Is the Dell XPS 15 the best ultrabook on the market atm?

Is the Dell XPS 15 the best ultrabook on the market atm?

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Without a doubt.
>inb4 applel and chinknovo shills

Been thinking about getting one myself. Dat bezel-less screen...


but get a P50 anyway if you need a workstation

this is a dell shill thread are you fucking retarded


Name one better laptop or fuck off, you stupid piece of fucking shit.

If you got the money, then yeah, absolutely. But holy fuck is that thing expensive. You'd have to have retard money to afford it.

I'll stickto my cheap plastic laptops.

>Dell XPS 15
Also most expensive.

Well, at least you admit that you're poor, unlike those cum encrusted chinkpad fuckheads on here.

Not an issue, $1500 isn't much even if you have a minimum wage job and you're not stupid with your money.

XPS 13 is more my taste, personally

The XPS 13.

>Be me
>Live in Australia.
>Shitty AUD


Oh, carry on then. Kaby refresh is about to come out and those battery life figures are amazing.
>23 hours word processing battery life
>13 hours web browsing battery life
>11 hours Netflix battery life
Best laptop if you want something a bit more portable. Tiny bezels, 13" screen in a 11" form factor, simply amazing.

Just checked and it's $1000 cheaper than a Macbook Pro 15 which is still stuck on Haswell. kek.
Lenovo is selling their P50 for a lot more as well for the same specs. Dell still seems to be the way to go in Australia.

Actually pretty good AFAIK. No bezels but the Zenbooks are doing good also.

Sure if you want a top spec laptop. Something like this might fit my needs a little better though.

Sure that may be fine, if you like your electronics to last 6 months instead of 6 years.

At those prices I'd wait and get a new MacBook Pro.

If I want slim and portable, I use a tablet (with keyboard attachment/dock if needed).
If I need a mobile workstation, I use a Dell precision M7510 (has an i7 and a quadro card for 3d rendering).
You people sacrifice so much just to have slim laptops..and you still end up paying more than I did. What's the point of shelling out so much for a slim laptop when there are tablets now anyways?

Good thing your opinions a worth absolutely nothing. There are no sacrifices on the XPS series, there is no need to replace RAM when you can configure up to 32GB or SSD up to 1TB. These aren't your typical unreliable piece of shit chinkpad, shit doesn't just break on the XPS.

I'd get the OLED Yoga if I had to buy a laptop.

LCD is depreciated.

Can you dual boot this with Linux Arch

I'd get the VAIO Z. I like made in Japan.

Yes. Dell officially supports Linux on the XPS 13 and 15 Developers Editions.

Fuck off weeb, the Made in Japan heyday is over, China has much more sophisticated manufacturing processes these days and Dell takes full advantage of this.

Was looking into buying the Dell XPS 15 or 13. My need is a laptop with decent battery life that can last me through college. Im torn between the two though.

Kaby Lake refresh is very tempting but I'm worried that the 13" screen will be too small in the long run. In addition to that, there is no dedicate GPU.

The 15 is quite a bit more expensive but is expected to have a refresh with a 1060 gpu.

What do I do Cred Forums ? I have about $2000 that I can put towards it.

They only officiall support Ubuntu. They wont fix it when pacman breaks everything once again.

Ask yourself if you really need a dedicated gpu in your laptop, and if size and weight are important.
Personally, the IGP of the XPS 13 is enough for my needs, and I prefer small laptops.

Well, the drivers are there. If you're too stupid to use Arch, why are you even considering using it?

Nice fucking meme dude. I bought this piece of shit and had to get it replaced immediately three times before finally getting a working unit.


Apple Macbook pro is still hands down the best.

>Making anything worthwhile

I'd take anything from Asus, Toshiba or even garbage Lenovo and Acer over their chink shit.

Proof or fuck off.

Nope, MBP13 is on Broadwell, MBP15 is on Haswell.
They have;
>Worse build quality
>worse battery life
>physically larger for the same screen size
>worse CPU and GPU

Fuck off.

I honestly don't know if I do. I haven't used a laptop since my old HP Pavillion died. It sported a 320gb HDD and 4gb of ram. It was painfully slow though.

The idea of a 15" laptop just sounds nicer since it would be the only computer I own. On that same note, I could always just buy an external monitor.

What would a dedicated GPU really provide for me? This is from someone who games very infrequently and doesn't have to do 3D rendering on the go.

>32 posts 22 ips
fucking shill shit

Intel graphics aren't that bad these days, it will run all the latest games at Low-Medium settings. Luckily there hasn't been many PC games worth playing in the last 5 years so older games would be a hoot on the XPS 13.

The only samefag here is you shilling your iToddler piece of shit garbage, iPajeet.

Well watch your tone ok.... 1 there battery life lasts for me 17H now I don't know someone who works more than 15H


I pretty much only ever played CS:S and would probably play HotS with a friend occasionally. I wanted to get into DS3 but I wouldnt die if the option wasn't there. One issue with the XPS 13 though is that you can't upgrade the ram. How long will 8gb be good for?

Also, touchscreen or no? I love the idea of the higher reso, but not a huge fan of the glare.

Make me you fucking autistic cunt. Dell is literally cheapest and shittiest laptop manufacturer out there. At least Lenovo has a great laptop for every shitty one they make.

It would easily play those games maxed out. You can limit the frame rate to 60FPS to save a fuck ton of battery life. You'll be barely playing DS3 on minimum though.
1080p should be fine, Windows has trouble scaling shit to 4K with some software.

Only shit if you buy the lowest Inspiron, XPS is the one to buy and I trust all the online reviews than some lowlife piece of shit on Cred Forums that might be shilling for Applel.

I bet you use Opera too chinese shill

Edge on 10, Firefox on Solus/7

Well, at least Dell's world leading warranty covered you. If it was anyone else, they would've told you fuck off after this many returns.

7th gen i7 when?

> pays x3 the price for a glorified 13' screen
I'm not poor, but I'm not stupid either, user. You can't solve all problems shoving money at them, just look at Mactards.

$1500 is the XPS 15. Learn to follow the thread, you fucking retard.

You can get a new 1080p XPS 13 for $749. Used Haswell models are $350 on eBay, you're not getting anywhere close to that value for money.

Check out the new Msi gs63vr.
It weights less than the Xps 15 and has the new 1060.

>shit build quality
>God knows what warranty
>shit battery life
>worse trackpad and keyboard
>worse screen
You get better value for money by throwing it in the trash than getting that MSI piece of shit.

Wish they'd make a developer/Linux edition


Precision 5510?

>300 battery charge cycles before it starts dying
>Mac-tier prices
I'll just get a Mac.

This or the rMBP15.
One has shitty linux support and a better screen on paper, the other has zero linux support but a Unix OS and a better screen IRL.
Comparable battery lives, comparable performances, comparable touchpads (tho no gestures on the XPS).

I have been in this dilemma for a while desu.
Wait for the new mac to come out anyway...

No. The Thinkpad X1 Yoga with OLED screen is.

>Start using a different OS on your OLED yoga.
>The Windows 10 task bar icon is burnt in.

Would it be better just to wait for the XPS 15 refresh and then buy one of the current models for a large discount? I figure it'd be around the same price as the kaby lake refresh.

>One has shitty linux suppor.
It comes with Ubuntu 14.04 out of the box and thats covered under 2 year warranty. Thats the best linux support youre getting from anyone.
>better screen IRL
XPS has an IPS screen with higher dpi, better color accuracy and wider gamut range. Retina is just a marketing meme.

Look up windows/ubuntu dual booting. You're definetely not doing that OOB and going Linux only is bullshit in any pro environment.

And about screens: I literally compared the two laptops one near the other. Fuck specs, the mac looks better. And going the 4k route is pointless on a laptop, it kills the battery.
>4k scaling on windows


Mate Im not even going to bother I dont get paid for this.

B-but I want you to convince me of either because I've been stuck in this dilemma for months

Youre a grown faggot you can make your own decisions

Where do you think you are?

Not at work anymore so I dont need to kill time.

clearly not

That'd be this

I told y'all niggas more than a year ago
I told y'all niggas
Can't wait for apple to """""innovate""""" thin bezels

There's way too many issues with them, the sexiest one for sure though

I have recently got one. Just don't be joked about the 17h battery life.
The cheapest model that I got has a 56Wh battery and lasts 6h on wifi browsing.
I've ordered the 84Wh battery model separately and bought an m.2 and it lasted 10h straight, again with just wifi browsing with chrome in both linux and windows.
"Strangely" just on windows, I got the wrong remaining time lol (even if in 1h I've got the 90% from 100% it says something like always 4 or 5 hours remaining, in linux is always perfect)

If you want decent temperatures and battery life in linux however, you should install the complete optimus support, in ubuntu is a shitty thing because the 960m card works only with the latest nvidia drivers, and that fucking driver always brokes unity. The card won't work with the stable ones. Unless you use xubuntu or kubuntu or similar shit, here they work just fine.
In archlinux the 960m card works fine, but with the recent update of networkmanager things got broken.
With that dell wifi card unless you put a specific parameter to networkmanager config it won't connect, something related to the mac address resetting or shit like that, as usual with archlinux it will take months to fix that.

However, I can say I love this computer, the screen display is really good, I think it could easily compete to macbooks, I mean, it's thin, really thin, light and the borderless display is just cool.

tl;dr x2, if you want to use linux easily and you don't want to deal with problems, go for the 13 model.
If you want a decent, thin, light, cool workstation and an occasional gaming platform, go for the 15 model.

i'm just waiting for the ux410ua. hopefully it'll be out in less than a month

better build quality? there's literally keyboard flex on the XPS

Have they fixed the coil whine, wifi issues, autobrightness that can't be turned off, battery dropping half it's capacity in a year and shitty touchpad yet?

I'd rather go on Craigslist user and buy a solid laptop from a generation or two ago being sold for 1/10th of retail because it has some minor problem the owner doesn't want to deal with.

Pic related; Picked up a Lenovo Yoga 13 for $65 because the system would randomly lock. Between opening up and reseating things and installing a clean OS on it it seems fine now. Now it's a formerly $1200 computer that I use for shitposting in bed and watching movies on the back porch while smoking a cigar.

I can't pay retail price for computers now, I've gone full jew.

Wait till you get into cars

they have not fixed coil whine issues on 9350 model.
Mine had it, returned it. Hoping they will fix it on the next version.