/hsg/ - homescreen thread

post them homescreen's lads.

>3.75MB for a 1080p image
Jesus dude

lots of colours + hi I haven't seen you webm trolling in a while, where have you been?

He's been trying to turn water into webm.

fucking kek'd



I miss my KLWP
Pretty nice, but there's a lot of empty space. 8/10
It's stock and you have 2clocks 1/10
That's a lock screen 0/10

my bad

i don't feel like taking a screenshot but imagine there's a cute homescreen right

I don't feel like typing more than this

best launcher?

What clock is that

Hate away

Everything is good except the wallpaper

Its 500 Firepaper, set to black and white nudes rotating through every 15 min, actually very nice.

Still the same, pls no hate ~

>Using my old wallpaper.
>Using the old white line+black box.
Hello there copycat,

Nice preset.
Looks nice but pretty lewd
Nice waifus

how do you guys get away with weeb homescreens?


Any thoughts? Suggestions are (sincerely!) greatly appreciated.

When you learn to not give shits about what other people think about you honestly.
I would make the picture extend to the corners.
Too lewd for me imo.
Should get ViperOne ROM (look at my homescreen), assuming that's an HTC One (M7/M8/M9) or an HTC 10.
Really nice overall, is the status bar stock or did you use something like a Xposed module?


Any suggestions on what I could do?


uninstall kik you fucking perv

>making a webm of that shit

Trying to find a less blurry wallpaper

literally how does having kik make you a perv?

Get a cool pape
Get a cool icon pack
Try to lay things out on the homescreen more symmetrically
Do something about that folder it looks kinda bad
Get rid of the G Search bar
Maybe get better-looking widgets
Make the status bar not gray, maybe transparent

I suggest a getting custom launcher like Apex or Nova first, then trying out KLWP and UCCW

All of it came with Rad Icon Pack Pro
Just find a free apk of it online like how I did

That's bretty good 10/10
Waifu/10 icons/0
Reminds me of vaporwave 9/10

R8 please

could you post original pic pls? here's a qt jpn gf for the work

>tfw no gf

also it's pretty fucking rad. how the fuck do you people mod your damn homescreens so much and why isn't this a more known android feature? ain't no goddamn way I can do that on WM ;_;

R8 Cred Forumsentlemen

how many panty pics do you share daily faggot?

yeah empty space was eh I guess


yes I did take inspo and it isn't your wallpaper, it's PA's.

no Xposed shit, just added a shape behind the status bar with black as the color and with half transparency

Ive moved to my new homescreen (pic related) for convenience sake.

Ffs -> /wg/ already has a great /hst/ take this there

I like space.

literally how does using kik make you a perv?

using kik doesn't, being a homo perv does

icon pack?

The reason why I put the black background is because it saves a lot of battery on phones with AMOLED screens.

Also I do not like Nova launcher at all, I used it for years, but it sucked on my Note 5 so I stayed away from it.

All of my friends use Kik so I have to use it as well, it has nothing to do with being a perv.

kill yourselves

OP2 CM14

Feel free to laugh at my mostly stock homescreen


>Not having a clock

How's CM14 right now?

Best phone
Best girl
What more could u ask for

can you post your wallpaper here please, thanks