Can data be art?

Can data be art?

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Data can be represented in a piece of art
You can also translate a piece of art into data, like taking a static visual art piece and capturing it in the form of a jpeg file.

Everything is data, even what youre eyes see naturally is sensory data, even if you only skim the surface and dont really take in much input.
You glance at a tree and think you know all about that thing called tree

Let's keep this adolescent philosophical nonsense off this board. If you want to show us some cool data and call it art, fine, but this isn't the place for discussing what art is or what it isn't. Take that shit elsewhere.

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Can data be a gender?

Data's painting is making me dizzy.

No that is impossible

The representation of it can.

Data can be anything, so long as it contains the correct assembly information.

Only if it's binary.

I work as a data consultant. Very rarely will a useful graph be one of those pretty ones. I can't imagine bringing in one of those over the top animated charts with a bunch of gradients.

Of course !

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Art is data. So data can be art. Sure.

All art is data represented in a certain way.

>Everything is data, even what youre eyes see naturally is sensory data