IPhone users more impressed by MotoZ than iMeme 7

>iPhone users more impressed by MotoZ than iMeme 7

How will Apple ever recover?

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What is trump? Why it deserves to be sticked to the laptop?
Last year I see it everywhere.
Is that some movement?

It's a meme

The devil wears Prada and uses Apple, yo.

>ratings disabled
>they act like they never seen an iphone before

The problem is that Apple will watch this, steal their ideas for the iPhone 8 and be far more successful.

what's up with motorola changing their brand to just "moto"? they have crazy brand recognition and have been in the game for such a long time.

anyway if I had a grand to drop on a phone and mods and everything I'd probably get the Moto Z, but there's one drawback. if you drop the phone just once you potentially break a 200-300 "mod" plus the phone itself. can you even use a rugged case on it?

They were bought by Lenovo and they decided that it would be a great idea to cut "rola" and just leave "Moto".
You know, that's what you do when you buy a brand that's older than 80% of iPhone users.

> iMeme 7

the Moto Z has no headphone jack (and unlike Apple, had no financial incentive to remove it), and is built around muh modularity. it's a much bigger meme than iPhone could ever be.

That's pretty cool, though the modules are probably expensive af

money is a meme

this is allowed?

If those people can't honestly tell the difference between an iPhone running iOS and an Android-powered device they are sub-typical consumers. It's easy enough to tell but I suppose that sub-typical consumers just don't care enough to keep up with what's what.

I'd dismiss this focus group as a waste of time more than anything else. Not to mention that the modular items cost a pretty penny.

Toss all of them in the box with the Moto Z for one price that's less than an iPhone and people will give a fuck - continue selling them as optional items and nobody cares.

Its just some popularity contest that's held in America every 4 fours

Not technology


>moto z
chinese botnet go REEE

The thing is that those people are apple fanboys.

Apple could shit on their mouth and ask them for 1000 bucks and they would say "wow, this is great!"

In other words, they thought this was the latest iProduct so of course they were going to like it.

>iphone users
they would be impressed by a 2013 android phone honestly


the memest

Fuck you Motorola for making a fucking projector mod instead of a slide out keyboard mod

Fuuuuuck yooooouuu

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You can't blame them.
The new ios looks exactly like the old HTC sense.