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After getting fed up with Google's shenanigans I finally decided to switch my default search engine on laptop and phone to DuckDuckGo and now I don't get personalized results when I search for local ice cream shops. Is privacy really all its cracked up to be? I feel like I'm missing out big time here, will switching back just set off the alarms at the NSA that my emails can be read freely again?

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>not using YaCy

That's what you get for using a netbot, retard.

>ddg shilling

I stopped using DuckDuckGo because it would never give me any decent results for my searches. I just use Google now. I don't see the point in sweating it over searching stuff over the Internet.

>Is privacy really all its cracked up to be?
You either have privacy and don't get "personalized results" because the search engine doesn't know which person you are (you idiot) or you don't have privacy.
I suggest you use a VPN and a different brand of browser (with extensions designed to protect your privacy and be sure to do some leaktests) when you want your shit to be truly "private".
If you want to use the same browser, you'd better get some extensions that significantly change your browser's fingerprint (script injection will be necessary).
The only time you should ever want personalized results is when you're using your smartphone or tablet, if at all.

>using the duckduckjew

How are the results?

Just use yandex senpai.

B-b that's just another botnet.

fuck, now i have to switch again.

startpage is enhanced by google and cohosted by ixquik?

wat do?

I'm confused.

What harm is done by a search engine collecting your search data? If anything, it improves the search engine and gives you conveniences like search history and auto-suggestions.

Excellent and very free.

I wonder who could be behind this post

Because we have no idea what operations are being performed on that data besides the stuff needed for personalized search. Google and other companies have shown that they cannot be trusted to do what they say they want to do with our data.

>I wonder who could be behind this post
I'm not a shill attempting to subvert you away from privacy and freedom, I'm legitimately curious about why a search engine collecting data is bad.

As far as I can tell, Google is only unethical because they make use of proprietary software in almost all of their products. I understand that proprietary software is bad because it has the potential and propensity to be malware.

So it really boils down to the proprietary aspect. Thanks for not being a POS like

If you care about privacy use searx. The only engine that actually provides source so you can set up your own and many people did. Check their github page for all mirrors or just use
Don't forget the check the settings where you can customize the results you want to get (from google, ddg, whatever)

Yeah, Searx is the *real* privacy respecting search engine. DDG is a ruse and illusion of freedom because they still make use of proprietary code. The history of DDG's founder isn't very solid evidence against it, but it's an interesting fact to be sure.

Anyway, you can tell that Searx is truly free because it works like shit and has little to no polish. Compare the image results to Google and DDG and then laugh at and/or feel bad for Searx.

But at least Searx is FOSS and can be improved by anyone at any time, unlike Google and DDG.

I use DDG because of !bangs. Mostly use !g anyway.

>collecting is bad
Fax me your ID,both front and back side of your credit/debt card, your SSN, your passport.

Surely you wont mind if it is just collecting data

searx has never given me any where remotely close to the things i search for.

Startpage is superior.

>implying that ID, credit/debit, and SSN are equivalent to search data

So your answer to my question:
>why is a search engine collecting data bad?
is that they're taking incredibly private and important data from you? That's only true if you willingly give it to them in your search terms like a retard. I'm talking about SEARCH data, as if you only used Google search and none of their other services.

Someone already answered my question anyway, you cuck. It's the proprietary parts of Google that make it questionable/unethical, but I still haven't found/seen/heard any solid evidence that they use their power/data maliciously. It's just plausibly true, not necessarily.

>Yacy runs on Java
>searx runs on python
I don't really have a problem with interpreted languages but I feel like, for a project that is supposed to handle a task as big as web search, something like c or rust would be a much better choice.

what is the alternativE?


Dogpile search is for you.

I had that experience too. Their even worse than duckduckgo. At least ddg has bangs.
Startpage doesn't understand google advanced search operators, and they're passing your search terms straight to google, ffs.


Everyone in this thread should set up a YaCy node, and improve searches for everyone


>more CuckCuckGoy placebo

Better get that peerblock, antibeacon and all the other memes you go-guys wanna be secure right eheh.

There is no privacy on the web.

It's just the backend where java is totally good and safe.