What's your opinion on unboxing videos? Do you use them to decide on a purchase?

What's your opinion on unboxing videos? Do you use them to decide on a purchase?

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they are good to know what comes in the box and getting a general feel for how the company thinks

if the thing comes with a bunch of marketing and stickers and posters and a door hanger it's likely gimmicky shit but at least they care.

if it comes with nothing other than a brown box it's probably solid

if it comes out of a box with the apple logo on it it's probably crap

that sort of thing

They are worthless. I don't want to see some shill fellate a product they are promoting, I'd rather see a review of given by someone who has spent time caressing the item.

They are completely worthless.
I fucking hate these Indian neckbeards making low-budget tech channels on JewTube.

I like watching them to see what exactly comes in the box.

>They are worthless.
>They are completely worthless

I watched an unboxing video once, in like 2008. And places like Newegg have pics of all the box contents. So yes. Worthless.

>What's your opinion on unboxing videos?
They're fun to wack off to.

Literally clickbait for people hoping to see a review

you literally dont know what the words clickbait or literally mean

just mute and watch at double speed for lenghty unboxing.
Good unboxing videos are less than a minute

Unboxing videos are pretty good depending on what you're buying, especially for bundled stuff.


ez way to make heaps of dosh if you're lucky

you could be getting 5k USD per month on le patreon from your retarded fans, buy anything you want, just make a shitty unboxing video

same with let's players, this guy in brazil aged 26 still lives with his mom but his videos get 5+ million views per video so he has several exotic cars etc. literally makes one 20m minecraft video a day, such full-time job wow

people are so fucking retarded to support that kind of garbage content, can't wait for this bubble to burst

I have never seen something so retarded as a motherfucker making a video of himself opening a box. like................................. why

feel free to write that down in your 'survey research', amazon drone.

yeah, I really have a hard time deciding whether to buy certain gizmos without seeing what the inside of the box is like.
the nice box is half the reason to even buy anything in the first place.

>What's your opinion on unboxing videos?
Its more of a after thought seeing if the product your getting is what your really getting

this is important for say case fans and cpu coolers as its almost impossible to get real life size of the item or get general hue of the real colour

Other things like getting a closer look and 360 degrees of looking at the item

>Do you use them to decide on a purchase?

Often or not no its more of a last minuite thing if say your thinking on buying something very similar for example.

PC cases , unboxing is a good way i having a really good look it.

It kinda spoils the surprise a little, but at the same time I recognise it is good to include in a video if its a review for the sake of completeness.

>some of my most exciting tech moments were opening orders which I had never even seen the outside of their box
Usually you aren't disappointed because you wouldn't know what's inside so anything is a bonus. Also no bad surprises where it turns out that one of the included items would have been a regional thing and you don't get it.

I been searching for videos on a set of noise canceling headphones, and every one of those damn idiots doesn't review the headphones in their designated use a fucking airplane, what is the point of reviewing an item if you don't use it the way it was designed to be used.

>noise canceling headphones

USB > RF > Other
problem with USB is that your'll never get full treble or good bass but its good at getting rid of static noise and breathing on the mic.

its kind of a trade off.

What a fat fuck, I hope this is not OP

dude no.. you don't get it, I don't want super duper headphones that sound amazing making me shed a tear listening to FLAC files.

I want noise canceling headphones that will cancel out the noise from four jet engines, two on each side of you so I can listen to voice podcasts and not have to turn the volume all the way up. They can sound like shit for music for all I care, I just want to be able to drown out the noise from the airplane.

right, didn't know you had money.

then see pic related.

>What's your opinion on unboxing videos?

/soc/ trash that doesn't belong here.

here the link incase you want prices n shit
Be-aware these ain't cheap at all.


>had money

No I don't have money, that's why I been looking at pic related, $25 but none of the reviews I find say that they tried them in an actual airplane, some of the ones on Amazon that say they tried it don't really say that much about them.


I didn't know monoprice had a pair, they look interesting, but the hush ones look interesting to..

This video was one of the best reviews of noise canceling I have seen.