User, I see you are using windows 10. Why?

>user, I see you are using windows 10. Why?

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blind bitch kys

B-But i'm using Win 7 m'lady

Get glasses dumb bitch

For the meme

because I'm not autistic

vidya games

because i'm employed and don't live with my parents


Because I use my computer for more than a Facebook machine.

Because i have nothing to hide.

pic related.


but I'm not?

You of all people don't get to judge others

Had another one but the one in this thread worked just as well as the last one.

Because um uh it's not that bad. I mean it's a lot better than Windows 7. I mean i can't really explain how it's better but like you can make Windows 10 look and act just like Windows 7. You just need too disable a bunch of stuff and download these hacks and everything and then it's like basically the same. Um i mean uh direct x 12 or something i don't know.

I mean so what if i like Windows 10 it's the future because it's like 7 sort of. Stop raping me.

Looks like you put your cursor a little too high. Foreplay doesn't mean you try to go for the forehead silly.

Entermotherfuckingprise LTSB 2016 and I don't give two shits anymore about privacy.

There's randomize hardware address at w10.

Because it dropped my CPU usage by 20℅ on my i5 rig thus saving me money I'd have to spend on new CPU, mobo and Ram after I jumped to 1440p and my CPU started bottlenecking in witcher and GTA.

Because It's great for my tablet

because i was useing xp before 10

It just werks.

Because these assholes didn't like how linux handles. Ungrateful pricks. Don't feel like making those instructions how to install linux for them anymore.

I use win 10 only rarely when i need something i dont have on my gentoo box. And ltsb is okayish. In general i prefer it over win 7 its faster. Just block all winshit in firewall and hosts and its okay for privacy as well.

Upgraded yesterday from 8.1. I wanted to play Forza without Xbone.
That's pretty much it for now.

Because I'm too lazy to use anything else than what microshit installed on my laptop...

I'm 18 and could not wean myself from video games yet.

I am tech illiterate

I need to use Office.