GTX 1080 brand for 144hz gaming

What's the best gtx1080 brand for 144hz gaming?

I've already looked up a few comparisons and such, but they all seem to mostly focus on 4k gaming performance which is a bit useless for me since I'm mostly aiming for 144hz+1080p because I enjoy silky smooth gameplay. I know the gtx1080 might be overkill for that, but I figured I'd splurge (but not splurge enough for 4k/144hz hardware which is inconsistent at best and way too expensive) a bit.

Basically I've found out that EVGA, Asus and GIGABYTE versions seem to be the options for me as those are the most standard, 'out of the box' usable ones because I frankly don't want to fuck with overclocking and buying custom parts too much.

Does anybody have any concrete suggestions for me? Any glaring issues with any brands that should be avoided?
It's been 5 years since I built my last computer, so I'm rather out of the loop.

You can play at 1440p max settings@70+ fps, why are you so retarded to play at 1080p with a 1080?

You sound retarded.

again: I highly value 144hz. 144hz at anything above 1080p doesn't seem possible/consistent with modern games, so I'd rather just stick to 1080p/144hz.

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A 1060/70 will work just fine. Don't bother with brands, they're all the same. Just look for the nicest looking one if you can see inside your case.

Ignore the 4K shit.

Buy the 1070 G1, I did last thursday.
Maxed out 144hz@1080p
>Rise of the tomb raider
See above
>GTA V w/ Redux
100+ FPS @ 1080p high/highest settings

Haven't tested a lot of games yet, but if you want even more power I'd go for the gigabyte, I'm extremely happy with my purchase.


Do NOT get the 1060, it's a "960" meme card.

I originally considered a 1070 for these reasons. Glad to know it can handle 144hz fine.

Is there any downside to getting a 1080 beside the price though?
Thing is I can afford to pay an additional ~250.- for the 1080 and it's well within my budget, so the idea was to just get one to "futureproof" (I know that word is stupid, but you get the idea) a little. Is that insanely retarded?

If you have the budget, just get a 1080.


Futureproofing cannot/should not be done with graphics cards, as it gets outdated the fastest. I also had more than enough money for the 1080, but I went for the 1070 because I after all still play at 1080p.

Thanks. I'll see if I can get a really good deal for a 1080, otherwise I'll probably roll with a 1070.

Thank you for the (You)'s.

Go with 1060/1070 for 144Hz 1080p
Go with 1080 for 144Hz 2K or 60 - 80fps 4K

i have the gigabyte card in the pic, it's pretty good. although the temps are a bit high (78c overclocked under full load).

$460 after taxes for a 1070
what about $410 after taxes for Fury X??

The Fury X is a complete waste of money when the Sapphire Fury Nitro is ~$300 and 1-2% off in terms of performance.

fair point, $85 difference after taxes
$325 after taxes for the nitro fury
want to use it for ultra wide 2560x1080
good idea to pick one up now or wait 6-8 months for new gen cards?
coming off 7950 1100 core / 1575 mem

anybody else want to chime in?

i use a GTX 1080 to game at 1080P 144hz
some games like tomb raider or metro LL don't go over 80fps

to be fair metro punishing all gpus because of flashing lights, fast movement, shadows and ligthing are really in-depth also a massive amount of tessaltion and realistic grass.
I'd dare say better than mass effect 3 or deepspace 3 in just realistic graphics, physic engine and lighting engine i've never seen a game so crisp for that era

Since this is a 1080p 144hz topic, is lightboost absolutely necessary for 144hz? Looking to get a BenQ XL2430T but apparently it does not have lightboost.

no inputs on whether buy now (fury) or wait?

>is lightboost absolutely necessary for 144hz?

Also, LightBoost is a proprietary technology. It is also known as ultra-low motion blur (ULMB) or backlight strobing. I would guess the BenQ has a feature very similar to this.