VLC alternative

Since you fucks hate VLC so much provide a better video player.

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Are you retarded? Just check the catalog.


MPC-HC + madVR + DirectVobSub
You're welcome.

mpv is an all in one solution that just works and requies no set up outside of editing a text file.

If that's too intimidating for you you can set up mpc-hc, but since that comes with shit scalers built in and no you'll have to get madVR. And also you'll probably want lavfilters. And since you probably watch chinese cartoons you'll also want vsfilter as well for better libass support. If that sounds too complicated you can always use KCP.

>just works
Try playing linked mkvs.

VLC is fine really. Outside of anime fansubs, which mpv or MPC work much better for, VLC is just fine if you rather use that.

Like if you have videos from your phone or whatever. I do like mpv more than VLC.

It does it just fine.

works great

It doesn't support them.

this. you won't need anything else.

How do I play at 2x speed then go back to 1x quickly?

Based Pot Player

{ and }


And the chipmunk effect?
How come there is literally not a single player other than vlc that can get rid of this when speeding up?

Literally anything that is able to play videos on lower end hardware without completely shitting itself.

VLC is a complete mess.

Even opening them with notepad brings a better experience than that wannabe-player.


You've never seen that (accurate) Mickey gif, haven't you?

You literally cant play 1080p videos on older hardware using VLC.

Mpv plays just fine so the ""lack"" of features (aka incompetence) is completely irrelevant when the VLC developers are complete hacks who apparently have no idea how to make a video player.

I'm incompetent because mpv literally doesn't have a way to fix the pitch of the audio when it is sped up?

Its open source fix it yourself, no one is stopping you.

God I fucking love Cred Forums.

I can fix problems coding them myself? What a great open-source!

sudo pacman -S mpv

VLC is fine, it's just that people on Cred Forums are fucking idiots.

>Use VLC on netbook, stuttering audio failing
>Same video playing with mpv, no stuttering completely smooth

If you want a player developed by retards i guess VLC is fine.

I use VLC on a laptop from 2009. Plays 1080p60fps just fine. You are an idiot.

mpv does this out of the box...

>comparing video players using a png

uhh, have you used mpv lately? They fixed this out of the box a long time ago. It now keeps the original pitch when speeding up / slowing down. (you can change back to the old behaviour by changing a setting)

PNG is lossless. Most idiots were complaining about colour reproduction differences which there are none between these two players. Performance wise both are equal on my PC. Feature-wise and supported formats, VLC wins.

Any video players for android that play mkvs that aren't just reskinned VLC. MX player doesn't want to play pirated stuff and VLC is stuttering and buggy.



Is mpv superior to unconfigured mpc-hc?

ugliest player i've seen yet.

no wonder u NEET manchildren have no eye for detail

could u have picked a more manchild video to compare?

I like animation movies.

u might get a pass if ur a legit XX-chromosome female

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Why do idiots assume degeneracy is a thing throughout the whole world?

Why do people hate VLC? Because it's popular?

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i just like triggering ppl

using potpayer for 10 years or more (kmpplayer)
it has everything
you can even quickly edit a movie in it if you're in a pickle

Because it's shit.
There are so many (mostly old) files that makes vlc just shit itself when it tries to play them.
pic very much related.

I didn't say (You) aren't a degenerate (;

Never had a problem. Maybe your CPU is struggling? I'm using a Core 2 Duo E6600

Implying I am going to read a 50page manual for a minor improvement on my 1080rips
No thanks

takes one to know one ;)

how is it being a trap/transgender?

is it easy to just marry an autistic coder guy and be his qt housewife?

>Maybe your CPU is struggling?
It's not the cpu, everything is running smooth, it just comes up with mpeg artifacts every 3-5 seconds.

That's anime is not all that old, like, last year or so.

Idk, you probably can tell me. I'm a woman.

MPV does that too, not quite as well as VLC, but good enough.

Even MPC-HC can do it, but it's terrible at it.

>You literally cant play 1080p videos on older hardware using VLC.

Sure you can, but you should enable GPU acceleration, which is disabled by default.

That's the main reason, yes.

I switched to MPV because it's slightly faster/more efficient, but VLC is fine.

>codec packs

What is this, 2001? A good player opens everything out of the box.

OP, Potplayer.

1. mpv
2. PotPlayer
3. mpc-hc
4. VLC

mpv user, mpv
I always used vlc but in last few months it works like shit. I cant watch full hd video coz shit stutters

>I'm a genderfluid, bulldyke woman




Typical idiot male manchild. Troglodyte unable to use a PC. Get an Ipad next time, moron!


Here is a genuine comparison.

SMPlayer with MPV backend


Is MPC-HC ded? No update since 2015.

I'm a woman too ;3

>Rebuilding font cache
VLC in 2016 LUL

Subtitle kerning looks better in mpv than vlc, from those two screenshots. And it looks like the color space in vlc defaults and/or converts to 16-235, while mpv defaults and/or converts to 0-255.

did you set VLC to opengl glx backend? Because you know MPV defaults to it too.

Yep, it's using the opengl glx backend. For the record, the color range is set to full in nvidia settings for both screenshots.

Must suck being you. You're the only idiot itt with this problem.

I dont really care, mpv works fine out of the box.

it does


well nothing else to say than "it werks on my machine" now. Really i don't know if you people fuck something up or just lie about it, but i am noob enough to not know how to pan to the same frame and it works.


>using YIFY as quality comparison
>calls others idiots


You idiots can't even synchronize frames

As long as output is the same.. idiot.

And to be acused of editing?? Moron! Also you're not worth my time in synchronising frames.

logic of a retard

potplayer is the only one that can open umemaro obfuscated .mp_ files without renaming

So here's another comparison. Nothing's changed except the file.

↑ Argument of an idiot who can't use a PC

I tried Polpotplayer based on this thread and it's an adware-riddled piece of shit. Beware there are gook shills itt and on Cred Forums.

whatever you say retard

Here's another file, nothing's changed except the video.

here now you have the same frame and the same nogui type. Vlc uses more blurry scaler , thats all.

vlc uses shittest scaler
also mpv is faster

Here's a side by side of my earlier screenshot. I swear i've changed nothing.

>plebs say VLC is fine
>"oh well, it's been years since I've last used it. Maybe it's actually gotten good"
>mfw I have no face

VLC is perfect unless you have severe autism and watch anime or something

here again with lanchos scaler on both vlc and mpv.

>"VLC is perfect"

If you're not shitposting:
In my opinion, VLC is the better player, especially since it is more full-featured and consistently updated. But if you have problems with it on your build, move to MPV.

This is just one of the biggest circlejerks at the moment, so it's not like any thread made about it will be even slightly useful to someone with a serious inquiry. You know how Cred Forums can be.

This happens when you have a shitty corrupt hard drive

>"there's nothing wrong with VLC"

Fucking retard

VLC is perfect unless you have severe autism
>VLC is perfect unless you have severe autism
VLC is perfect unless you have severe autism
>VLC is perfect unless you have severe autism
VLC is perfect unless you have severe autism
>VLC is perfect unless you have severe autism
VLC is perfect unless you have severe autism
>VLC is perfect unless you have severe autism

>damage control


Or when you use VLC. Weird how I never see this with MPV. Guess it fixes my new but apparently broken SSD too.

I agree with you, but you're the most autistic person on this thread, which is frankly an accomplishment. Congratulations.

it really looks like somewhere in settings you have a limited color range set up. All i can say on linux with nvidia 370.28 drivers (and all since 340 i've used) everything works right if you select the opengl (glx) output. Also last time i saw was when out of curiosity i tried mpc-hc with default config on windows a few months back.
Maybe its mac related. If you have set both full color range in nvidia settings and open gl (glx) output and restarted vlc it should work. I checked both on Windows 10 and Debian 8.6.

I actually scorred pretty low on the autism test tyvm (;

again YIFY

I am not saying it is impossible to make this, but it is damn hard.
You have to use a very slow drive and or run something cpu heavy in order to get this.
My computers are 4+ years old and they don't get this, I can't imagine what poor setup you use

First isn't, idiot

>Using it for the UI.

it's great because you can completely remove all of it and just use the keyboard kek

also on windows if you connect the monitor through hdmi you get limited color range in two places in nvidia drivers. One in video playback settings and one in monitor color correction. On linux it defaults to full RGB anyway.

>poor setup
>2015 quad i7 + 2000 MBps read speed SSD


>because that means so much
typical macfag

QuickTime XDDDdd

If you had half a brain you'd now all the models that could get those specs and guess their price range it's referring. There's not many of them and none of them should have any problems running 10bit mkvs if the player wasn't absolute shit. This does not occur with MPV for eaxmple.

>frames not synchronized again
just kys

Holy fuck my spelling.

If they won't make a gui to modify options, I refuse to use it.

I know it'd be TOO MUCH BLOAT to add a simple, intuitive graphical menu where I could adjust options. The text file would still be available, so the only possible reason is to have no gui for editing prefs is to keep MPV LESS BLOATED because it's SO SLEEK and SO MINIMAL that it would be ruined otherwise.

I've never had to touch a txt file to edit VLC. I just download it and it plays shit perfectly fine on any computer that isn't ancient. If I somehow find myself in a situation where I'm stuck with a toaster-PC and VLC isn't working, I can use MPV in that instance, but that hasn't happened and I don't imagine it ever will.

I've never really had any issues besides some old WMV shit, but it's hard to even transcode those without errors.

>random speed
>meaning anything
typical macfag. you're shitbox can't run a video. that or you're an idiot. or a combination of both, which is most likely your case.

>identycal time
>looks (almost) the same
>what is index frame?

>watching movies in notepad

nobody is stopping me from making an OS from scratch with custom made hardware but fuck you

Oh, okay... I guess I'll have to buy a top line mac pro next to play these mkvs. I thought a new 3k€ laptop was supposed to be enough for any remotely optimised video player... Well at least I can browse facebook with this.

Actually as an VLC user i can tell you that MPV way of configuration is really simple, unless you fuck around with third party tools. Also VLC configuration is simpler if you just edit the text file. For example, try to get rid of the extra 25% of the 125% volume bar without editing text files on VLC. With text it's - open 1 file - find the setting - edit it - save , in GUI its open VLC , open options - open advanced options , look around gui settings for 3-5 minutes until you find something , set it, restart VLC. Also simple commands like "fullscreen" "no-border" "vo" "hwdec" are really easy to remember and since you just overwrite defaults with your plain file you cannot fuck anything up , you can always remove the config. Configs like that are frikin amazing to me.

>comparing quality, using yifi
now go suck a dick faggot

>3k€ laptop
>it must be of high performance!!!1111111
typical macfag

mpv is shit until it gets a proper ui with a volume slider and many options in a menu like mpc-hc has. i dont know why people recommend this shit.

Иди нa хyй

You answered your own shit, if you dig in the advanced settings vlc can be peach

Why the fuck do you still need madVR to output 10bit video in 2016, can't they just build that shit into mpc?

Yeah man, when I use a video player, I like to stare at the on-screen controls for hours on end.

You also eat in the toilet?

I'm trying to choose a mac that can run VLC now. Do you know if 12 core Xeons and 64GB of RAM is enough to run VLC?

MPV is for linux tards & other shit OS, but on windows you have a bounty of better players

Keeping a GUI maintained would be a pain in the ass considering how much active development mpv's got going.

Notepad++ IS my settings GUI senpai.

so you are a russian retard, I was right. Go die

Yeah I tried everything, delete vlc config files, set opengl glx output, disable hardware acceleration. Nothing. It's no loss though.

So I do need to install vlc if only for rewatching old episodes quickly?

> I've never had problems so it's good software.

> I've never had problems so it's good software.
This is a major standpoint for people using windows xp. Also windows in general.
Also yes, if you expect it to play a video by double clicking on its icon, yes it's good software. All those "grayish-blur" vlc memes aside that come from retarded default configuration ofc.

there is a tickbox in advanced -> input/codecs -> video codecs -> x264 -> use full color range instead of TV, or something i dont use english version. Could you try that and tell us results?

Nope, nothing.

How do I make the control bar bigger in MPC-HC? The buttons are so fucking tiny.