Hey Cred Forums, planning to wire my home with ethernet. Is there any absolute *need* for a patch panel? Can't I just connect both ends of the cable to a wall plate, connect a patch cable from one of them to my computer and a patch cable from the other to my router?

Yeah a patch panel is optional. you can terminate one end and just plug it directly into your router

Can both ends be wall plates though? I wanna do this:

Computer Wall Plate (Keystone Jack) Wall Plate (Keystone Jack) Router

That im not too sure about, always done runs with patch panels on one end and keystone plates on the other end. I dont see why not though?

Yeah, patch panels are only really necessary if you have a bunch of connections. If you only have one or two you can put a keystone jack on both ends

Well usually patch panels are used for multiple connections. So unless you need those connections, I would just go with plugging it in to the router. Makes life easier.

Patch panels come into play when you have dozens if not hundreds of cables. I mean I guess you could but there's really no need or point.

Alright, makes sense. I'm just trying to figure out if "daisy chaining" the cables like I said would work, just so I have a nice wall plate at both ends.

>planning to wire my home with ethernet

Why when fiber exists?

literally retarded post. would you like someone to break down the cost and ease of use factors?

Patch panels are better looking that 30+ cables sticking out the wall directly to the switch.

Besides it fucks up the switch less.

Also do it like a sane person and break a wall and stick a cabinet in with patch panel and a smart switch if you don't know how to network.

Usually patch panels exist because the server-side end of the cables DON'T have a wall plate.

If you have one then there's no need.

Because optics aren't cheap and mgig will become mainstream before fiber ever will, but continue reading popular science and bringing that nonsense here.

>Can't I just connect both ends of the cable to a wall plate, connect a patch cable from one of them to my computer and a patch cable from the other to my router?
if you can sure.

Patch panels are a thing because usually cables come into the server room in huge fuckoff bundles of like 30 cables each, like in pic related. There's no room to put all those on a wall panel. Hence, the patch panel.

you don't need a patch. It's really only for organization and re-routing.

How do you even run wire without ruining your walls? Genuinely curious, I'm tired of all my floor cables.

Because home networks usually don't saturate even 1 gigabit.

No reason to tear up your house to add that infrastructure if ethernet is fine.

You don't senpai.

Oh, well can't you just just hook up a patch cable to the wall jack and lead it to your modem/router through the wall? And then plug another patch cable into that jack and plug it into your computer?

I have mine running close to the wall, right above the skirting. Want me to take a photo?

Yeah sure, how are you keeping them fixed in place?

You could cable hooks or staples...

A terrible corner. And I don't know its name in America.

Cable hooks.

Oh, that's it. The ones I use are fixed using a nail.

Easy to install and very cheap.

Yep. Actually had to do it a couple months back, pretty cheap!

Thanks, I'll have to see if my hardware store has something similar. My skirting doesn't have the same shelf but it might be doable.