to prevent crime and in doing so creates marker inefficiencies. These inefficiencies can be taken advantage of to create "elite"s with more access to resources and power.

From there on repeated attempts at interfering in the market with good intentions always make things worse. The winners are those who got in early, got lucky, or cheated. Not those with the best product.

Found the Indian

>There is a reason why people use IPtables/pf as a firewall/router and not Windows Firewall(tm).

What "people"? I don't know about your "people", but businesses don't use either. They use professional solutions like Juniper or SonicWall. If you don't know the difference between those and Windows Firewall, then you're only showing your ignorance on security once more. Windows Firewall is a host-based firewall, and businesses do use it as a host-based firewall, whereas while iptables can work as a host-based firewall, because you said "firewall/router" I am inferring you were referring to its use as a perimeter firewall or something of the sort. While I've seen this solution professionally, it is not favoured because it lacks support and important features like deep packet inspection.

>these people who want capitalism working in a vacuum are the same people who call leftists idealists

Kys. Your retardation is beyond recovery.

The reality of the facts is:

>rightists: "men are good, but the state corrupts them"
>leftists: "men are good, but money corrupts them"

>actuality: men are corrupt

>I don't believe in security as a product, I'm only saying iptables is the right product to make you safe

>can't argue
>responds with insults

what he's saying is that iptables will help you more than what the windows firewall would. and I don't see how "security is not a product" means "there is no security", or "no product offers some level of security"

But that's comparing apples and oranges, you fucktard.

The Windows Firewall doesn't try to be anything but a host-based solution.

iptables does, but it sucks at it because it doesn't do half what a Cisco Firepower does.

>capitalism rewards excellence
Capitalism invents problems to sell solutions.

How is Linux not capitalist?

Linux is communist, you dummy.


Linux dominates the server market now.

And the super computer market.


That hobo and his philosophy are reviled among many in the Linux community, including Linus Torvalds.

>dominates the server market

>supercomputer market

>he thinks the Soviets allowed all of their space disasters to be public knowledge.


Linux wins again.

Windows users are cuks.

>we have no proof the soviets sucked
That's not how knowledge works, kid.

Different user. Take your Winbullshit and fuck off. And never use the word cute on the internet again pedo. Too bad windows isn't allowed on the space station anymore. But what the fuck do they know, I mean they're just rocket scientists after all.

>d-don't winbullshit me or my wife's son e-ever again!

Quality post. Did it take a while to write?


How desperate are windows users?

They ware hidden behind pages of are you sure that you don't want windows ?

Linus doesn't own the kernel, you mongoloid. No one does. This isn't closed source nonfree software. No one directly profits from developing the project.

Thanks for answering .

And how is that not capitalist? You're describing things orthogonal to capitalism, not anti-capitalism.

>Take your Winbullshit and fuck off
Market share isn't everything, right?

> And never use the word cute on the internet again pedo.

>Too bad windows isn't allowed on the space station anymore.
Not generally used in super computing either. But ISS != the corporate world, so there's that.

This thread is so fucking hilarious.

99.8% of everybody's in this thread daily interface with computers is F5'ing on Cred Forums and writing fizzbuzz in Python/Limbo/Smalltalk/assembly/Tcl/etc. What fucking difference does the OS you use make?


wincocks have to go back this far to be relevant.

Guy was arguing it isn't for mission critical stuff...

>isn't for mission critical stuff
ISS is a bit of a fringe environment. Reliability is placed above performance and cost. This is the same reason NASA is still using T61p's.

NASA swapped to Debian from Windows XP and Scientific Linux in 2013, as Microsoft removed the last bit of support for XP.

But NASA and the corporate world don't work the same way. If Windows can get 5 9's, run 100% of the required software, and have a lower TCO* then that's the way a company is going to go.

*Note - Company's that have license agreements with Microsoft have some level of included support. Be it pro or premier. This is all included in the license cost.


Often rules are applied with IPtables/pf on end containers/servers to make the load on firewalls lesser. This can be very easily automated with Ansible. IPtables/pf work perfectly fine for firewalls too. Features like? DPI can be done on a separate machine with L2 port mirroring with an appliance or NDPI. Juniper is only good for core routers when you have to transfer line rate L3, otherwise they are expensive for no reason.
Sorry for the late reply. Was a little busy

>capitalism rewards excellence

Only in Utopia m8.

>Often rules are applied with IPtables/pf on end containers/servers to make the load on firewalls lesser.
But Windows Firewall does that just fine, user.

Very hard to replicate very fast. I've automated setting up of hundreds of containers, setting firewall rules on them and configuring them depending on template. Any config changes are pushed back and stored too. All with bash, ansible, git and cron. Doing all of that in a Windows environment will be a pain and licenses are very expensive for so many VMs. Linux has LXCs instead so you can different distro environment on separate containers, same kernel and 0 overhead. If I'm hosting anything in the cloud I can very easily do source/destination NATing, OpenVPN, dhcp server on the host container itself. Very easy, convenient and secure enough.

>Doing all of that in a Windows environment will be a pain and licenses are very expensive for so many VMs.
Not quite, because AVMA.

Group policy and SCCM/SCVMM will take care of the configuration, as well.

Though the zero dollar out of pocket expense for Linux makes it compelling, so I see your point.

I run a mix, but I'm also covered on the Microsoft licenses. About 20% of my production VM's are Linux.

Claiming the first woman in space is as irrelevant as claiming the first man in the moon. Actually, it's more irrelevant.

Interesting. Ansible supports router configs too. That plus git makes things super easy, especially with the versioning.

People only use linux because they're the internet hipsters.Besides customization, name something Linux can do better than Windows. You probably can't.
Who do you think works more on their OS? A bunch of faggots who rely on donations or a large corporation that earns millions?

Load balance.
Network level firewall (not endpoint)
HA storage configuration (but Storage Spaces Direct is coming in 2016)

So that's 3.

It's all about the right tool for the right job, so stop being just a tool...

Those things have lasted around 5 times their design life, pretty interesting tbqh, they were the predecessor of prebuilt buildings
Still real shitholes, full blown commie ideas ruined any possible decent standard of living in them

>>capitalism rewards excellence
>capitalist pigs actually believe this to trick their minds into not feeling disgusted by their own actions of ripping people off to further fill the deep pockets of the filthy rich and generally blocking progress in the industry

>sent from Venezuela
Linux is capitalistic. Eric Raymond is a libertarian. People get paid to work on Linux and with Linux. Capitalism is good because you can get competition between products. Linux/BSDs are good competitors to Windows. It isn't some state sponsored project.

>Capitalism is good because you can get competition between products
in theory. reality is far from it. Companies don't compete, they don't try to 1-up each other and deliver a better product, they just collectively scam everyone while pretending to out-do each other
>Linux/BSDs are good competitors to Windows
lol in what dream of yours? For simple end users linux is a horrible choice, and even if you have the skills to use it, nobody wants to waste 10x the amount of time on the same task you could do in windows without all the hassle

Linux is libertairan and therefore freemarket capitalism. /thread.

Go back to using Red Star OS commie. All of the OSs are capitalistic products. Nobody cares about end users lmao

>implying your shitposting on Cred Forums isn't an end user thing to do
it sure is hard work adminning servers by shitposting all day

I get hagen daz whenever I have the choice. It's true that it's better than b&j, but that doesn't mean b&j is bad in any way. b&j is even competitive v.s. hagen daz, unlike the rest of the competition.

Even if that were true, it would take 10x as long to get a working $LANGUAGE interpreter on windows than on linux, nevermind the libraries you might want to use to fizzbuzz more memetically.

Just go and install Gentoo

>le Venezuela is bad because of socialism meme
This is my favourite meme!

This is from last month.

>it would take 10x as long to follow the .NET and MSVS installers than to manually tell your package manager via command line to install the right version of the interpreter and of all the libraries, not to mention figure out all the dependency hell in order to get your favourite language up and running on Linux

Friendly reminder that if wherever you work doesn't use the best operating system for the job you probably work for a really shitty company. Every employer I have had has uses and support for all three major operating systems.

If you don't work, you should probably get out of your basement and find a real job instead of jerking off MS on a Cambodian throat-singing image board.

That's not how it works in the real world.

While I do agree that ideally you'd use the best tool for the job, in practice you have to use the tool you have best domain over.

It's useless using Linux because it's safer than Windows if you don't grasp Linux deeply: if you're a seasoned Windows sysadmin, you'll probably just end up with an unsafer system.

venezuela is bad because it's full of venezuelans
no offence

>It's useless using Linux because it's safer than Windows if you don't grasp Linux deeply
... I think you should re-read your post and try again.

No, I think you should consult any expert and you'll see I'm right.

Also C# is hella easy.. it's like a god tier java really

Too bad MS fucked up by touching it tho... but they're fixing it so...

No, forget about the Windows-Linux thing for a second, you write English like a drooling retard. Fix your grammar.

>That's not how it works in the real world.
Actually, that's exactly how it works in the real world.

> if you're a seasoned Windows sysadmin, you'll probably just end up with an unsafer system.
Nope. Seasoned or not, some concepts are universal. If you're in a position to impact security, then you are expected to be competent with all options. And if you're not, well, you're still liable, so figure that shit out, or better yet, reach out to a more specialized team.


Have a (You) :^)

Capitalism rewards mediocrity actually.

>you always gotta use what's absolutely the most secure

Why aren't you using OpenBSD then, famalam?

>carat nose

>you always gotta use what's absolutely the most secure
I never said that. I said some concepts are universal.

>Why aren't you using OpenBSD then, famalam?
Who said I'm not? CARP and pfsync are great.

>Every employer I have had has uses and support for all three major operating systems.
Sure. If you dig into specialized niches, you are sure going to find an use for everything out there. Windows is the only true general purpose operating system out there though. It is ubiquitous and either dominates or is a serious contender in virtually every market.

>implying either windows or linux are good
>implying capitalidm is at all close to it's ideal
Deny the second, do not affirm the first

capitalism stagnates social and technological progression, in addition to: wasting all of our resources on shitty disposables (so you have to buy more shit), poisoning our minds and planet. We'll die off soon and fail to be anything as a species largely because of capitalism. We'll be nothing but some greedy animals that won't be missed or even remembered.

yet every day NASA spend ten of millions dollars to buy tickets to space from Russia.

This is news to no one that has had a job

>Why do I get baited like an idiot?



Nigger you're stupid

If you really think producing something is a wasteful process then you need to get your head out of your marxist hippie ass.

It's really not the fault of capitalism that dumbass ameriburger consumer sheep are sucking this planet dry with their unrealistic expectations.

>capitalism stagnates social and technological progression
Wait, are there people who actually believe this?

>other country doesn't have chicago/detroit/etc
>this means other country > USA

every time

Wait, it doesn't?

It's simple, OP, both Linux and capitalism are literal cancer. Nothing but shit-tier faggotry. /thread

>>capitalism rewards excellence
Americos actually believe this